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Are you an experienced trader in search of fast access to capital? Don’t like doing trade evaluations? If you want to skip the trading challenges, read on and get a list of today's best prop firms with instant funding!
Best Instant Funding Prop Firms

Prop firms are all the rage in forex these days. From the trailblazer FTMO to the hot new ride FunderPro, prop firms or “proprietary trading firms” offer undercapitalized traders the chance to trade with company capital – sometimes up to millions in funding – with shared profits and no responsibility for losses. The only catch is that before getting funded, traders need to first demonstrate their ability to handle the capital by passing an evaluation or “Challenge.”


There is another way. Increasingly, prop firms are offering a parallel way to kickstart the maximized profits: instant funding. Sometimes called “Fast-track” or “Accelerated” funding, this route bypasses the evaluation stage where traders need to hit profit targets, usually in a demo account. Instead, traders are granted immediate access to funded accounts. Simply choose your starting account size, pay the fee, and begin trading with maximum leverage for maximum profits. Of course, there is a price. The fee for instant funding is generally higher than that to access the evaluation. In return, however, you skip ahead to the stage when you can begin withdrawing payouts from the shared profit scheme.

Before we delve into the nitty gritty of instant funding and check which prop firms offer this fast route, what exactly is prop trading and how does it work?

Prop Trading 101

Prop trading is the buying and selling of financial instruments like stocks, currencies, and commodities with someone else's money. Imagine having a friend who says, "Hey, I trust your trading skills, here's some cash, go make us both some serious dough!" In this case, you are the funded trader, and the friend is the proprietary trading firm.


  • Capital - you’re being backed by a corporation with millions behind them
  • Access to resources – Prop firms often provide access to their proprietary trading platforms, real-time market data, and choose a prop trading firm to help you improve your trading game.
  • Potential for higher profits – If you're successful, prop firms may offer profit-sharing arrangements that allow you to keep a higher percentage of the profits you generate.
  • Networking opportunities – Joining a prop firm can expose you to a community of experienced traders, which can lead to valuable networking opportunities and knowledge sharing.


  • Evaluation fees (traditional firms) – Some prop firms require you to pay for an evaluation period before being funded, which means you'll have to shell out some cash up front.
  • Performance targets – Prop firms often set specific performance targets that you must meet to be eligible for funding. Falling short of these targets can be disappointing and may delay your access to capital.
  • Profit sharing (traditional firms) – While profit sharing can be a pro, it's important to note that in traditional prop firms, you may have to share a portion of your profits with the firm, which can impact your overall earnings.
  • Potential risks – Trading with someone else's money can be exhilarating, but it also comes with a level of responsibility. If you make poor trading decisions, you could face losses and potential consequences within the firm.

The prop firm market is varied and growing. With traditional prop firms, traders pay for an evaluation period, and the funding is contingent on their success. Traders need to demonstrate their skill and ability to glean consistent profits while also managing risk. The prop firm is taking a risk with their capital, so it is prudent on their part to make a prior assessment of the responsibility and potential of the beneficiaries. In some respects, the evaluation allows you to earn their trust before they hand you the keys to the kingdom.

A later version of prop firms is those with instant funding. In some ways, these are a fast pass to trading success. Traders can skip the evaluation fee and gain immediate access to the leverage.

Let’s take a working example. Traditional prop firms like XYZ Trading Co. might ask you to pay $500 for an evaluation period. You show off your skills, meet your targets, and boom! They fund you with $50,000 to trade. It's like passing a tough exam and then getting rewarded with a generous trading account.

Now, imagine instant funding prop firms like ABC Trading Emporium. They say, "Forget about the evaluation fee, my friend. We trust you! Here's $100,000 to trade right away!" In exchange for fast-tracking your potential, you may have to pay a higher fee.

Comparison of Traditional Prop Firms and Instant Funding

Traditional Forex Prop Firms

  • Evaluation Process: During this period, traders are assessed based on their performance, risk management skills, and consistency. Traders would be well-advised to prepare for an evaluation by practicing in a demo account and familiarizing themselves with the structure of hitting regular targets without excessive drawdown.
  • Access fee: Traders are usually required to pay a fee for the evaluation, which can vary depending on the firm. This fee covers access to the firm's proprietary trading platform, real-time market data, and sometimes educational resources. Successful traders who proceed to the funding stage will have their entry fee refunded in full, while those who do not pass may be terminated from the program (although increasingly, prop firms are offering free or highly discounted retries).
  • Performance Targets: Prop firms set specific performance targets that traders must achieve during the evaluation period. These targets often include profit objectives, drawdown limits, and risk management metrics. The firm’s criteria are designed to assess the longevity and earning potential of traders before granting them company capital.
  • Limited Capital: Once funded, traders receive a predetermined capital allocation from the firm to trade with. The amount of capital allocated is usually based on the trader's evaluation performance, and it can vary from firm to firm. Traders will be subject to profit-sharing arrangements with the firm.

Instant Funding Prop Firms

  • No Evaluation Fees: Unlike traditional firms, instant funding prop firms eliminate the upfront evaluation fee. Traders can start trading with the firm's capital without having to pay for an evaluation period.
  • Evaluation Process: While instant funding firms skip the evaluation fee, they may still have an evaluation process in place. However, the evaluation is typically focused on assessing a trader's trading style, strategy, and risk management techniques rather than on generating revenue from evaluation fees.
  • Faster Access to Capital: With instant funding prop firms, traders gain immediate access to trading capital upon successfully passing the evaluation process. This allows traders to start trading with larger sums of money right away, potentially increasing their profit potential.
  • Higher Profit Potential: Instant funding prop firms often offer higher profit-sharing arrangements compared to traditional firms. Traders may enjoy a higher percentage of the profits they generate, making it more rewarding for successful traders.

Both traditional forex prop firms and instant funding prop firms offer unique opportunities for traders to access capital and resources for forex trading. Traditional firms provide a structured evaluation process with specific targets, while instant funding firms offer immediate access to trading capital without evaluation fees. The choice between the two approaches depends on individual preferences, risk tolerance, and trading style. Traders should consider factors such as evaluation costs, access to resources, profit-sharing arrangements, and the firm's reputation before making a decision. The goal is to find a prop firm that aligns with one's trading goals and provides the necessary support for long-term success in the forex market.

Prop firms offering Instant funding

Best Instant Funding Prop Trading Firm

We’ve carefully selected the top prop trading firms for instant funding, considering various categories to provide top-quality options.

Some of the main criteria that used to draw up the ranking table were:

  • Reputation of the proprietary trading firm.
  • Simplicity of the prop firm's trading rules.
  • Tradable financial instruments, speed of execution and commissions.
  • Availability of educational resources.
  • Quality of customer support service.
  • Community involvement.
Prop firms offering Instant funding. A complete list of Prop firms offering No evaluation prop trading. This summary is updated; however, sometimes there are changes. Always confirm them with your prop firm.
Prop Firm Prop firms offering Instant funding
City Traders Imperium
Finotive Funding
Funded Trading Plus
My Forex Funds

Direct Funding Accounts

Direct Funding Accounts. This summary is updated; however, sometimes there are change. Always confirm rules with your prop firm.
Name Value
City Traders Imperium
Available Leverage1:10
City Traders Imperium $5,000 - Direct Funding$299
City Traders Imperium $10,000 - Direct Funding$599
City Traders Imperium $25,000 - Direct Funding$1499
City Traders Imperium $50,000 - Direct Funding$2999
City Traders Imperium $75,000 - Direct Funding$4499
City Traders Imperium $100,000 - Direct Funding$5999
My Forex Funds
Available Leverage1:10
My Forex Funds $2,000 - Accelerated Conventional$99
My Forex Funds $5,000 - Accelerated Conventional$245
My Forex Funds $10,000 - Accelerated Conventional$485
My Forex Funds $20,000 - Accelerated Conventional$970
My Forex Funds $50,000 - Accelerated Conventional$2450
My Forex Funds $2,000 - Accelerated Emphatic$138
My Forex Funds $5,000 - Accelerated Emphatic$198
My Forex Funds $10,000 - Accelerated Emphatic$970
My Forex Funds $20,000 - Accelerated Emphatic$1940

FAQs on Instant Funding Prop Trading Firm

How do I join a prop firm with instant funding?
Prop trading firms offering instant funding allow immediate trading upon account registration, bypassing evaluation.
What are the disadvantages of trading with prop firms that offer instant funding?
Fees can get really expensive
What are the main advantages of Instant Funding Prop Firms
Quick access to capital for trading and the access to advanced risk management tools and strategies
Which prop trading firm has no challenge and instant funding accounts?
the5ers, City Traders Imperium, My Forex Funds are some of the best options for traders who want to join an instant funding prop trading firms without evaluation or the need to pass any challenge or audition.

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