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Prop Firms with Free Trials
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Here we made a selection of the Top Prop Firms that we chose that offer free trials to their traders. Our list is regularly updated; however, sometimes rules change. Always confirm them with your prop firm.

Best Prop Firms with Free Trials


In the fast-paced world of trading, prop firms have emerged as game-changers, offering aspiring traders a unique opportunity to harness their skills and potential. Ambitious traders with all the drive but lacking the funds can trade with hundreds of thousands of dollars of company capital; keeping most of the profits while taking 0% of the losses. Generally, prop firms will have an evaluation period before allocating funding, for which traders need to pay a one-time entry fee. It doesn’t get much better than this, right?

Think again.

Now imagine all the above but for free? Yes, a number of prop firms are now offering free trials to traders who get to test their strategies and get a feel for the platform and rules before making any financial commitment. You can dip a toe into the waters of prop trading before making the leap with any kind of investment on your part. Traders who are successful during the free trial will be brought on board and given accounts funded with company capital. Free trials will be for a limited period – usually one or two weeks – but enough time for traders to get a taste of how the prop firm operates and see whether they can handle trading in a prop firm environment. The best way to judge a new car is to take it for a test drive, right?

Before we give you the low down of the best prop firms with free trials, let’s make sure we understand the core concept of this industry. (Prop trading pro and ready to find the list of free trials? Take me there)

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Under the Hood of Prop Trading

Prop trading is taking off at exponential speed: and small wonder. May an ambitious trader, hungry to put the profit potential of a new strategy or style to the test but hindered by the crucial starting funds have turned to prop trading. Proprietary trading firms, or prop firms, have emerged as the powerhouses of the trading world, offering a unique platform for traders to unleash their skills and seize the financial markets by storm. But what exactly are prop firms, and what do they bring to the table?

Pros of Prop Trading:

  • Access to Capital: Many traders have potentially lucrative and profit-yielding strategies and trading approaches – but they lack the critical funds with which to see them through. Prop trading provides traders with access to substantial capital, allowing them to take advantage of trading opportunities and maximize their profit potential.
  • Advanced Trading Platforms and Technology: Prop firms offer state-of-the-art trading platforms and advanced technology, equipping traders with powerful tools, real-time market data, and sophisticated analytics. By joining a prop firm, traders can leverage not only the company capital but also access top-tier technology that may be otherwise unavailable to individual retail traders.
  • Additional Resources: The benefits of prop trading are two directional: while undercapitalized traders gain from the leverage proffered by the firm, the company also reaps the rewards of successful traders generating profits from company capital. For this reason, prop firms are keen to invest in the professional development of their funded traders who benefit accordingly. Prop firms often offer additional resources, including training programs, mentoring from experienced professionals, and access to risk management tools. These resources help traders develop their skills, improve their strategies, and navigate market complexities more effectively.
  • Higher Profit Potential: This should be an obvious one, but let’s see it spelled out in black and white. With leverage from the firm, prop traders can vastly amplify their potential profits. Here’s a working example. Here we have two traders: Trader A and Trader B.

    Trader A decides to trade on their own using their personal funds of $10,000, while Trader B joins a prop trading firm that provides them with a capital allocation of $100,000 and a leverage ratio of 10:1.

    • Trader A: Using their own funds of $10,000, Trader A can only take positions equivalent to their available capital. For example, if they wanted to trade the EUR/USD currency pair and take a standard lot position (which requires $100,000 in capital), they can only afford to take a position of 0.1 lots ($10,000 / $100,000). This clearly limits their trading potential and the potential profits they can generate.
    • Trader B: With the prop firm's capital allocation of $100,000 and a leverage ratio of 10:1, Trader B can take advantage of the firm's leverage to take larger positions in the market. For instance, if they also decide to trade the EUR/USD currency pair, they can now take a standard lot position ($100,000) or even larger positions with the firm's support. The leverage effectively multiplies their trading capital, allowing them to have exposure to larger market movements and potentially generate higher profits.

    In this scenario, Trader B has a significant advantage over Trader A due to the leverage provided by the prop firm. While Trader A is limited by its funds, Trader B can take advantage of the firm's capital and leverage to access larger trading positions and potentially increase its profit potential.

    Trader B highlights how prop firms can amplify one’s trading power and open doors to larger trading opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach for those relying solely on personal funds.

  • Trading Community: Prop traders will find themselves operating in a collaborative and supportive community of traders. The advantages of community trading are manifold: traders can not only bounce ideas and compare strategies off their peers but also reduce the stress or emotional burden that may come with trading solo. Traders will find a valuable source of knowledge sharing through their prop trading community and may improve their performance through shared feedback and answered queries. independent retail traders may find a quick internet search to be a perfectly adequate information portal, there are often loaded answers and one should be careful of hidden agendas. The benefit of an internal community is that there is a vested interest at heart and collective gains are better than individual.
  • Experience of Real Market Conditions: Prop firms expose traders to real market conditions and the dynamics of professional trading. This hands-on experience helps traders develop resilience, adaptability, and the ability to thrive in fast-paced and competitive trading environments.
  • Access to Diversified Markets and Instruments: Prop trading firms open doors to diverse markets and financial instruments, including stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, and derivatives. Traders can therefore diversify their portfolios through prop trading – always a good thing!
  • Career Advancement: Prop traders will find many opportunities for professional growth and career advancement. Successful traders may progress within the firm, taking on more significant responsibilities, managing larger portfolios, or even becoming partners in the firm.

Prop Trading Cons:

  • Strict Trading Rules: Prop firms often impose strict risk management rules and trading guidelines to protect their capital. These rules are designed to assess the compatibility of a trader with the firm: can they handle the capital responsibly? Nonetheless, some traders find the constraints of prop firm trading parameters stifling and reductive.
  • Shared Profits: Prop traders typically share a portion of their profits with the firm, as part of the profit-sharing agreement. Forgetting the fact that it is the prop firm’s starting capital, some traders may find this part of the agreement galling.
  • Profit Targets during the Evaluation Period: Most prop traders will be required to meet certain targets during the evaluation period: minimum profits, maximum drawdowns, and so on. Oftentimes there will be some degree of managed expectation during the funded phase too. Not all traders perform adequately under the pressures of meeting targets.
  • Possible Restrictions on Capital Withdrawal: Some prop firms may impose restrictions on capital withdrawal, either limiting the methods or frequency with which traders can withdraw their profits. While this is certainly not the case across the board, it bears mentioning, that traders should be careful to review the payout scheme before they commit to any prop firm.
  • Lack of Transparency: While most prop firms are legitimate and reputable, there may be instances where certain firms lack transparency or make unrealistic promises to attract traders. Do your homework and comb through the terms and conditions tooth and nail before joining any prop firm.
  • Risk of Scams or Unreliable Firms: The prop trading industry, like any other, may attract scams or unreliable firms. Traders should be vigilant to the red flags of untrustworthy sites and be sure to check the reviews and reputation of any prop firm before taking the plunge.

Benefits of a Forex Prop Firm with Free Trial

Engaging with a Forex Proprietary Trading Firm offering traders a free trial period comes with an array of benefits:

  • Getting Comfortable with the Platform its rules and trading conditions
  • Gives you a realistic view of live markets
  • Test your strategies without any financial consequence
  • Test an expert advisor or other trading bot
  • Help you understand and control your emotions

Getting Comfortable with the Platform Its Rules and trading conditions

The provision of a free trial from the Forex Prop Firm allows traders to acclimatize themselves to the trading platform given by the prop firm. This is important as different platforms come with varied interfaces, tools, and features. This familiarity empowers traders to execute their trades more efficiently and make well-informed decisions. In addition, every trading firm operates on its unique set of regulations, trading conditions, risk management protocols, and account structures. During the complimentary trial period, traders have the liberty to comprehend these rules and conditions without the anxiety of real monetary consequences. This knowledge is pivotal in sidestepping any misunderstandings or errors when transitioning into actual trading.

Gives you a realistic view of live markets

The free trial period allows traders to directly engage with live market circumstances without staking their personal capital. This hands-on experience is instrumental in assimilating the dynamics of price fluctuations, market volatility, the impact of news releases, and other real-time variables that exert influence on trading choices.

Test your strategies without any financial consequence

The free trial period provides traders with enough capacity to experiment with diverse trading strategies in a risk-free environment. Traders can tinker with different methodologies, timeframes, and indicators to gauge their strategies' performance under authentic market conditions. This practice nurtures strategies before their application in live trading.

Test an expert advisor or other trading bot

A subset of traders relies on automated trading systems such as Expert Advisors or trading bots. The free trial duration allows traders to scrutinize these algorithms and bots, evaluating their efficacy in real-time market circumstances. This scrutiny can expose potential inadequacies or avenues for enhancement in automated trading strategies.

Help you understand and control your emotions

Trading encompasses a delicate interplay of emotions, making emotional control a pivotal aspect of successful trading. The free trial duration serves as a safe space for traders to practice managing their emotional responses and psychological reactions to market movements. This practice augments emotional resilience without the threat of financial setbacks.

Best Prop Firms with Free Trials

Best prop firms that offer free trials

Bear in mind that while prop trading is an excellent opportunity to maximize your profit potential through the access to capital and shared resources of a prop firm – most will charge you for the initial evaluation. The entry fees range and will increase with the starting account size but in general, you are looking at about $99 to trade a $100,000 account. Traders who are successful in the evaluation phase will have their entry fees refunded before accessing live accounts and retaining profits. Challenge participants who fail to meet the profit targets during the evaluation period however will lose their entry fees.

Fortunately for traders, an increasing number of prop firms are now offering the possibility of free trials to interested traders. A “try before you buy” alternative that allows traders to assess their compatibility with the platform through full use of its trading software, resources, and assets on offer. The “free trial” aspect of a prop firm sometimes flies below the radar, but luckily for you, we’ve done the legwork and found what we considered as the best forex prop firms that offer free trials, listed below.

Prop firms offering Free Trial. A complete list of Prop firms offering Free Trial. This summary is updated; however, sometimes there are changes. Always confirm them with your prop firm.
Prop Firm Prop firms offering Free Trial
City Traders Imperium
E8 Funding
Lux Trading Firm
Alpha Capital Group
Smart Prop Trader


In conclusion, prop firms with free trials offer an exciting opportunity for aspiring traders to explore the world of professional trading without the financial burden or commitment. The chance to experience the benefits of prop trading, such as access to capital, advanced technology, and a supportive community, can be a golden ticket for traders looking to elevate their skills and profitability. With free trials, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Prop firms gain by hitching a ride to your profits, but in the case of these prop firms, they are offering you a free Ferrari to get there!

FAQs on Prop Firms Offering free Trials

What is a Free Trial?
Many prop trading firms offer their traders the opportunity to start a free trial on their platform and trade with the firm’s capital without having to pay any fees.
Is it the same as trade in free trial and in a paid one?
The short answer is yes. Free Trials are a shortened version of the Firms' paid Challenges. Their Purpose is for the traders to see if they have what it takes to follow and respect the firms' trading rules. Having said that on a free challenge, you may not be as focused as it is free.
Which prop firms give a free trial?
FunderPro, FTMO, OspreyFX are some of the best options for traders who want to join a prop trading firm that offers free trials or demo accounts.
Why do Forex Prop Firms offer a free trial?
Some Forex Prop Firms allow traders to use their platform and trade with the firm’s capital without having to pay any fees as part of their marketing strategy for attracting new customers and encourage them to start their journey with the firm.
What are the benefits of Free Trial
It gives the traders a taste of what might happen if they start trading on a funded account challenge, making them ideal for practicing your strategies and getting comfortable with the platform
How long does a free trial trading account last?
Normally with a free trial account, you are given a demo account which will remain active for 14 days. It replicates all the rules as each prop firm's standard challenges.
Can I earn money from a free trial trading account?
No, you cannot earn and withdraw from a free trial demo trading account. Free trials are used for evaluating the prop firm's offer, learning purposes, and practicing new strategies.
What happens if I pass a Free Trial? Do I get a funded account?
No, free trial performance doesn’t automatically secure you a funded Account. Although your results might be good in the Free Trial, you still need to go through the Evaluation Process to become a funded account.
Does FTMO have a free trial?
Yes FTMO Free Trial is a shortened version of the FTMO Challenge so you can get used to trading with them. The free trial for FTMO has a duration of 14 days with reduced trading objectives and only one Free Trial per trader is allowed at a time.

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