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Exciting News for CTI Affiliate Partners: Real-Time Earnings with All-in-One CTI Trader Dashboard!

City Traders Imperium (CTI) is introducing a game-changing tool for its affiliate partners: the All-in-One CTI Trader Dashboard. Now, affiliates can track their earnings in real-time, eliminating the wait for monthly reports. This empowers them to ... 

make quicker, informed decisions and monitor their progress as it happens, revolutionizing the affiliate experience.

Wednesday 27 September, 2023

Introducing the TopTier Trader 5K Challenge Account!

TopTier is introducing its brand-new 5K Challenge Account, designed to supercharge your trading journey! In addition, there is an Introductory Promotion at the price of $55 (Limited Time Only!). Once the introductory period ends, the regular price ... 

will be $65.

Wednesday 27 September, 2023

The Trading Pit introduces the all-new "TTP Earning Accounts"

Experience custom scaling plans, refined profit targets, and the chance to retain up to 80% of your earnings. All the above are included in the all-new TTP Earning Accounts. How it works: Qualify by completing our Challenges. Successful traders get ... 

a signal provider contract to operate demo accounts, generating buy/sell signals. Earn based on the trading signals you deliver.

Wednesday 27 September, 2023

Breaking News: Exclusive Offer from FunderPro!

Are you up for a trading challenge? If you've been testing your trading skills on another platform in the past 30 days, we have fantastic news for you! FunderPro is offering an exclusive 30% discount on our renowned trading challenge. But that's ... 

not all! If you've proven your trading prowess by maintaining a profitable MT4/MT5 live, funded account for a minimum of 3 months, you could be considered for a live, funded FunderPro account, opening the doors to even greater trading opportunities.

Wednesday 13 September, 2023

TopTier Trader: Ensuring Payouts During Deel Compliance Review

To ensure uninterrupted service TopTier Trader is addressing the ongoing Deel compliance review without compromising customer payouts by taking the following steps: Backup Processor: TopTier Trader is temporarily transitioning to Wise, a trusted ... 

provider, for payouts if Deel issues persist beyond the week. Immediate Payouts: Customers can opt for immediate payouts through Wise, with a simple account verification process. Cryptocurrency Option: Bitcoin payouts are available immediately. Payout Timelines: TopTier Trader is committed to meeting its one-week payout promise, whether through Deel or Wise.

Wednesday 13 September, 2023

FundedNext Addresses Deel Compliance Review

FundedNext has promptly responded to Deel's compliance review, demonstrating its commitment to transparency. Furthermore, the firm to ensure seamless withdrawals is taking the following steps: Withdrawal Method: During the review, all withdrawals ... 

will be facilitated through Crypto/Perfect Money. Client Support: Clients can switch to Crypto/Perfect Money withdrawals by contacting FundedNext's support team if they were previously using Deel.

Tuesday 12 September, 2023

SurgeTrader Celebrates Two Year Anniversary filled with exciting gifts

SurgeTrader is thrilled to celebrate two incredible years in their journey and as the company mentioned they could have never imagined the incredible level of support they would ultimately receive from their community! To show their appreciation, ... 

they're kicking off a month-long celebration filled with exciting gifts. You can take advantage of an exclusive 20% discount on all auditions and add-ons across the SurgeTrader platform. This special offer is valid until September 24th only. The discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

Monday 11 September, 2023

FunderPro Joins Forces with Sigma World for a Prop Trading Extravaganza in Cyprus

FunderPro, a dynamic name in the world of proprietary trading, is gearing up for an exciting collaboration at the highly anticipated Sigma World event in Cyprus. Sigma World offers a diverse range of activities, including panel discussions, ... 

workshops, and keynote presentations led by industry experts. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights into the latest trends and trading strategies that are shaping the future of prop trading while forging invaluable connections within the sector.

Friday 01 September, 2023

Squeeze Out the Last Drops of Summer with SurgeTrader Auditions' Spectacular Discount!

As summer draws to a close, SurgeTrader Auditions is here to add a dash of sunshine to your financial aspirations. An incredible limited-time offer; 25% OFF on SurgeTrader Auditions and Add-ons Sitewide Until September 4th that will have you ... 

savoring the last moments of the season while boosting your trading journey. No Codes Needed - Discount Automatically Applied at Checkout!

Friday 01 September, 2023

Unforeseen Regulatory Challenges Temporarily Halt My Forex Funds' Operations

In a surprising turn of events, My Forex Funds, a distinguished name in the world of proprietary trading, has found itself facing unexpected regulatory hurdles. In the early hours of September 1st, reports emerged regarding the temporary suspension ... 

of their operations due to compliance issues. While this may raise concerns among investors and industry stakeholders, the company has taken swift action and remains optimistic about resolving these challenges. Stay tuned for further updates.

Friday 01 September, 2023

SurgeTrader is teaming up with ThinkMarkets Broker

SurgeTrader has announced that they have a new Broker now, “ThinkMarkets,” a global multi-asset brokerage. According to the prop firm With ThinkMarkets on their side, they will be able to bring more trading options to their customers by giving them access to 1,500 assets to trade, including forex, crypto, indices, metals, commodities, and lots of different stocks from around the world and trading will be even better with faster, accurate prices and ... 

execution. According to the Prop Firm moving to ThinkMarkets will be smooth and easy. Accounts will move over without any issues. Just the traders need to make sure to finish trades by Friday, August 25th, at 2 PM EDT. Any trades left after that will be closed for you. The switch will happen before the market opens on Sunday.

Wednesday 23 August, 2023

Introducing E8 Funding's Time Limit Removal Feature!

Experience the freedom of unlimited trading days with E8 Funding's Latest Feature, aiming to create a more flexible and inclusive funding process. No longer bound by the ticking clock, you can now delve into comprehensive market research, ... 

meticulously analyze trends, and execute trades with a newfound sense of ease.

Friday 11 August, 2023

E8 Funding permanently eliminate the commissions on indices trading

Aligning with their commitment to trader success, E8 Funding has announced the permanent elimination of commissions on indices trading. This update applies to existing accounts and extends to all future accounts. By removing commissions, E8 Funding ... 

enables new and seasoned traders to explore diverse trading pairs across indices markets.

Thursday 10 August, 2023

FundedNext Update: Crypto Payments Have Been Automated

From now on, there will be no more need for payment verification manually from FundedNext's operations team. When you pay for the challenge with crypto, it will be verified ASAP automatically.

Tuesday 01 August, 2023

FunderPro latest feature addition - Card Payments Integration and 15% off

With an unwavering commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction, FunderPro is thrilled to present its latest feature addition - Card Payments! This cutting-edge feature allows traders to make purchases directly on the platform using their debit or ... 

credit cards. FunderPro's payment gateway integration provides a secure and efficient way to transact. They integrate both credit card and cryptocurrency payment options to make it easier for their own traders as well as for their b2b services to companies to accept payments from their customers. As this feature was community-driven, here is a token of our appreciation: use the code CARD15 at checkout and get 15% off any challenge! Hurry, though! The offer expires next Friday!

Saturday 29 July, 2023

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