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A selection of webinars with expert speakers discussing the fintech industry's most topical issues. This content will feature fund managers, regulators, and other participants to help educated all traders. A selection of webinars with expert speakers discussing the fintech industry's most topical issues.

FunderPro World Tour Paraguay
FunderPro WorldTour Paraguay: Introduction to Proprietary Trading with FunderPro

Funded accounts are decisively making their way into the retail-trading community. They bring exciting opportunities to trade with large amounts of capital that would otherwise be inaccessible. You might think to yourself – how is that possible and where is the catch? Surprisingly, there isn’t one. Funded accounts are handed out by the so-called prop firms. These are proprietary trading firms that allow you to trade with their own capital under some conditions. In this exclusive event hosted by FunderPro and the one and only Nicolas Piat, you'll learn the basics of Proprietary Trading and how FunderPro can help you reach an account balance of $5 million.

  • Subjects: Fintech
  • Region: South America
  • Date: 07 March 2023
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To Attend or not to Attend: 6 reasons you and your team should attend Fintech webinars & seminars

Fintech events and seminars offer a range of benefits for professionals, businesses, and individuals interested in the fintech industry, including:

  • Networking opportunities: Fintech events and seminars provide an excellent opportunity to network and connect with industry experts, investors, and potential business partners.
  • Learning and development: Attending fintech events and seminars allows individuals to learn about the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in the industry. This can help them stay up-to-date with the latest developments and improve their skills and knowledge.
  • Idea generation: Fintech events and seminars provide a platform for individuals and businesses to generate new ideas, collaborate, and brainstorm with others in the industry.
  • Access to funding: Fintech events and seminars often provide opportunities for startups and businesses to pitch their ideas to investors and secure funding.
  • Brand exposure: Participating in fintech events and seminars can help businesses increase their brand exposure and gain more visibility in the industry.
  • Partnership opportunities: Fintech events and seminars also offer opportunities for businesses to form strategic partnerships and collaborations with other companies in the industry.

Overall, fintech events and seminars are valuable opportunities for individuals and businesses to learn, connect, and grow in the rapidly-evolving fintech industry.

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Finance & Fintech webinars and events FAQs

Which Fintech Events Should I Attend?
Trying to find the right Fintech events to improve your networking and understanding of the industry
How can I find Finance & Fintech seminars to attend?
Be active on pages like this one as well as by joining several Fintech discussions and conversations within relevant online groups and communities.
Regarding Fintech industry which one is more useful the webinars or seminars?
It depends of the audience. If they prefer in-person interactions, then a seminar would probably be the better option. While a webinar has it's own benefits like comfortability and low cost