Free Prop Trading Firm Competitions and Giveaways

Prop Firm Trading Competitions and Giveaways are a great way to get hold of some free trading capital.

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Taking part in a forex Trading competition is one of the many ways a trader can test their strategies, polish their skills and grow their confidence. Trading Competitions and Promotions give you an extra boost by offering you the opportunity to participate in exclusive trading competitions and get bonuses and promotions. Discover live and demo trading competitions with unique rewards and cash prizes.

funderpro default news image
The Trader’s Timelapse Challenge

If you have an Instagram account, great news for you! If you don’t, create one and... Great news for you, too!
Prize: One $25k Funded Challenge every week
How Do I Enter?
Easy! Just follow these 3 simple steps:
Shoot a timelapse video of your trading setup
Upload your video on Instagram
Tag @funderpro and @tradelockerofficial in your post
A winner will be picked every week and given a free $25k FunderPro Challenge.

Ending Date: Sunday 18 February, 2024

fidelcrest default news image
Fidelcrest Limited-Time Offer 20% discount and 125% refund

Fidelcrest is providing a limited-time opportunity for a 20% discount and an incredible 125% refund on the acquisition of any Fidelcrest Challenge Account, available in various sizes and types. To seize this exclusive offer, traders can simply ... 

use the promo code TRYOUT-20 during the account acquisition process.

 $ Coupon Code 20% OFFTRYOUT-20

Ending Date: Friday 16 February, 2024

thefundedtrader default news image
More January TFT Offers are now LIVE

Take advantage of the January Sale to buy your challenge.
Terms: 50% off + 125% Bonus based on challenge fee ALL $5k and $10k challenges only.

 $ Coupon Code 50% OFFTFTJANUARY50

Ending Date: Wednesday 31 January, 2024

Terms: Coupon code can be only implemented on $5k and $10k challenges.

toptiertrader default news image
TopTier Trader January offers

2024 is going to be an exciting year at TopTier Trader. Alongside the challenge you chose, you can also have this exciting offer for you! 20% Discount on All Challenges
80/20 Profit Split
115% Refund with Your First Payout
Use ... 

Promo Code: TTTJANUARY2024

 $ Coupon Code 20% OFFTTTJANUARY2024

Ending Date: Wednesday 31 January, 2024

Terms: Coupon code can be applied on all challenges

thefundedtrader default news image
TFT January NEW Promotions are LIVE

First Offer Terms: 17.5% off + 125% Bonus based on challenge fee ON ALL CHALLENGES
Second Offer Terms: 10% off + 87.5% Payout ON ALL CHALLENGES

 $ Coupon Code 18% OFFTFTJANUARY1

Ending Date: Friday 19 January, 2024

citytradersimperium default news image
Start the new year with CTI with a 15% Discount

Start the new year as a funded trader with CTI. Get a 15% Discount on all Challenges and Instant Funding using code CTI2024 until 10th January 2024.

 $ Coupon Code 15% OFFCTI2024

Ending Date: Wednesday 10 January, 2024

thefundedtrader default news image
The Funded Trader (TFT) New Year Promotions are LIVE

The Funded Trader (TFT) firm has offered various promotions for the challenges they offer, which are as follows: Rapid, Royal, Standard Only

 $ Coupon Code 10% OFFNYEKINGDOM

Ending Date: Friday 05 January, 2024

Terms: 10% off + 90% Lifetime Payouts + 110% Bonus based on challenge fee + 2.5% Bonus from each phase of the challenge (5% total) paid on the first withdrawal

funderpro default news image
FunderPro embrace the spirit of hope and resolution

FunderPro announced their special winter promotion, tailored to help you reach your trading goals as we step into a new year:
Season's Savings: Enjoy a 20% discount on all Challenges. Whether you're just starting or scaling up, now is the ... 

perfect time to embark on your trading journey.
Profit Split Upgrade: For the $100k, $150k, and $200k Challenges, we're offering a free 90/10 profit split upgrade if you get funded. More of your hard-earned gains will go straight to your pocket!
Second Chances at Half the Price: We understand the journey can have its ups and downs. That's why we're offering a 50% discount on challenge resets and retries. Keep striving towards your goals with this added support.

 $ Coupon Code 20% OFFNEWME

Ending Date: Wednesday 03 January, 2024

e8funding default news image
E8 exciting Holiday offers

The season of giving just got even better at E8! New additions are being added to our exciting Holiday offers. Bonus: 10% Discount plus Reduced Profit Targets: The profit targets on E8 Track will be adjusted to 5/5/5, replacing the previous 8/5/5 ... 

when you apply the promo code. We want to make your success more attainable to end the year strong!

 $ Coupon Code 10% OFFBESMART

Ending Date: Sunday 31 December, 2023

Terms: This special offer ends on 31.12.2023

e8funding default news image
Holiday gifts came early at E8

As the holiday cheer fills the air, E8 is delighted to bring you an early Holiday Gift present that adds a sparkle to your trading journey.
Discount Promos: The gift to you this December - is a festive 30% discount on 25,000 & 50,000 accounts, ... 

20% on 100,000 accounts, and 15% on 200,000 accounts!

 $ Coupon Code 30% OFFHolidays

Ending Date: Sunday 31 December, 2023

fundednext default news image
FundedNext Holiday Deal Offer

This festive season, FundedNext presents a special offer exclusively for dedicated traders! The "On-Demand Payout" allows for immediate earnings withdrawal upon request. Additionally, the "100% Lifetime Payout" feature ensures that traders receive ... 

their full earnings without any deductions or fees. The offer also includes a "150% Refund," providing traders with their payment plus an additional 50% as a refund. Moreover, traders can enjoy a 15% profit share from the Challenge Phase, enhancing their earning potential. Use the coupon code "HOLIDAY" to avail of these benefits. Note: -Lifetime payout and refund offers are applicable for all plans. -On-demand payout is available on Evaluation and Stellar Challenges. -The offer is not applicable if the account has undergone any resets. Just 48 hours remain to seize this incredible opportunity

 $ Coupon Code :  HOLIDAY

Ending Date: Monday 25 December, 2023

Terms: -Lifetime payout and refund offers are applicable for all plans. -On-demand payout is available on Evaluation and Stellar Challenges. -The offer is not applicable if the account has undergone any resets.

thefundedtrader default news image
The Funded Trader 25% Off Coupon Code is live

The Funded Trader offers a discount code of 25% on the account fee for all $5k - $25k Challenges. You can save a great deal of money. In addition, if you pass the evaluation process, you can receive a 125% Bonus + 12.5% challenge profits from phase ... 

1 and phase 2 for $5k - $25k Challenges.

 $ Coupon Code 25% OFFBESTOFTFT1

Ending Date: Sunday 17 December, 2023

Terms: 25% off + 125% Bonus + 12.5% challenge profits from phase 1 and phase 2 for $5k - $25k Challenges

thetradingpit default news image
Black Friday and Cyber Monday by The Trading Pit

Running from November 24th to December 3rd, traders can now enjoy a huge 30% discount on all challenges by using the code BLACKFRIDAY2023. In a promotion that goes beyond conventional price slashes, The Trading Pit introduces an enticing offer. ... 

Traders triumphing over Level 1 of The Trading Pit's Scaling Plan during this period will not only experience a fee reduction but also enjoy a complete refund. This additional incentive adds a compelling layer to motivate and reward traders for their success.

 $ Coupon Code 30% OFFBLACKFRIDAY2023

Ending Date: Sunday 03 December, 2023

e8funding default news image
Cyber Week special 30% discount on all E8 Evaluations

E8 Funding Cyber Week special comes with an extraordinary 30% discount on all E8 Evaluations. This is the highest discount ever offered by the firm, that is also elevating the payout to an impressive 100% and traders can enjoy an additional 15% ... 

discount, too.

 $ Coupon Code 30% OFFCYPERWEEK

Ending Date: Saturday 02 December, 2023

Terms: This promotion is available on all E8 Evaluations until midnight on Saturday, December 2nd, 2023.

toptiertrader default news image
Black Friday & Cyber Monday TopTier Trader Promotion

Black Friday specials came early this year! Get a 25% OFF + 90% Payout and TRIPLE Your Entry Points
In addition to that, a second offer is available. Top Tier Trader is offering 35% off a second ... 

purchase. I.E Buy one get one 35% off. On top of this, they will be giving the trader a 200% fee refund. Promo Code: TopTierBlackFriday


Ending Date: Friday 01 December, 2023

Terms: Valid from: Now - December 1, 2023

Looking to start trading but don't have the funds to invest in a prop firm challenge? Or perhaps you're not ready to make that financial commitment just yet? Don't worry! There are some unique options to kickstart your trading journey without spending a penny.

  • Trading Competitions: Engage in trading competitions where you'll be provided with a Forex Demo Trading Account. These competitions evaluate your performance based on specific rules and criteria. The top performers have the chance to win enticing prizes like funded challenges or even live trading accounts.
  • Social Media Competitions: Many prop firms are eager to reward individuals who bring in new traders. Participate in social media competitions, where you may be rewarded for referrals or active engagement. These rewards can include challenges, trading accounts, discount coupons or other enticing incentives.
  • In-House Competitions: Some prop firms organize internal challenges exclusively for their traders. By participating in these competitions, you can vie for additional trading capital or other valuable benefits.

Interested to open a proprietary trading firm?

If you are thinking to enter the Forex market and Start Your Own prop trading firm our TurnKey White Label Trading Solutions & Services are exactly what you need.

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Free Prop Firm Challenges FAQs

What is a Free Prop Firm Challenge?
Proprietary trading firms often organize Free challenges, giveaways as well as discounts for purchasing challenges as part of their marketing strategies to raise awareness and attract new traders. Giveaways can range from cash prizes to discounts and free trading accounts.
How many types of free trading competitions and giveaways are there?
There are various types of contests and free competitions that are frequently organized by the prop firms to engage with the audience. The main ones are the Social Media Competitions, the In-House Competitions and the Demo account trading competitions.
Where can I get information about free challenges and other trading competitions.
By joining several prop trading discussions and conversations within relevant online groups and communities and following various prop firms’ social media. Be active on pages like this one can save you time and provide consolidated information, making it easier to understand complex offerings.
Are there any risks associated with participating in Free Prop Firm Challenge?
Proprietary trading is a great way to start trading without much capital, but there is a considerable risk of losing money. When participating in Free Prop Firm Challenge or any other competition is always wise to carefully review the terms and conditions of each option you pursue. This will help you align your goals and expectations and make the most of these opportunities without incurring any financial burden.