If you're choosing between The 5%ers and Topstep Proprietary Trading Firm, we've compared several data points side-by-side to make finding the right Proprietary Trading Firm for you easier. Is The5ers better than Topstep? After assessing the two Proprietary Trading Firms on nearly 10 different variables, we would be able to get into an informed conclusion.


2.6 / 5

Rating breakdown

Challenge difficulty
Trading Fees
Payout scheme

the5ers Overview

The 5%ers is a prop trading firm founded by Gil Ben Hur and Snir Chiel. Both former forex day traders, Gil and Snier, experienced first-hand the frustrations that lack of capital bring to experienced traders ready to play the markets. Hence, the 5%ers Funding Program was born: a platform to reward worthy traders with significant capital, with profits shared in a win-win outcome.
3.5 / 5

Rating breakdown

Challenge difficulty
Trading Fees
Payout scheme

Topstep Overview

Founded in 2012, TopstepForex has become one of the biggest proprietary trading sites online. Topstep FX is based in the USA, but it is available for everyone to use worldwide. Traders are invited to join their "forex funded trader program," which gives them the chance to use Topstep FX's money (and gain a healthy cut of the profits), without risking their capital.

After spending several days researching different Proprietary Trading Firm for funded trading accounts, our team at start-business-online.com team collected various data points. For this review, we will compare The5ers vs Topstep.

Top alternative : OspreyFX

Are THE5ERS or TOPSTEP currently the best possible options in the market? No Proprietary Trading Firm is perfect, and those two are no exception. While they do have a lot of pros, there are plenty of reasons why you might be looking for an alternative. So which Firms are better than The5ers and Topstep? Want to jump straight to the answer?

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Compare THE5ERS VS TOPSTEP Funded Trading Accounts Programs - Find the best firm for you

To truly evaluate what each Firm brings to the table, we decided to score each aspect individually.

THE5ERS VS TOPSTEP Prop Trading Firms at a glance

A handy comparison table with all the key facts for the Funded Trading Accounts Programs.
Comparison table that allows users to easily see and compare multiple important attributes of THE5ERS VS TOPSTEP Prop Trading Firms at a glance.
Evaluation Metric How they performed
Challenge difficulty

The 5%ers Challenge is by no means the most difficult. The fact that you are instantly funded and have a whole 180 days to complete the initial challenge makes the 5%ers one of the more straightforward options. That said, the price you pay is with a meaner margin of profit shares. You may get your foot in the door quicker, but there will be less on the other side as a result!

On the other hand The Topstep FX Challenge is a simple yet effective way of separating the wheat from the chaff. It is not a perfect system, and there are grievances about some aspects of it, but, overall, it is a transparent and fair means of ensuring you know what you are doing. It's a great platform to take on the challenge, and it has easy-to-understand metrics that reflect your trading progress.

Customer support

The 5%ers make up the slack when it comes to the rules of using their platform. There are no restrictions on trading style, news trading, or the holding of weekend positons. For this reason, we give them a generous mark.

On the other hand The customer support with Topstep FX is good, clearly reflected across several review platforms. There are some complaints about the quality of customer support, but most of these have been responded to.


The the 5%ers Challenge fee is on the higher end of the spectrum at $275 per attempt. That said, you access immediate funds from the first use, which does compensate the sign-up fee for those successful traders.

On the other hand The cost on Topstep FX can be a positive or a negative depending on how quickly you pass the challenge. As it is a monthly payment, you will save money (compared to prop firms asking for more expensive one-off payments) if you complete the challenge quickly, but you will lose value for money if you are too slow.

Payout scheme

the 5%ers scores poorly on this metric as their payout is significantly lower than competitors such as TopStep and FTMO. That said, however, where the platform disappoints in the 50% share they make up for with the exponential growth option: your account balance doubles with every milestone you reach.

On the other hand Compared to other proprietary firms, Topstep FX has a high percentage payout scheme or, to put it another way, it takes a lower percentage cut on your profits.

The Verdict: The5ers or Topstep?

There’s no such thing as a perfect Proprietary Trading Firm, but some are going to be a better fit for you than others.

Objectively, Topstep is more reliable based on our criteria above.

What We Really Like on Topstep

  it takes a low percentage cut on your profits

What We Don’t Like on The5ers

 5%ers Challenge fee is on the higher end of the spectrum
 There are other holes in the 5%er offer

Other Important Factors That Influence Our decision the most

The 5%ers do a neat 50/50 profit split with successful traders. While this seems fair on paper, many of the rival prop firms offer much higher ratios. Therefore we’ve decided to view the payout scheme as the weakest point of an otherwise fairly good all-rounder.

There are other holes in the 5%er offer too. The firm imposes restrictions on lot sizes [**this may no longer be true, have they removed the 0.65 lot limit?**] which doesn’t suit many trading styles.

Finally, if you're really not sure you can always use our free tool (takes 15 seconds) that will help you find a suitable Personalised Funded Trading Accounts based on your precise requirements here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

The5ers vs Topstep Which Is The Better Forex Prop Firm?
Topstep is better. Both The5ers and Topstep on the top 10 list of Forex Prop Firms, with Topstep reaching 3rd place and The5ers in 8th. OspreyFX is the number-one ranked with 4/5.
The5ers vs Topstep How do they compare?
Topstep ranks better with a score of 3.50/5 in comparison to The5ers, regarding features, fees, security, and support. OspreyFX is the number-one ranked with 4/5.

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