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While cTrader may not boast the same level of widespread adoption as some of its counterparts, its robust feature set, sleek design, and focus on providing a tailored trading experience make it a compelling choice for traders.

cTrader Review and Analysis


cTrader Review: Forex Trading Platform

cTrader emerges as a sophisticated trading platform suite tailored for forex and CFD traders, renowned for its formidable charting and algorithmic trading prowess. While maintaining its familiar interface since inception, cTrader has continually evolved, introducing an array of novel features and functionalities over the years. This evolution has solidified its position as the preferred platform for numerous brokers and traders.

What distinguishes cTrader?

Conceptualized and developed by Spotware, a technology firm based in Cyprus established in 2010, cTrader encompasses a suite of trading software applications. This suite comprises the desktop version of cTrader, complemented by the integrated cTrader Automate module (formerly cAlgo), the web-based cTrader Copy platform, and the cTrader mobile app. Offering versatility, cTrader caters to various markets including forex, CFDs on indices, cryptocurrencies, metals, and other commodities, contingent upon broker support.

cTrader Pros & Cons

Is cTrader a good choice for traders?

Below, we highlight some of the advantages and drawbacks associated with utilizing the cTrader platform suite.


  • cTrader boasts powerful charts and charting capabilities, providing traders with comprehensive analytical tools for informed decision-making.
  • Support for copy trading via the cTrader Copy web platform enables users to replicate the strategies of successful traders, facilitating potential profit opportunities.
  • Algorithmic trading is made accessible through the cTrader Automate module, empowering traders to automate their trading strategies and execute them with precision.
  • The platform offers the flexibility to set commissions and spread costs during backtesting, enhancing the realism of trading simulations and aiding in strategy refinement.
  • Traders can seamlessly connect via API by either copying the FIX API credentials from within the platform or utilizing the cTrader Open API, enabling efficient integration with external systems and custom development.
  • Brokers adopting cTrader are required to have at least one recognized liquidity provider (LP), ensuring access to robust market liquidity and competitive pricing.
  • Partial fills are supported on cTrader, and orders are executed at a volume-weighted average price (VWAP), enhancing order execution efficiency and price transparency.


  • cTrader's availability is limited to a select few brokers compared to the more widely accessible MetaTrader suite, potentially limiting choices for traders seeking platform diversity.
  • The platform's reliance on the .NET framework may pose limitations for developers seeking more modern development options, potentially hindering the adoption of advanced technologies and frameworks.
  • While cTrader's backtesting simulations offer considerable power, they may lag behind MetaTrader 5's cloud-based resources in terms of advanced features and capabilities, potentially affecting the depth of analysis and strategy optimization for traders.

Besides the pros and cons, before deciding if cTrader is the right platform for you, you should also be aware of the following:

cTrader is free to use, with the caveat that your chosen forex broker must offer the cTrader platform suite to its clients. You can easily download the platform directly from Spotware Systems at no cost. However, it's important to note that some brokers may provide a version of cTrader that bears the broker's branding through a process known as "white labeling." The features available to you may vary depending on your broker and the specific version of cTrader being utilized. Despite the platform being free, keep in mind that forex brokers offering cTrader will still impose charges such as commissions, spreads, fees, or a combination of trading costs, depending on their account offerings.

To utilize cTrader, you'll need to establish an account with a broker that supports the platform. These brokers will furnish you with a compatible account type configured for cTrader. Once your account setup is complete, you can log in to the cTrader platform suite—whether on desktop, web, or mobile—using the credentials provided by your broker. Through your live forex trading account, you'll gain access to real-time market prices and the ability to execute trades seamlessly.

Regarding copy trading, cTrader facilitates this through its fully integrated copy trading platform known as cTrader Copy. If your forex broker supports it, you can utilize the cTrader Copy web application for copy trading purposes. Copy traders simply need to log in to the cTrader platform and navigate to the Copy application, where they can compare available strategy providers, analyze historical performance statistics, and configure settings to begin copying trades.

How do you set up an account on cTrader?

To initiate your account setup on cTrader, start with a visit to your forex broker's website. If your broker supports cTrader, you'll find download links and setup instructions readily available. Here's a brief guide on how to proceed:

  • Confirm Availability: Ensure that your broker offers cTrader among its platform options.
  • Account Creation: Begin by opening either a demo account or a live trading account with your forex broker, selecting the cTrader platform during the setup process.
  • Platform Installation: Access installation links typically provided within your broker's client portal. Alternatively, you may receive installation instructions via email after completing your account setup.
  • Login: Once installed, log in to cTrader on your preferred device(s), choosing from desktop, web, or mobile versions, and enter your cTrader account credentials.

For those interested in algorithmic trading through cTrader, access to the desktop version or installation of cAlgo desktop software for Windows is necessary. Algorithmic trading programs, known as "cBots" within cTrader, can be sourced from the cTrader Developer Network (cTDN) or from third-party providers.

How to choose a cTrader forex broker?

If you feel that cTrader is the right platform for your own trading endeavours, the natural next step is to pick the right cTrader broker to open an account with. In this quest you should carefully consider, inter alia, the following:

Trustworthiness Criteria for Selecting a Broker

To ensure reliability in a broker, prioritize those licensed and authorized by esteemed regulators. Such brokers undergo rigorous audits, adhere to capital requirements, and offer safeguards like segregated accounts and negative balance protection. Verify the broker's status on the regulator's website and investigate any disciplinary actions. Additionally, consider the broker's size and operating history, typically available on their LinkedIn page.

Essential Fee Considerations When Selecting a cTrader Broker

Understanding and comparing fee structures is paramount when choosing a cTrader broker. The key fees to assess include:

  • Spreads: The difference between buying and selling prices, impacting trading costs. Lower spreads often translate to lower overall expenses.
  • Commissions: Some brokers charge fixed fees per trade or a percentage of the total volume in addition to spreads.
  • Overnight or Swap Fees: Fees incurred for holding CFD positions overnight, influenced by interest rate differentials.
  • Inactivity Fees: Charges for insufficient trading activity within a specific timeframe.
  • Withdrawal Fees: Costs associated with withdrawing funds from your account. Review the fee structure and available withdrawal methods. Brokers vary in fee structures, with some implementing commissions per trade and others relying on spreads. Hidden charges like inactivity or withdrawal fees may also apply, underscoring the importance of understanding fee models for informed decision-making.
  • Minimum Deposit Consideration: Minimum deposit requirements among cTrader brokers can significantly differ based on individual broker policies. Typically, CFD brokers impose relatively lower minimum deposit thresholds.
  • Diverse Account Types for Varied Trading Needs: A wide array of account types allows brokers to cater to diverse trader profiles. For instance, beginners may benefit from a straightforward STP account, while sophisticated, active traders may prefer an ECN/Raw Spread account to minimize costs.
  • Evaluating the Reliability of Customer Support: Reliable customer support is indispensable. Assess the availability of support, whether round-the-clock or during specific hours. Prioritize brokers offering convenient chat support integrated into their platform. Moreover, ensure accessibility to support via phone in the event of platform outages.

What to avoid when choosing a cTrader forex broker

Brokers on the cTrader platform might not offer all the markets you want to trade in. Check if they have what you need before you start. Also, look closely at how they charge you. Some brokers have different prices for things like spreads and commissions. Make sure their prices are fair compared to other brokers.

When you're choosing a broker, don't just look at what they offer. Pay attention to how much it will cost you to trade with them. This means checking if the markets you want are available and understanding how much you'll pay for each trade. Since financial markets change a lot, it's important to pick a broker with prices that won't hurt your profits in the long run.

Finding the right broker can be tricky. It's important to look at how they charge you, not just what they offer. Take your time to compare prices for things like spreads and commissions across different brokers. This way, you can pick the best option for your trading goals and preferences.

To help your quest, our resident team of experts presents you with our top rated brokers offering the cTrader platform.

Which forex brokers uses cTrader?

Which is the best Forex Broker with CTrader Platform?

Forex Brokers that are using CTrader

This summary is updated; however, sometimes there are change. Always confirm with your Forex Broker.
Forex Broker Platforms
FxProMT4, MT5, cTrader, FxPro Edge
FIBO GroupMT4, MT5, cTrader
PepperstonecTrader, MT4, MT5, Zulutrade
OctaFXcTrader, MT4, MT5
IC MarketsMT4, MT5, Mirror Trader, ZuluTrade, Web Trader, cTrader
RoboForexcTrader, MT4, MT5, Proprietary

Which is the best Forex Prop Firm offering CTrader Platform?

So which Proprietary Trading Firms are better than FTMO? Want to jump straight to the answer? FunderPro is the best alternative Prop Firm to FTMO for June 2024 .

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Prop firms that are using CTrader

This summary is updated; however, sometimes there are change. Always confirm with your prop firm.
Prop Firm Platforms
FTMOcTrader, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5
FundedNextcTrader, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5
MyFundedFXcTrader, Match-Trader, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5
Smart Prop TradercTrader, Match-Trader, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5
Funding PipscTrader, TradeLocker, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5
Ment FundingcTrader, Match-Trader, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5
Funded Trading PluscTrader, Match-Trader, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5
Alpha Capital GroupcTrader, MetaTrader 5
Blue GuardiancTrader, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5
Which Prop firms use cTrader?

Choosing between cTrader and MetaTrader: Which Platform Suits You Best?

When it comes to trading platforms, cTrader stands out as a top choice for serious traders seeking advanced charting tools and a sophisticated order management interface. It's particularly favored by those interested in algorithmic trading, offering robust support for developing and implementing trading programs. One of its key strengths lies in its charting module, boasting an extensive array of 26 time frames, surpassing the options available on MetaTrader 4 (MT4) with 9 time frames and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) with 21 time frames. Moreover, cTrader's intuitive order entry system, coupled with its one-click trading feature and customizable configuration settings, positions it as a compelling alternative to MetaTrader.

However, it's essential to note that MetaTrader enjoys broader support from a vast network of forex brokers, making it a more accessible option for many traders. Additionally, if you've developed or come across a specific algorithmic trading strategy compatible only with MetaTrader, you may encounter challenges converting its source code to function seamlessly with cTrader.

Ultimately, your decision between cTrader and MetaTrader hinges on your individual preferences and requirements. Consider factors such as your trading style, the importance of charting features, broker compatibility, and the availability of algorithmic trading options before making your choice. By carefully weighing these considerations, you can select the platform that best aligns with your trading goals and strategies.

Final Thoughts on the cTrader platform

As highlighted earlier, cTrader emerges as an exceptional platform choice, particularly appealing to forex traders seeking advanced charting capabilities, a sleek platform design, sophisticated order management tools, and a modern user interface that enhances trading experiences.

Beyond its core functionalities, cTrader stands out for its ability to integrate additional value-added features, such as Autochartist and Trading Central plugins, seamlessly enhancing traders' analytical capabilities and decision-making processes. Complementing these features is cTrader's comprehensive research suite, which includes news headlines sourced from top-tier outlets and an integrated economic calendar, providing traders with essential market insights and updates.

Moreover, cTrader boasts a visually appealing platform design characterized by its crisp layout and intuitive user experience. The platform offers an advanced order entry system, empowering traders to execute trades efficiently and precisely.

Despite its strengths, it's essential to acknowledge that cTrader occupies a niche market and has yet to attain the widespread popularity enjoyed by industry giants like TradingView and MetaTrader. However, its specialized focus and dedication to providing a tailored trading environment cater to the needs of discerning traders seeking advanced tools and functionalities.

In summary, while cTrader may not boast the same level of widespread adoption as some of its counterparts, its robust feature set, sleek design, and focus on providing a tailored trading experience make it a compelling choice for traders looking to elevate their forex trading journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How trusted is CTrader?
The trusted source of information on fintech matters SBO, gave CTrader a 3.14/ 5.00 rating based on analysing 20+ criteria and testing. CTrader is currently in 2nd place in this ranking. TradeLocker is currently rank as the number one.
Which company owns cTrader?
Spotware Systems Ltd, a financial technology provider focusing on FX trading and management solutions for brokers, banks and traders owns and operates the cTrader System.

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Which Forex broker is best for CTrader?
Forex broker FxPro is currently in 1st place in this ranking based on analysing 20+ criteria and testing.
Which Prop Firm is the best from those that offer CTrader trading platform?
According to the trusted source of information on fintech matters SBO, FTMO is currently in 1st place in this ranking.
Which forex brokers offer CTrader trading platform?
Here is a list of forex brokers that offer CTrader: FxPro, FIBO Group, Pepperstone, OctaFX, IC Markets, RoboForex, Fondex
Which Prop Firms offer CTrader trading platform?
Here is a list of forex Prop Firms that offer CTrader: FTMO, FundedNext, MyFundedFX, Smart Prop Trader, Funding Pips, Ment Funding, Funded Trading Plus, Alpha Capital Group, Blue Guardian

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