No decision is as crucial for an aspiring forex trader as the choice of forex broker they make, as you simply cannot access the global forex marker as an individual, without using the services of a brokerage as an intermediary. Of course, it is possible to switch broker if you happen to make the wrong choice, but it is definitely wiser and more prudent to make the right choice from the beginning, as choosing the wrong broker, whether an unreliable one or one that does not best match and fit your own needs and requirements, will definitely jeopardize your chances for success and profit making.

To mitigate the danger of making the wrong choice of broker, make sure you fully grasp what is at stake and what it is you should factor in when taking your decision. To help this process, check out the very enlightening and insightful posts below, which touch upon every aspect, thus enabling you to effectively navigate the forex brokers landscape and make the best choice of broker for you.

forex broker reviews

Learn how to effectively read forex broker reviews

Resorting to forex broker reviews, which are readily available online, is a method used by many existing or aspiring traders in order to compare and contrast the offering of different brokers. To make the best use of forex reviews however, you must know how to effectively read them and which information you should pay particular attention to. Find out if forex reviews are your best option or whether they may potentially hinder your quest for the best broker. Helping you sift through the rubble and put things in a better perspective, you can find out how to make the best of studying forex broker reviews and learn why and how you should always put your own particular needs as a trader above the opinion and evaluation of any review site.

Best Forex Brokers for Beginners

Best Forex Brokers for Beginners

Being a beginner and inexperienced in forex trading, renders you particularly vulnerable to making wrong choices, or taking unwise decisions based on lacking or wrong information. Remember that to get to the right answer, you must first be able to ask the right question and this is especially crucial when it comes to choosing your forex broker. The pursuit becomes a less complex process when you know the key virtues you should look out for in a forex broker, as well as the top issues to consider prior to opening your first forex trading account. Adopting a careful, step-by-step approach and being aware of smart tips to employ, can greatly aid your quest for the best broker and a successful trading start as a beginner broker.

Copy Trading Brokers and Investing platforms

Social Trading Revolution: Copy Trading Brokers and Investing platforms

Social Trading, i.e. being able to trade by copying, mirroring or mimicking the trading decisions and strategies of other traders, has indeed truly revolutionized the online retail forex trading world and has opened up trading to an even wider audience across the globe. As such, doing it the social trading way is a popular option for many aspiring traders. Find out what social trading is and which types of social trading are available and what the distinct advantages of social trading are for traders. If you decide that social trading is your vehicle for setting along the way of forex trading, learn how to successfully go about it and also come up to speed with the particular category of forex brokerages, which allow and facilitate trading through social trading, as they would be your brokers of choice.

How to choose the best Forex Broker

How to choose the best Forex Broker

You cannot find your ideal forex broker simply by performing an online search and signing up on the first company that comes up. To become a successful trader, you need to trade through a broker you can trust and such a broker must prove that it is worthy of this trust. Prior to searching and comparing features and offerings, you must have a very clear view of the situation and this present article primarily serves the purpose of refuting some popular myths which plague the online retail forex landscape and which may well obstruct and blur your view and overview. Learn what you should expect, seek and demand from your broker, while discovering that your best compass in the painstaking journey of finding the right forex broker is none other than you, since none else knows your own particular needs, requirements, skills or trading style, and most importantly your risk and loss tolerance levels.

True ECN Forex Brokers

Top True ECN Forex Brokers Explained

Despite differing in what they offer, online forex brokerages are primarily ranked according to the brokerage model they adhere to. Across the available spectrum, traders may choose between ECN, STP and dealing desk brokers and this present post delves deeper into the world of true ECN forex brokerages outlining and explaining what they are and examining whether and how trading through such brokers may be beneficial towards the trading endeavors and success chances of traders. Through a detailed and true account of the advantages and disadvantages of trading through an ECN broker, you can find out if this particular type of brokerage is the most suitable for your own specific trading needs.

MT4 Forex Brokers

MT4 Forex Brokers: Top Meta Trader 4 Brokers Reviews

The trading platform is at core of the services offered by a forex brokerage, and an aspect which aspiring forex traders should pay particular attention to, since it is this platform they should be using when trading and it is through this platform that their trades placed will be executed. By far the most popular such platform, especially for small scale, novice traders, is the MT4 platform, which has been justifiably characterized as the closest to an industry standard. The platform used is another differentiating factor between forex brokerages and if you wish to trade via a particular platform then you should seek brokers who offer that particular one. Shedding light on all relevant issues and touching upon all aspects, through this handy guide you can make your MT4 brokerage selection with greater easer and confidence and enjoy the many benefits the MT4 platform offers traders across the world for so many years.

The online forex trading landscape is booming and expanding on a daily basis, meaning there is ample supply of brokerage services and agencies, to meet the increased demand across the globe. The sheer abundance of brokerages however is a double edge sword, since it guarantees that the right and most suitable broker for you definitely exists somewhere, but having to shift through the rubble to identify that best match becomes a complex and demanding task. Despite its complexity, it is a task worth pursuing as managing to identify the most suitable brokerage is bound to ease your journey into the world of trading and greatly maximize your chances for trading success in the long term.

Whether you want to choose best on which broker caters for social trading, which is mostly suited for beginners, which is the most reliable and trustworthy, which ranks best in reviews or according to the brokerage model they follow or trading platform they use, remember that the single most crucial factor to guide your selection, should always be your own unique personal circumstances, preferences and needs.


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Forex Brokers FAQs

What Is a Forex Broker?
Forex is an abbreviated term used to denote the foreign exchange and it has come to mean the trading of different national currencies, since forex trading transactions always involve a pair of foreign currencies, which are either bought or sold. To be able to access the global foreign exchange market, interested traders need to access a dedicated trading platform and such access is granted to them via opening an account with a forex broker. Currency trading brokers or forex brokers therefore, and retail forex brokers in particular, are those financial services companies which facilitate the trading of currencies for the individual trader, since they act as a bridge and facilitator between a trader and the global currency market.
Which the forex broker is the best?
Though this is a legitimate question to pose, it is one that has no single, definite answer, unless the one answering is biased and is trying to win your custom on behalf of a particular broker. The best, most suitable and most appropriate forex broker for each trader may be different and depends solely on the specific trading needs, skills, style, risk appetite and other characteristics of each individual trader. To discern which forex broker is the best for you, you need to know exactly what you need and expect from them and take into account their reliability, track record, platform used, accounts offered, fees, spreads and commissions charged, to name but a few of the aspects.
How do forex brokers make money?
Forex brokers come in a great abundance as their niche is considered highly lucrative. It is thus normal to wonder how they make their money. The simple answer is that brokers charge their serviced clients, usually through taking a cut from each performed trade and transaction executed. Not all brokers adhere to the same pricing model or method, others charge flat commissions and others charge percentile commissions depending on the size of a trade. Moreover, brokers benefit from the spread, i.e. the difference between the price of currency pairs, which is calculated in pips. Other brokers may charge fees for depositing or withdrawing funds from a trading account, as well as additional fees or any other relevant services rendered.
How much do forex brokers charge?
All forex broker charge fees though the form these take differs from broker to broker. When selecting a broker, traders need to have in mind that trading costs may come in a variety of shapes and forms and they need to ensure that when comparing between brokers they take into account all types of commissions, fees and charges imposed, to have a clear view of the actual cost for each trading transaction. Since transparency is a sought-after virtue, most reliable brokers clearly list all their fees on their website and if in doubt about these, traders are urged to inquire and insist on getting clear responses.
Is it possible to trade forex without a broker?
Trading foreign currencies directly, i.e. without using a broker as an intermediary, is not possible for small scale retail customers, but only for those institutional investors who can afford to invest big sums and are willing to hold the purchased currency for long periods. Individual traders can only trade via a trading platform and can only get access to such a platform via a forex broker, which either uses its own proprietary platform or holds a license for such a platform, such as the MetaTrader4 platform.