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How can I get Forex leads?

  • Forex SEO/PPC/Social Media Marketing
  • Forex Email Marketing
  • Forex Reputation Management
  • Referrals
  • Business & Sales Intelligence Tools
  • Relationship Marketing
Forex Digital Marketing strategies  -  Lead Generation

The forex landscape: ready to tame the labyrinth?

The sheer number of participants, both established and new entrants, in the online retail forex landscape renders it one of the most fiercely competitive markets around. Moreover, since most forex trading service providers put across a similar offering and aim at more or less the same pool of potential customers, succeeding and being able to stand out against this backdrop entails managing to market your own forex brand as something special, unique and extra-ordinary. What makes the effort even more painstaking and challenging is that if you are registered and regulated then you will need to abide by tons of rules and regulations that will curb your ability to differentiate and reach out to customers, while at the same time battling it out with unscrupulous, unregulated competitors who will not hesitate to use cheap tricks and unethical tactics in order to deceive customers and help their brand grow, the improper way. Your best chance to succeed as an honest, law-abiding forex brand then, is to make the most and best use of strategies, methods and tools that dedicated forex digital marketing puts at your disposal.

Bringing about the best possible results, through the devising and deployment of the most efficient and effective strategies and impactful, made to measure digital marketing campaigns for forex market participants, has been one of our primary aims ever since we started out as a firm. This is why, with years of experience and hands on expertise acquired since then, today start-business-online.com is your definitive go-to guide to help you find your way around the labyrinth that is the world of Forex digital marketing. Look no further if you want a service provider for your forex digital marketing needs, who is equally passionate as you, seeking to be inspired but inspire as well as wants to forge a strong partnership and alliance based on trust and striving for your success.

Forex SEO Marketing Services – Who is it for?

The forex tailored and forex-specific digital marketing services we are offering consist of a package that is guaranteed to deliver excellent results and incorporates the very latest digital marketing tools and strategies, as well as SEO services, designed specifically with the specificities of the forex industry in mind. Building on our extensive experience and thorough understanding of the forex trading world and the needs and requirements of its participants, we take the digital marketing efforts of our forex clients to the next level, be they forex brokers or any type of forex related operators and facilitators.

What is forex marketing?

The global foreign exchange market delay records trading volumes that exceed 6 trillion USD, and it thus justifiably considered one of the most dynamic and exciting markets in the world. The forex market is huge, highly lucrative, decentralized and incredibly liquid and it keeps on growing and attracting new traders as well as new brokers on a daily basis.

Though a big chunk of daily forex trading volumes is carried out by large global banks, the online retail part of the market is both lucrative as it is attractive and new players are attracted to it constantly. This is where forex marketing comes into play as it pertains to capturing a slice of this specific market segment, through the effective use of online marketing efforts, including SEO. Moreover, forex marketing entails the devising of specific marketing strategies that aim towards the creation of a recognizable forex brand based on a strong, unified business model. Such solid strategies also ensure the longevity of the endeavor and help it overcome any difficulties or hurdles that may come its way.

The challenges of forex marketing

The forex world being what it is, it is unescapable that its high reward prospects go hand in hand with the associated inherent high risk. Highs and lows, ups and downs, fluctuations and volatility are on the menu on a daily basis and it is no surprise that many traders are lured to forex trading exactly due to this nature of the game. This being said and since they are all aware of the inherent high risk, all those involved in the world of forex trading, be they traders or brokers are naturally more suspicious and hesitant when taking trading related decisions, since they are weary and more reserved knowingly, being completely award that forex trading equals risk.

Since forex market participants therefore are naturally inclined to be reserved and weary, the only way you can gain genuine traction with such an audience is through the gradual building of mutual trust that will result in loyalty. And since you know for a fact that your trader customers will come under attack by other industry players, it is crucial to have such deep-rooted bonds with them otherwise it will be impossible to retain them. But, how is this done? How can you earn their trust and convince them to remain loyal? This is not an easy task or one you can attain overnight. On the contrary, building your rapport and trust with your target audience requires you to first establish in an undisputed manner the credibility of your brand.

Building credibility is not at all easy and simple, especially since in the case of forex brokerage services, some generic social media advertising and gimmicks will not suffice to penetrate the market and engage potential customers as is often the case when promoting other types of products such as perhaps apparel and accessories. To set yourself apart from the rest and be effectively differentiated to attract attention, it is imperative that you deploy clever, smart and purposely designed forex SEO and digital marketing services.

The advantages of Forex Digital Marketing

Besides explaining the overall rationale justifying the need for the use of dedicated forex digital marketing, let us highlight the chief benefits you stand to reap if you decide to deploy effective digital marketing strategies and methods for the promotion of your forex related endeavor, by hiring a firm that specializes in forex digital marketing:

  • Increased Efficiency

    Efficiency, which is measured by taking into account the time invested against the cost associated with an activity, is something you should always aim at in order to succeed in any endeavor. In terms of your forex digital marketing efforts, increased efficiency is the most obvious advantage to be had, since by hiring a specialized firm to cover all your forex digital marketing-related needs, instead of trying to do it in house, or outsourcing to several different agents, you are bound to save substantially both in time and in money.

  • Covering the Target Market of Your Choice

    For your efforts to be successful they also need to be targeted and not only that but also be targeted at the right market or specific market segment. An expert forex digital marketing team will be able to help you understand who it is you should be targeting as your potential customers and how you can best address their needs and capture their interest. Determining the right target to focus your efforts on will allow you to maximize your brand’s reach. An expert forex digital marketing team on your side will be instrumental in helping you accurately map your priorities and suggest the most appropriate tools in the right direction.

  • Marketing that can be measured

    The most obvious way to determine whether your forex digital marketing efforts are effective and are paying off, is if they result in increased profit generation. However, this effect often takes a considerable amount of time to kick in and become visible. An expert forex digital marketing agency working on your behalf will also be able to implement other analytics tools which will allow you to monitor the performance of your efforts in real-time, also allowing you to make the necessary corrections and amendments to the benefit of the current campaign, as well as for future campaigns to follow.

  • Achieving the conversion of leads

    For your forex brand to meet with success it is imperative to be able to turn visitors into leads, which are then converted to actual customers, who carry out a transaction. Increasing the rate of such conversions will be greatly aided by the right marketing strategies that will be implemented by your chosen Forex digital marketing service provider. Such strategies may include, but are not limited to proper PPC advertising, display elements, and social media-based advertising.

The dedicated forex digital marketing services that our team here at Netresort and start-business-online.com can offer you, has been developed based on our several years of experience in the forex market and aims at being an all-encompassing package that covers all your existing or potential forex digital marketing needs. Let us explore the distinct array of services we put at your disposal:

  • Forex SEO

    SEO is the cornerstone for achieving high rankings on search engine search results pages and our seasoned experts can cover all your dedicated forex SEO requirements so that you can achieve the highest possible ranking by all search engines. Our team will assist with identifying and optimizing for the right keywords and ensure the proper content is integrated into your website to push you up the list and ensure you land at the top as fast as possible.

  • Forex PPC

    We also specialize in PPC marketing for forex brands and can help you make the best possible use of your available budget by placing your advertisements in top ranking platforms, where it is bound to have the maximum possible impact and tangibly increase traffic to your forex website.

  • Forex Social Media Marketing

    Social media are today an invaluable tool you can use in your marketing efforts in order to achieve maximum reach of your target audience. With our expert team by your side you will be able to increase the awareness and visibility of your forex brand and attract users from the most popular social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

  • Forex Email Marketing

    Our team also includes experts in the field of forex email marketing, who will help you craft your email campaigns in such a way so that you can, not only maintain contact with past customers, but attract new ones as well. Well prepared and presented email marketing efforts will help your forex brand increase its good reputation and gain the trust of customers. Updating customers with new developments, offerings or special offers and keeping them engaged is a good way to boost profit generation.

  • Forex Reputation Management

    Negative reviews about your Forex business could destroy in mere seconds all your efforts and hard work you put into building your business and its image. Effective forex reputation management services offered by our team, will help you maintain the integrity and good reputation of your forex brand, by promoting positive feedback, and containing and addressing any negative ones in case they are received.

  • Forex CRO

    Conversion Rate Optimization, known as CRO in short, is all about the effective conversion of site visitors into trader customers. Let our experienced team advice and assist your CRO efforts since this way you will be able to establish and consolidate your presence in the overall forex market, while also increasing your profitability.

It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.

Jeff Eisenberg

What Our Services can do for You

Forex Digital Marketing Services

If you are still not convinced that need dedicated forex digital marketing services and that our team is your wisest bet for obtaining them, let us explore our strongpoints, those that put as apart from other firms claiming to offer high quality services in the field, a bit further:

  • We can offer excellent quality Forex trading SEO services
    The campaigns you will build for you are results-oriented and completely targeted and tailored made in order to facilitate your effective customer targeting. We leverage our long and solid expertise in terms of forex SEO in order to help you rank higher and consequently increase you web traffic.
  • We enable the smart use of social media channels
    Social Media Management, Social Contests, Social Shopping Carts, Reputation Monitor, Social Deals, are just some of the tools we can help you employ in your social media presence as a brand, in order to increase your visibility and achieve the maximum possible conversion of leads into real paying customers.
  • We cater both for onsite and offsite needs

    Start-business-online.com can devise effective forex digital marketing plans for every forex brand that lead to increased revenues, since they cater for both your onsite and offsite SEO and digital marketing needs. Get expert assistance in the creation of unique and appealing content for your site which your target audience will find informative and interesting, so that their attention is captured and their interest is retained.

We offer Cost-Effective Solutions

All our clients can benefit from the many advantages and the power of digital marketing, because we offer all our solutions at very affordable and competitive rates. Moreover, our packages are completely scalable allowing you to choose the services you need, when you need them. Flexibility and responsiveness help us build quality relationships with our forex brand clients and help them grow bigger, faster.

Our Unique Approach for helping forex brokers

Every successful digital marketing and SEO effort centers around delivering the right message, to the right audience in the right manner. In today’s highly competitive forex landscape following hard-selling techniques of the past will most probably drive potential clients away, rather than bring them close. Irrespective of your size as a broker or your years in the market, successfully marketing your brand today depends on how effectively you engage in content marketing, if you manage to create a viral video or a popular blog. We consider ourselves real experts in the field of forex content marketing and would love to have the chance to help you benefit from our knowledge and experience. To help illustrate our argument, here’s a few tips on how your forex content marketing can be successful:

  • Create content that is lead-oriented and demand-centric

    Any content you publish online as a forex broker should have a specific purpose and serve a need. In this case, its purpose should be to attract, acquire, engage and retain current and aspiring forex traders. If your content doesn’t address these needs, then publishing it is useless. To ensure it serves its purpose then, your content should facilitate lead generation, enhance brand awareness and, of course, increase website traffic. Examples of such purposeful content on a forex brokerage site would be guidelines on how your clients could make the most of their trades, by explaining what tactics they could employ or providing them with market insights to help them make wise trading decisions.

  • Create Brand Related Blog Posts

    The systematic creation of blog posts that are based on proper keyword searches and are thus targeted towards the right audience, can do wonders in terms of your ranking on search engine results pages, as well as for the awareness, credibility and visibility of your brand and the ensuing increase in your website traffic.

    “A well-written blog is a very powerful tool that lets you do anything from changing the world to sharing your services”

    Including a blog section on your forex website is not difficult and you could use the WordPress CMS for doing so. If you do decide to use this tool, remember that the purpose of the blog is not to create a venue you will fill with self-praising, but rather with accurate, credible, informative, useful and appealing material that will give your visitors the reason, motive and justification to actually become your leads.

  • Properly profile your ideal target client

    A common mistake made by many forex brokers in terms of their digital marketing efforts and especially their content marketing creation is that they fail to adequately and clearly identify and create a profile of their ideal, target clients, i.e. those that their content is intended to serve and please. If you don’t adequately understand what these potential clients need and want to read, you will not be able to give it to them. In short, when engaging in forex content marketing you need to always ensure that you create, publish and distribute content that is specifically and purposefully crafted exactly for those people who want to buy and sell currencies.

  • Optimize all landing pages

    Landing pages are in today’s online world what calling cards used to be in the past for any entrepreneur, and their usage together with content marketing should be pursued as they can bring about remarkable results. Your landing pages are the one’s people will view to decide whether they will proceed to trade with you. As such, their content needs to be optimized and speak volumes about your brand and commitment to quality forex trading. All messages contained in your landing pages should be credible and follow the principle “show, don’t just tell”. The use of poor language and misleading headlines and slogans should be avoided, and the focus should be on content and language that enables readers to experience the messages to be conveyed through actions rather than words. Winning over new clients is made much easier through a professionally and effectively designed and filled landing page that does not include annoying notifications and pop ups and contains clever and meaningful calls to action in more than one instances.

  • Produce and Utilize Whitepapers

    One of the newer, most innovative trends in the field of content marketing, which seems to be particularly effective is the creation and dissemination of whitepapers that aim to educate your audience about a particular problem or promote a specific technology that has emerged in the market. Whitepapers being an extended version of a presentation containing comprehensive and authoritative information on a topic, producing and disseminating them helps you gain visibility and exposure for your forex brand, as well as gaining trust and reliability in the eyes of potential customers.

    Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.

    Ian Schafer

    To help as many readers as possible read your whitepapers you could build a dedicated landing page for each one, exemplifying the advantages that accessing the whitepaper will offer your readers. Don’t make it difficult for people to get hold of your whitepaper by asking for too much information of them that would scare them off. Whitepapers are a first-class opportunity to highlight and showcase your expertise and know-how and generously offer your readers information and knowledge that is of value and importance.

    Besides whitepapers, another way to provide learning and educational resources of value to your existing or potential customers, as part of your overall forex digital marketing strategies, is through the production of webinars. Apart from holding a visual presentation in real time, the added advantage of webinars is that they allow you receive and answer questions posed by viewers on the spot. This is an excellent opportunity to prove what you know and how you can help, while the engagement and interaction will go down very well and given all the available topics you could address, you should have an abundance of such interactive opportunities.

  • Increase your fan base on social

    Having a solid social media presence in today’s world is essential for all entrepreneurs and forex brokers could not be an exception to this rule. Leads gained from your social media channels are proven to be qualified leads with higher conversion rates. Moreover, the extra advantage you can gain by generating and posting appealing content on your social media accounts is that by clicking on like and share all your viewers can help expand your fan base and add popularity and even virality to your messages. Therefore, make sure that only quality content finds its way on your social media accounts, such as live streaming or high-resolution videos, animated gifs, infographics that are information packed and related to the forex industry and generally specific forex trading related content of high credibility and added value.

  • Always remember to factor in SEO

    Search engine optimization Digital Marketing Services

    Search engine optimization (SEO) should never be overlooked and when done properly and in conjunction with content marketing, success is almost certain. Having a website that is fully optimized in order to rank high on search engine results pages and containing the right keywords and phrases, will take you a long way. Remember however that it is crucial not only to offer Google what it wants to see in order to classify you in a high-ranking position, but also give site visitors what they are looking for and what they need. The latter is best achieved when you create for them a positive and enjoyable user experience, will at the same time offering value-centric, reliable and attractive content. The happier and more contented your visitors are, the higher the conversions to be had.

  • Promote your brand through Forex Affiliates

    To ensure the longer-term health of your forex endeavor and safeguard its sustainable growth, you should move a step beyond the mere acquisition of traffic from Google. This next step entails the building of an affiliate network, be they physical persons or companies, who will in their turn promote your brand and your services and act as multipliers for your messages. Initial visitors may well turn into valuable partners, who will be generating leads, conversions and revenue. In exchange for a commission you could have multiple forex affiliates that will bring you referrals and leads so make sure you craft an affiliate program that offers adequate rewards and give your forex endeavor a good push upwards and onwards.

Forex Growth Hacking Marketing Services

Having touched upon the main issues pertaining to forex digital marketing and explained the dire need of such services for every forex, cfd and cryptocurrency brokerage as well as other related ventures, who want to succeed in the field of online trading service providers, we urge you to set off on this journey as soon as possible. Our team here at start-business-online.com is always ready, willing and eager to help you in any way they can to employ the powers of dedicated forex digital marketing and take your forex endeavor to the next level.

FAQs on Forex Lead generation

What does it mean to be generating new leads?
Lead generation is a term used to refer to the process of catching the attention and attracting prospective clients for a specific product or services and converting them into actual buyers or at least into individuals having a genuine interest in a brand, company, service or product and are willing to listen to their selling proposition. In today’s modern marketing, lead generation plays a pivotal role and many strategies are used to generate new links, such as for example email marketing or content marketing, through blogs or other online content sources.
As a forex services provider, should you pay for forex leads?
Paying to secure leads for your forex services is a usual industry practice. Some lead generators are paid an upfront fee and then a small fee per lead, while others are remunerated per lead alone, but a higher rate. In all instances however, if you do opt to pay for leads remember not to commit to payment levels you cannot afford and will be detrimental for the overall health of your business. After all, a lead is not a sale and there is no real guarantee that leads will end up making you money. Therefore, choose who you will pay and how much you will be paying them carefully and prudently and have a good management of the entire process and close monitoring so that you don’t end up merely paying for leads that do not turn into sales.
What is a good cost to be paying per lead?
The Cost Per Lead, (CPL) that brands are called to pay differs significantly depending of the exact industry you are in and how fiercely competitively your niche and exact section is. Another factor that determines the fee per lead is the acuity of the target audience you are focusing on. To give you a hint on what a lead costs in 2021, the current average lead cost is a little below $200.
How can you promote forex trading?
The field of forex and especially online retail forex trading is fiercely competitive and this forces forex marketers to combine every possible approach and method when devising their advertising strategies. In an attempt to be as effective and possible, forex marketers engage in search engine optimization and search engine marketing, email marketing, marketing via social media, relevant directory listings and content creation, to name but a few of the strategies employed, all aiming at the most effective and efficient promotion of forex trading and forex trading service providers.
How can I achieve forex leads?
To survive and endure the fiercely competitive forex landscape, you will need to be very effective in generating forex leads, so here’s a few ways you can get there: A first option would be to explore other industries that relate to or overlap with forex and target your leads towards a wider and broader audience. Another option would be to build and grow your audience from scratch, essentially building tour own generation of brokers instead of trying to find or steal your audience from elsewhere. A winning tactic is also the optimization of all your webpages specifically for conversion purposes, while running contests is another method proven to work. Direct engagement with leads and the effective deployment of both outbound and inbound marketing may also bring good results, while also leveraging on the popularity of social media and seeking to obtain leads though them. A constant development and optimization of your content, which must be relevant, original and informative always yield good results, as are investments in new technology which give you an edge and help you stand out.
How can I get free leads?
If you are unwilling or unable to pay for lead generation, there are several ways through which you could get leads generation for free. Besides trying out cold calling and cold emailing, which may not be as effective and are frowned up by both customers and watchdogs, you may engage in guest posting to increase visibility, while you should embrace Search Engine Optimization methods and blogging, while also exploring synergies through influencer marketing.
How do I market my forex business? How I promote a Forex broker?
  • Build appealing loyalty programs
  • Increase your fan base on social
  • Invest in FX trading education
  • Create content that is lead-oriented and demand-centric
  • Produce and Utilize Whitepapers

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