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Whether you are a white label forex broker or an independent venture in the field of online financial trading brokerage services, the success of your endeavour largely depends on the quality of your website’s design and development, as this is perhaps the most essential component of your brand’s presence.

Irrespective if you decide to design and develop your forex website in house or outsource the task to an expert team, the health of your forex brokerage is tied to the effort and good work that will go in making this website. If you want to stand any chance to succeed, make sure your forex website is not only good, but that it is superb!


Essential Components of a Good Forex Website Design

Good Forex Website Design

An online retail forex, CFD or cryptocurrency brokerage must have a good website, as this is the primary venue from which such businesses operate. Such a website, when being designed well and purposefully can really do wonders in terms of customer leads and conversions. As user satisfaction is key in any service, in the case of an online brokerage offering an eye catching and well-designed website to potential customers will encourage them to get on-board. This being said, let us explore the key features of a good quality forex website design:

  • Simplicity:

    The fintech industry and particularly the field on online retail forex brokerages is on the rise and new brokers emerge on a daily basis. Amidst the hustle, bustle and noise recurrent research results indicate that the top brokers are those whose website designs are simple. Potential customers take decisions at the split of a second and being faced with a complicated website which is overloaded with information is not a winning recipe. Instead a good website design should be characterised by simplicity and clearness. It should go straight to the point, only concentrating on the precise explanation of what is on offer.

  • Catchy Visual Identity:

    The visual aspect of a forex website is as important as is its content, or perhaps even more as first impressions matter and stay. Top quality graphic design elements are thus essential for a good forex website. Besides the overall look and feel of the page that needs to be welcoming and appealing, particular attention should also be paid to the company logo and its design. The logo is what comes to mind of customers and the compact identity that customers associate with the brokerage. As such, it needs to be simple, catchy and memorable, as well as easily scalable for future use.

  • Search Engine Optimized:

    Since your forex website will be your launch pad into the highly competitive online forex industry it goes without saying that it absolutely needs to be as much search engine optimized as possible. Ranking high on search engines should be an absolute priority for your forex website as customers certainly prefer the brokers that rank high on search engine results pages, since they consider such brokers as more trustworthy and reliable, enjoying a better reputation in the industry and being chosen by more traders.

  • Clear Identification of Uniqueness:

    Given the stark competition on the online forex landscape and the similar type of services offered by forex brokerages, it is also essential for a good forex website to be clearly highlighting any features that make the particular brokerage unique and differentiate it from its competitors. Any such unique features should be clearly showcased and easily visible when one first enters your forex brokerage website.

  • Dedicated Landing Page:

    On top of your actual forex website, you should also have a dedicated forex trading landing page to which traffic will be directed, especially when using paid marketing avenues. Such a landing page, which is essentially a standalone web page serving marketing purposes, should be well designed and customer-centric, containing clear and concise text as well as convincing call to action, complemented by an appealing visual appearance and linked to your social media presence.

  • A showcase for customer feedback and awards:

    The good opinion and view of other customers is always a very convincing factor for gaining new clients. Thus, a good forex website should showcase the views, reviews and feedback of other customers to help convince prospective clients to convert as well. Including customer comments and your response to them on your forex website shows you value the opinion of your clients and this will go down well with prospective customers as well. Moreover, if your brokerage has been honoured with any national or international awards make sure that those are also clearly visible on your forex brokerage website to benefit from the associated credibility and good reputation.

A website without SEO is like a car with no gas.

Paul Cookson

Besides the above mentioned, there are also several other features that should be included if your aim is to have a really good and effective forex website. For example, it is essential to include dedicated sections on your terms and conditions, in a manner that is clear for prospective clients to understand, while you also need to showcase information about the jurisdiction in which your brokerage is registered under and regulated by.

Moreover, you should encourage communication with customers by making sure your forex website includes all possible methods for such communication to take place, including links to all social media channels you maintain a presence in. Customer outreach should be easy to achieve and it is a very powerful tool that will work to your advantage.

DIY or Outsourced? The difficulties in building a good forex website

building good forex website difficulties

When deciding to become a forex broker it is natural to wonder whether building your brokerage’s website is a task you should undertake on your own, in-house, or to be outsourced to the right team of outside experts. Though exceptions do exist and are there to confirm the rules, it is our strong belief that the task of designing and developing a forex website should be allocated to real experts in the field rather than be handled as a diy project.

The reasons why it is better to let the experts do it are varied and multifaceted, but a brief overview will be provided below to help you make a well informed decision with respect to your own forex website.

A forex website is not just another website, so skills in web development alone will not suffice and will not do the trick. In fact, even if you do decide to outsource the task, make sure you chose a partner that has real hands-on experience and expertise in the development of actual forex websites and not simply of websites in general. It is important that you are not led to believe that finding such true expertise in forex website and development is easy as the online world is packed with non-specialized teams who claim they can deliver, but in the end waste both your time and money.

In short, look for a partner that has done it all before and understands how the forex market works and what should be included in a good forex website so that the brokerage behind it will be able to compete effectively, and be adequately differentiated from its competitors in order to ensure its survival and long term growth and health.

You should thus pick a partner whose experience and expertise you will be able to leverage on, and whose understanding of forex matters and specificities you can benefit from in order to save you time and money.

Time is a crucial factor and it would be detrimental if you are ready to enter the industry but are being delayed because you are trying to build your forex website either in-house or through an inexperienced team. Turn to an expert team for your forex website needs to allow you to focus on the sales and marketing site of your business and help you enter the market timely and with less hassle.

Even if you want to avoid the time and cost of designing a forex website from scratch and decide to use a forex web design template instead, the opinion of an industry expert is essential under this scenario as well. Seek feedback from such an expert to be able to make the necessary adjustments to the chosen template in order to best serve the particular needs of your own forex brokerage and ensure its launch will be smooth and glitch free. Remember that design and layout changes are much simpler to make and implement from the beginning, at the planning phase of the project, and not later on once the initial set up has been completed.

Looking to launch your own forex broker? Let us build your forex website to save you time and resources, so you can focus on other aspects of the business.

Launching a forex brokerage is not a simple task, but rather a complex endeavour with many aspects that beg for your attention. You will need to incorporate your business, set up a bank account, secure your trading platform or white label partnership solution, finding the right liquidity provider and choosing a payments’ processor, to name but a few of the necessary steps to be taken. None of these steps can be achieved overnight and outsourcing the design and development of the forex website would a wise move that would leave in your hands more time to deal with the other necessary aspects of launching a forex brokerage.

Being the cornerstone of your presence online as a brokerage, your website is in fact as important, if not more, as is the shopping window in any brick and mortar establishment. As such then, you should give it the attention and importance it merits and not settle for a solution of inferior quality, e.g. a free forex website template that you will use as it is, since the money you will save is not worth the damage to your overall image, brand icon and broker reputation that will result from being associated with a poorly designed and developed, low quality website.

Contact us today to ensure competitive pricing and fully tailored made, customizable Forex Brokerage Website

Our team here at is made up of experts with years of experience in the field of forex trading and we have effectively assisted several forex brokerage clients with the setup and launch of their own forex broker websites. Our range of services is extensive and we can also provide aspiring forex brokers with complete turn-key reliable solutions, that cover every aspect of the needs of their newly established forex brokerages.

With reference to your forex brokerage website, below you can consult an indicative, yet not exhaustive, list featuring the most important components and additional features, which you can gain access to, provided you end up partnering up with us to cover your forex website design and implementation needs.

If you assign us the task, you can expect to end up with a forex website that is:

  • Ultra compatible:

    The site we shall built for you would be compatible with all web browsers and its shape and content will also be optimized for viewing from mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, thus opening up the world of online forex trading to more potential customers that want to trade from the comfort of their office or home or even on the go, while commuting.

  • Superb User Interface:

    Ease of navigation and a problem free, enjoyable user experience on your forex brokerage website by users and prospective clients, is of extreme importance and it depends on the quality of the work done in terms of user interface. If you chose to partner up with us, you can rest assured you will be getting nothing less than absolute perfection.

Moreover, the forex website that we will design and develop will allow the full integration of available plugins, widgets and modules that will facilitate the trading experience of customers and increase their satisfaction. Such additional features may include, a price feed display, summarized spread information in the shape of a weekly calendar and report, as well as an actual calendar and proper newsfeed we should ensure you would be accurately and timely broadcasting. The website will also incorporate a live chat feature, allowing customers to achieve real life communication in an easy, direct and fully transparent manner.

Our responsive forex website designs, also allow you to benefit from the improvements in technology in terms of CMS, in order to better manage your actual clients and their personal data. A fully integrated CMS solution in your hands that is 100% compatible with your website would be a marriage made in heaven.

Another field where the integration capability of the website will come in handy is in easing the payment procedure to the benefit of potential clients. Through an integrated payment process provider, who will also be able to open me a merchant account with the bank, would be a winning feature for your new forex brokerage.

In our effort to provide all our customers with a level of service they cannot resist and attempting to remain true to our pledge to provide a complete package on forex brokerage needs, we can also offer the additional services of copy and content writing to relieve you from the burden of covering such needs on your own or hiring someone else to do it for you. Similarly, and trying to remain as flexible as possible, today helps many customers integrate their platform into relevant areas of their website.

Finally, if you choose to partner up with us for the creation of your online forex or other financial instrument brokerage website, rest assured that we shall find a way to meet all your requirements and cover all your relevant needs, such as for example adequately cover your need for high quality, accurate, reasonably priced translator/interpreter services.

With years of experience behind their backs, our resident experts have had the opportunity to serve many leading brands in the industry. This wealth of knowledge and expertise amassed over the years and perhaps now is the time for you to benefit from it. Talk to us today and let us design for you a specialized forex brokerage website that will include all basic features through a design that is not just eye catching but compelling and ranks high on SERPs, gaining the trust, confidence and eventually the custom of clients across the globe.

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