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Zeply Review and Analysis


For those wishing to be part of the new digital reality when it comes to currency transactions, a relatively new entry on the scene, namely Zeply, presents an appealing option and should be seriously considered as your next venue for grabbing some Bitcoin. Zeply is a type of cryptocurrency exchange in the form of a platform where one can buy, exchange and store cryptocurrency using fiat currency.

Detailed Review

Zeply Crypto Exchange Review

For those wishing to be part of the new digital reality when it comes to currency transactions, a relatively new entry on the scene, namely Zeply, presents an appealing option and should be seriously considered as your next venue for grabbing some Bitcoin. Zeply is a type of cryptocurrency exchange in the form of a platform where one can buy, exchange and store cryptocurrency using fiat currency.

Zeply stands out for a number of reasons, chief amongst which being the truly easy way it works. The seamless interoperability between crypto and fiat, which Zeply ensures, means the endeavour is much like a walk in the park and thus any barriers are removed and everyone can make the best of the incredible freedom and power which cryptocurrency transactions can offer their users.

Zeply aims to become your preferred one-stop shop, covering all your cryptocurrency needs, by eliminating all complexities from the process and allowing you to buy, send and store crypto all through one location, one easy to use platform where all services are consolidated.

The Zeply approach is customer-centric and their platform was built having in mind how the average person will have the chance to comfortably and confidently start buying and using cryptocurrencies. In fact, the people at Zeply are fervent proponents of making cryptocurrency usage a norm for all people across the globe, and this is why, besides offering a platform for transactions, they are also eager and happy to help both novices to learn how to buy, send and store cryptos safely, as well as businesses adopt cryptos as a payment method and a business solution.

Currently only offering Bitcoin up for buying, sending, storing and exchanging with fiat currency, Zeply’s vision is to facilitate all users to make such transactions in a hassle free manner, forming the basis for the future further expansion of all cryptocurrencies and their wider adoption as a means for transacting in the everyday life of people across the globe.

Zeply Ease of Use

At first glance the Zeply platform gives the solid impression of a secure environment with a modern interface and intuitive features, which allow the instant buying, exchanging, storing and sending of bitcoin with zero fees. Seamless interoperability, with all essential tools being integrated in one place, the Zeply platform is ideal for beginners, who will greatly appreciate its smooth operation and interactive nature.

The actual trading dashboard is in fact equipped with numerous beginner-friendly tools and tips, while the interface is divided into separate panels for buying, sending and receiving Bitcoin.

Set up Zeply Account Process

To open an account at Zeply is incredibly easy. Once you have arrived at Zeply homepage, you'll immediately be greeted with a ‘Sign Up’ button right in the center of the screen. From here, you will need to give your basic information to further the signup process. Once this is done, you will need to verify your email address to ensure that it is legitimate and not another hacking attempt. Next, you will need to verify your mobile phone number to comply with financial regulations. This mobile number will also be used with two-factor authentication, so ensure that you will have access to the device in the future.

Open an account with zeply

Below you can overview the necessary steps you need to take to be able to transact on Zeply:

  • Step 1: Account Creation
  • Step 2: Account Activation
  • Step 3: Account Type Selection
  • Step 4: Account Personal Verification
  • Step 5: Finalising the Setting up of your Account

Having identified them, lets us now explore each of these features in greater depth:

  • Step 1: Account Creation
    To create a Zeply account, you will need to fill in the necessary fields to provide your email address and country of residence, as well as indicate a username and a password for accessing the account.
  • Step 2: Account Activation
    To be able to use your account after you create it, an account activation process is required. This is done through an activation key which is sent by email that you need to enter in order to verify and activate your account.
  • Step 3: Account Type Selection
    Following the creation and verification of your Zeply account you then need to select the specific account type you wish to open, given that Zeply offers three different account types, namely a Starter account, geared towards beginners, an Intermediate account, for regular users and a Pro account, for more advanced users, each account type offering different features and limits.
  • Step 4: Account Personal Verification
    After you finalize your account type selection, you will need to provide further personal information for verification purposes. This additional information includes your full name and address, phone number and date of birth. It is useful to note that the amount and extent of further information required does not solely depend on Zeply requirements, but also on the regulatory framework of your country of residence.
  • Step 5: Finalising the Setting up of your Account
    The final step for the finalisation of setting up your Zeply account is the verification of your account through the provision of photo identification for yourself as well as proof of residence. To achieve this, you will need to submit pertinent documents and wait a few days for these to be evaluated and verified. Once the verification process is completed you will then be able to fund your account and start using it by depositing either fiat currency or cryptocurrency/digital assets.

What Can You Buy at Zeply

The obvious drawback of Zeply is that for the time being it is only limited to Bitcoin (BTC) transactions, with no other crypto assets being available for purchasing and transacting at the moment. Though this is set to change in the future, if you want to transact with cryptos other than BTC, then you should look elsewhere for now.

How Can You Buy at Zeply

How to Buy Bitcoin with ZEPLY

Since Zeply supports cryptocurrency trading on both desktop and mobile devices you can use this exchange either from your home or office, or to trade on the go on any smart mobile device. To do this you will need to download the Zeply application for Android or iOS, depending on your device’s operating system. Another thing to have in mind is that Zeply Exchange only supports holding cryptocurrencies in their own custodial wallet, therefore, for enhanced safety, it is recommended that you withdraw your crypto coins to a non-custodial wallet of your own, which only you will be able to access.

The following walkthrough will guide you through this process to purchase Bitcoin directly on Zeply platform using your Credit/Debit Card.

  • Before initiating your purchase, you have to successfully verified your account and added a Credit/Debit Card.
  • Start off by accessing the "Buy" tab on your account.
  • The card which will be used for this purchase is required in the first field. You are able to select between your saved cards by clicking on the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the amount you would like to purchase in the second field.
  • Please bear in mind that the minimum amount required is $/€/£20.
  • A live rate for the current price of Bitcoin is also visible for reference which will be used at the time of your purchase.
  • When the amount is entered, it will automatically convert to Bitcoin to provide accuracy of the amount purchased.
  • If you are satisfied with the purchase, accept our Terms of Service and click on "Pay Now".
  • To confirm your payment click on "Proceed". If you are unsure about your purchase, you are able to select "Cancel" to return to your Zeply account.
  • For maximum security, confirm your card details by adding the requested information and click on "Pay Now" when ready.
  • You will receive an update within a few minutes to inform you if your payment has been successful or rejected.
  • If your payment is successful, your Bitcoin purchase will arrive in your BTC wallet.
How Zeply crypto exchange works

Payment Methods

Zeply Cryptocurrency Exchange  Withdrawal Fees

The Zeply withdrawals process is easy and straightforward and the platform allows you to withdraw Euro by simply selecting your wallet, your method of withdrawal, and the amount you wish to withdraw. Moreover, to its users added convenience, Zeply allows and supports the buying of Bitcoins using debit and credit cards.

Is Zeply Safe?

Zeply places emphasis on transparency and wishes to inspire confidence to its users by allowing them to make crypto transactions in a secure and safe environment, compliant with the pertinent rules and regulations, which ensure all customers rights. In line with this aspiration is the fact that trading platform is a brand name under Zeply OÜ, which is registered in Kotkapoja 2a-4 10615 Tallinn, Estonia, an EU member state. Similarly, the company’s registration number is 14729704 and it is duly licensed by the Estonian Financial Intelligence unit under license number FVT000128.

The Zeply website includes a comprehensive and detailed section of terms and conditions and prospective users are encouraged to study those before making their first transaction.

Zeply may be rightly considered as a trustworthy venue for your crypto exchange needs, since it is clear that it treats security as its top priority. The development of its purposely built platform took advantage of the most effective and reliable technologies available to ensure that client funds and transactions are always kept secure, shielded by multiple layers of protection.

The latest security protocols are employed by Zeply, since it pays particular attention to the uttermost protection of client’s personal information, accounts, and funds. Such security protocols are implemented across the board and include SSL encryption technology and 2 Factor authentication methods, such as through email, SMS messaging, and Google's Two-Factor-Authenticator.

How High are Zeply 's Fees?

Zero fees for buying, sending and receiving Bitcoin is highlighted as one of Zeply’s most appealing features. Though you will not be charged fees, there is a minimum amount of Bitcoin you must buy as your initial purchase to be able to proceed. Currently, this amount is set to the equivalent of 30€ worth of Bitcoin. By conducting a member of the Zeply support team you will be able to obtain more information regarding the Zeply fees for its various services and steps in your customer journey.

Customer Support

Zeply prides itself of its excellent level of customer support, which is made up of a very responsive and easily accessible team, which is available to provide assistance and guidance in multiple languages on a 24/7 basis.

Your first port of call for any Zeply related queries, should be Zeply’s Knowledge Base, a dedicated section on the Zeply platform which contains answers to all your possible, basic queries pertaining to how you get started, how to fund your account, how your account works, as well as guidelines on all fee-related matters.

Moreover, Zeply also offers a live chat option, where users can write any question they have or problem they face and instantly receive a response on their screen.

Moreover, and in tune with current trends, Zeply is noticeably active in numerous social media networks, which promotes its interaction with prospective clients and the wider crypto community, as well as other stakeholders. If you would like to follow them yourself to shape your opinion on them, you can follow their accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Overall Conclusion – Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, Zeply may be a new Bitcoin exchange in the crypto industry but it seems to be up to a very promising start and to be holding a huge potential for the future, to the benefit of its users. Being limited only to Bitcoin transactions for the moment is a con that is fair outweighed by Zeply’s many merits, such as being registered and regulated in an EU-country, offering zero fees and hassle-free instant transactions, providing an impeccable level of customer support and relying on a purposely built platform that is straightforward and easy to use, yet safe, secure, and reliable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zeply a good bitcoin crypto trading platform?
It’s tempting to say that Zeply needs no introduction, but then again, as with all the crypto exchanges company policies of the exchange should be checked thoroughly before setting up your account. Having said that Zeply is a crypto trading platform that offers a remarkably easy registration process. You will be able to open an account with Zeply in less than five minutes if you have direct access to your email account of preference. The registration procedure requires the bare minimum of details when you sign up and this is simply done to comply with financial regulations. In addition to the quality of their service is the instant transaction processing times.
Is Zeply a suitable crypto exchange for beginners?
Due to its exceptional level of customer support and the tangible help and guidance offered to first-timers to get started and familiarise themselves both with cryptocurrency trading terminology and practices, Zeply is a very good option for those looking to get started in the crypto world. Newbies also stand to benefit from Zeply’s enhanced security features, which mean that they can trade and transact in a secure environment that offers them extra confidence. Absolute beginners may perhaps be better served elsewhere, for example in exchanges with less complicate fee structures, but the fact remains that Zeply ranks high as a venue for beginners wishing to engage in crypto currency exchange.
How do I deposit into my Zeply Wallet?
Once your account verification has been completed, you will also need to apply two-factor authentication for additional security purposes. Once security is safeguarded you will be able to make deposits and withdrawals of funds, as well as engage in buying, sending and exchanging Bitcoin amounts between your accounts. To facilitate you, Zeply offer you your own online wallet, which can be deposited into via the payment methods highlighted in our Zeply review.
How to Exchange your Funds between Wallets?
If you wish to move your funds between wallets and make exchanges, you would need to click on the "Exchange" tab. Your next step is to select the wallets you wish to convert the funds from and to accordingly. Enter the amount which you would like to convert and click "Exchange". A live exchange rate for Bitcoin is also provided at the time of the exchange for your reference. The live rate is updated every 15 seconds for price accuracy.
Where can I download the Zeply app for iOS?
Zeply is an innovative trading platform aiming to help make Bitcoin a standard form of payment. In our Zeply review, we discuss how easily you can set up your account, the accessibility of the web-based platform and future plans for app development.
Is Zeply Safe? Does Zeply scam its users?
Prior to creating an account with any crypto exchange and beginning your journey in the world of Bitcoin, it is essential that you meticulously check and verify the regulatory status of the exchange, as well as the policies it follows and the standards it adheres to. With this in mind, Zeply may be rightly considered as a trustworthy venue for your crypto exchange needs, since it clearly treats security as its top priority, by giving all existing and aspiring users full access to its Terms and Conditions, licensing and Privacy Policy, in a simple and transparent manner.

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