A trusted guide to the Best Crypto Exchanges

As the world is taken by a storm by the phenomenon of cryptocurrencies, the clear upsurge in both their emergence and usage comes hand in hand with a huge number of service providers facilitating the trading of these alternative currencies. Naturally, this creates a real jungle and crossing it effectively and discerning who you should trust with your custom and for meeting your investment needs, become a huge pain point. To help you choose correctly and wisely and stay away from dodgy providers and scammers, who often plague the crypto industry, our enthusiastic team of experts aims to provide you with credible guidance, through the provision of reliable crypto exchanges rankings and reviews, stemming from rigorous data and information gathering and the impartial verification and assessment of our findings. Through this guidance, finding the best crypto exchange for you has never been easier.

Below you can access the results of the hard work undertaken by our resident experts, who have compiled the most accurate and up-to-date cryptoexchange rankings. Based on our rigorous evaluation of their offering each crypto exchange is attributed a score. The reviews and rankings facilitate your quest for the most suitable crypto exchange and are a powerful weapon in your arsenal as you begin to navigate the turbulent world of cryptocurrencies.

The Best Crypto Exchanges in 2023


Binance enjoys a huge popularity among online crypto exchange platforms with its main advantages being that it charges minimal withdrawal fees, while offering interested traders and investors the chance to purchase and exchange a great variety of different cryptocurrencies.

Things we liked:

 One of the most trusted brands in crypto
 Very fast, easy to use interface
 Binance offers extremely low transaction fees

Things we didn't like:

 Can be overwhelming for people who are new to crypto or trading


For those wishing to be part of the new digital reality when it comes to currency transactions, a relatively new entry on the scene, namely Zeply, presents an appealing option and should be seriously considered as your next venue for grabbing some Bitcoin. Zeply is a type of cryptocurrency exchange in the form of a platform where one can buy, exchange and store cryptocurrency using fiat currency.

Things we liked:

 Instant Bitcoin transactions with 0% fees
 Intuitive platform, great for new traders
 Available on desktop and mobile

Things we didn't like:

 No option for phone or email customer service


Coinbase is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and it is also extremely popular due its high levels of security, which have also earned a very good reputation in the crypto exchanges industry. As such, Coinbase is one of the world’s favourite venues for buy cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin.

Things we liked:

 Simple platform is easy to operate
 Comprehensive mobile app mirrors desktop functionality
 Coinbase Earn feature rewards you with crypto for learning about available coins

Things we didn't like:

 Higher fees than competitors


Kraken is one of the longest established cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry, since it was initially launched back in 2013. Kraken is the chosen crypto exchange for many users across the globe and the present review aims to help you discern whether it is the most suitable and appropriate venue for your own cryptocurrency exchange needs.

Things we liked:

 Wide selection of supported tradable assets
 Straightforward platform is easy for new users to master
 24/7 customer service available via live chat

Things we didn't like:

 No option for phone or email customer service


Bittrex is an exchange which aims to address and mitigate exactly those fears, by providing a venue that crypto enthusiasts can trust and feel safe and secure to interact with. The people who set up Bittrex back in 2014 in Seattle, come from solid backgrounds in security and development from reputable giants such as Microsoft and Amazon. Their decision to join forces and create a crypto exchange was based on their common belief that cryptocurrencies deserve to reach their full potential globally and this will only be possible if they are open and accessible to all people through a safe and secure environment. Thus, they combined their skills to build in Bittrex, a crypto platform which people could comfortably trust.

Things we liked:

 Competitive, simple fees
 Simple and fast verification process
 Fast transaction execution

Things we didn't like:

 Barriers to Accessibility
 Bumpy Customer service
 Users vulnerable to scams

Our team has credible answers to all your crypto-related queries and concerns. Find out all there is to know about online cryptocurrency exchanges and begin your journey in this booming niche of the financial world today, armed with confidence and solid knowledge.

How are the top crypto exchange reviews crafted?

Step 1: Information gathering

True to our promise and aim to help our readers effectively navigate the cryptocurrencies world armed with solid knowledge on all related matters, our resident team of experts spends time and effort in order to search for up-to-date, credible and verified information and news on all the available crypto currency exchanges. Our thorough search and research means that the date we gather is both comprehensive and trustworthy.

Step 2: Information verification

The crypto currency exchanges landscape is very dynamic and constantly evolving and changing. Against this backdrop, any data we gather is subsequently classified, analyzed and rigorously verified by our expert reviewers in order to ensure the highest level of accuracy and credibility. It's extremely easy even for the most experienced traders to get lost in the skyrocketing cryptocurrency industry

Step 3: Cryptocurrency exchanges comparison

Once the data and information gathered is properly verified, it becomes possible to compare crypto currency exchanges against each other and allocate a score to each aspect of their offering. In this way it is possible to craft rankings for crypto exchanges, revealing which ones are the top performing and should be preferred by those wishing to trade through a crypto exchange.

Step 4: Compiling crypto exchange reviews

All the information collected, verified and evaluated is then shaped into a review for each cryptocurrency exchange, which neatly presents all there is to know about each exchange and their service offering, including the presentation of the conclusions reached, as well as substantiated recommendations and tips, which help pave your way towards cryptocurrency success.

Need Help With Selecting Your Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Cryptocurrency trading is admittedly one of the fastest growing markets in the world and one that attracts the interest and attention of both beginners as well as experienced traders, since they offer an incredibly high lucrative potential. Success in the crypto world largely depends on wisely choosing a safe and reliable cryptocurrency exchange, i.e. a service provider that will allow your investment to pay off and allow you to fulfil your potential. The problem in this quest is the sheer abundance of such cryptocurrency exchanges around, which makes it difficult to discern which is the best and most suitable and trusted to pick. To take such a decision and make the right choice you need access to reliable knowledge and information and our unbiased crypto exchange rankings and our in-depth crypto exchange reviews, aim to serve exactly this purpose and make your life easier.

What makes our Crypto Exchange Reviews the Best

Our team tasked with reviewing and ranking crypto exchanges is made up of true experts, who are also passionate and enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies and their trading. Our team’s main goal is to make your own experience in investing in cryptocurrencies as smooth and less complex as possible. For your added convenience therefore, we have gathered and offer you, all in one place, all the necessary information you may need concerning cryptocurrency exchanges and present you with fact-checked pointers and analysis, so as to help you make an educated, smart and wise choice. Our crypto currency exchange reviews are truly the best because:

  • We carefully test and evaluate all cryptocurrency exchanges
    Since the number of cryptocurrency exchanges is rapidly growing daily, it would be impossible for any interested individual to know them all, let alone test them and draw valid conclusions about them. Our team relieves you from this pain point, by putting in the necessary time and effort and meticulously checking out, evaluating, reviewing and ranking all the crypto exchanges around, thus saving you time and effort and allowing you to concentrate on crypto trading success.
  • We voice real user reviews
    Besides the opinion of our own resident experts our reviews also provide a venue for the wider crypto community to voice its opinion about crypto exchanges and the way an exchanged is viewed by the wider public, based on their experience with them, is always factored in in our reviews and ranking scores. Learn from the experience of others, see who and what has worked for them and avoided any mistakes or pitfalls they encountered. Verified feedback about an exchange is a very enlightening and useful way to truly discern the best crypto exchanges around.
  • We employ a strict and thorough review process
    Our aim is to always present information and evaluation that is accurate and not misleading. To ensure this we make it our priority to always follow a robust, strict and thorough review process, which allows us to uncover the true quality and worth of each cryptocurrency exchange under consideration. All claims are thoroughly examined and all conclusions reached are fact checked and bullet proof.

Which characteristics make a Crypto Exchange the best?

To be able to effectively and successfully select the best crypto exchange for your crypto purchasing and exchanging needs, you need to be aware about the main features and characteristics that an exchange must fulfil in order to be rightly considered the best crypto exchange for you. Therefore, before you go ahead and make your selection, pay particular attention to the following factors:
  • Security and safety
    When choosing the best crypto exchanges perhaps the most significant aspect is that of the safety and security of the exchange, your data and the transactions you perform. Different crypto exchanges employ different methods and ways to ensure the safety and security of your data, which include strict id verification processes and two factor authentication. As the crypto world is often plagued by crooks and fraudsters discerning which exchanges offer a safe venue for you to transact in should be your main concern and our reviews can help you in this regard.
  • The Fees Charged
    Whenever you are buying any kind of service the price you will be called to pay is a very significant factor to take into account and one you can effectively use to compare providers against each other. This is true when it comes to crypto exchanges as well, especially since such providers offer use different ways to monetize their service and thus employ different fee types and charges. Our crypto exchange reviews thoroughly examine, analyze and present these fees, thus ensuring you do not meet with any nasty surprises along the way.
  • Ease of Use
    As cryptocurrencies themselves are complicated by nature, their trading through dedicated exchanges needs to be as simple and straightforward as possible, so as to make them accessible to everyone. Thus, all those interested in investing in cryptos look to do so through crypto exchange that offer a user experience that is smooth, clear and stress free, away from clutter, confusion and unnecessary complexities and complications. If your user experience on a crypto exchange platform is seamless, then your chances for it to be successful as well are greatly improved and this is why user friendliness is thoroughly assessed in our reviews.
  • Customer Support
    No crypto exchange can be considered great and appealing if it lacks an excellent level of customer support that is easily reachable, readily available, friendly, efficient and effective. The best crypto exchanges are those that offer you solid support along the way and are always happy to resolve any issues that may arise, any problems or queries you have and offer solutions to those promptly. Customer support staff should be ready to clarify all matters and help ease your worries and meet your needs.
  • Supported Cryptocurrencies
    Since the emergence of Bitcoin, the crypto world now contains several hundreds of alternative coins, which can meet the needs and preferences of all crypto enthusiasts. Therefore, the top cryptocurrency exchanges are those which support and serve the transactions in as many different crypto coins as possible, as each of these comes with different profit-making opportunities and helps traders and investors select what suits them best and diversify their portfolio.
  • Payment Methods Accepted
    To be able to use a crypto exchange it is important to know which payment methods each of them supports and accepts, as these tend to vary considerably. Some accept payment via debit and/or credit card, others are more traditional and only accept bank transfers, while others only let you pay for a cryptocurrency with another cryptocurrency. Before choosing any crypto exchange make sure you know which payment methods they accept and ensure you have access to those methods.

NOTE: We are constantly updating our Trusted Cryptocurrency Exchanges Comparison table so that it reflects which firms we feel are the current best Cryptocurrency Exchanges for 2022.

Best crypto exchange FAQs

Which is the best crypto exchange?
There is no single, straightforward answer to this question, as each person may have different needs and requirements from a crypto exchange and thus the best exchange may well differ from person to person. In general terms however, the best crypto exchanges are those with the best security and safety for one’s transactions and data, those charging competitive, reasonable and transparent fees, and those offering a simple, easy and enjoyable user experience.
Which cryptocurrency exchange is the best for beginners?
Simplicity and ease of use is the most important feature of a cryptocurrency exchange for beginners in the cryptocurrency world. Beginners need a crypto exchange platform that allows them to perform their transactions in a safe, secure, yet straightforward environment that is simple to use and hassle free. Moreover, beginners should seek a cryptocurrency exchange that offers top notch customer support and guidance that will help them come to terms and learn fast how to effectively perform their transactions.
What is the difference between a crypto exchange and a crypto brokerage?
Strictly speaking a crypto currency exchange is a venue where you can connect to other persons with whom to exchange cryptocurrencies, and the exchange acts as the middleman connecting people wishing to buy a crypto coin with people looking to sell it. If such a transaction takes place through a brokerage, then there is no other physical person involved and the brokerage allows the exchange of a crypto currency with another cryptocurrency or fiat money. In essence however, both set ups, are often referred to as cryptocurrency exchanges, and the term has come to mean both types of businesses which allow crypto currency transactions.
Are all the top cryptocurrency exchanges based in the United States?
Though the use of cryptocurrencies and their accessibility is far more widespread in the USA, this does not mean that all the top crypto exchanges are located in the USA. While it is true that some pioneering and truly popular cryptocurrency exchanges are based in the US, such as Coinbase and Kraken, many other industry leaders are located in other areas of the world. One example is Binance, which is based in Japan and one other is Bittrex, which is located in Liechtenstein. The actual location of a crypto exchange platform however, usually has little effect on its users as most serve clients from all over the world.

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