Want to jump straight to the answer? According to our experts, Netflix stock is a good investment with an investment grade rating of 3.5/5 based on the trading styles of Value, Growth, and Momentum.

You can Buy Netflix shares online in three easy steps:

  • Choose a trusted broker and Open an account - alternatively you can choose a prop firm for stock trading.
  • Fund your account: Deposit money and receive your Netflix shares.
  • Review your Netflix Stocks position regularly.

In the following sections, we will explain the process to buy Netflix shares with credit card or debit card in greater detail.

Please note that any investment decision is under the responsibility of the individual. Want to Buy Apple Stocks? Before buying Apple stock, you should consider researching the company's fundamentals, reviewing your portfolio and setting a budget.

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How to Buy Netflix Stocks & Invest with NFLX in 2023

Netflix Review and Analysis


Where and How To Buy Netflix Stocks

If you are thinking of buying the Netflix stock then perhaps you already aware that Netflix Inc, is the world’s largest provider of streaming content, boasting over 208 million paying users spread in over 190 different countries globally.

Originally founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, Netflix’s original aim was to change the way people gained access to movies and shows to watch, through its innovative online movie rentals service. By changing and adjusting its business model ever since, Netflix is now the indisputable leader as an over-the-top content platform and production company, featuring a vast library of streamable TV shows and movies, as well as award winning tv series and movies produced by Netflix.

    By the end of the guide, you should know the following:
  • A brief history of Netflix.
  • Netflix stocks' historical performance.
  • If Netflix stocks is a good or a bad investment.
  • How to buy Netflix stocks.
  • Where to buy Netflix stocks.
  • Netflix stock price prediction: Where Will Netflix stock Be in the next few Years?


What you need to know about Netflix stock

Netflix, traded as NFLX on the stock exchange, has issued more than 440 million shares of company stock, of which only a mere 1.62% belong to company staff. At the time of its IPO in 2002, the initial price offered was $15 per share and this hit a record high of $72 in less than two years. That was when the first stock split occurred, making the Netflix share more affordable, while another split took place in 2015 as well, when Netflix offered investors a seven-for-one split.

The Netflix share has ever since achieved an explosive and impressive growth rate, recently hitting a new record high of more than $575 per share, while analysts predict it could well top that performance soon. Since its IPO, the Netflix story is one of success as it has effectively managed to truly revolutionize the television, film, and online media industries, by offering its global users its own original content alongside a wide selection of popular movies and television shows.

Pros and Cons of Buying Netflix stock investment

Netflix Pros and Cons
Benefits Risks
expand its streaming service in international markets Competitors such as Hulu and Amazon getting stronger
expand its library of original content, which helps retain subscribers while keep content costs down

The Benefits of Netflix stocks investment

There are several pros in favour of purchasing the Netflix stock, chiefly amongst them being the huge popularity enjoyed by this pioneer company, which has managed to swiftly triple its paid subscriber, whose number is constantly on the rise. Investors may feel confident that Netflix will be able to sustain its impressive growth rate, since it is well on an expansion course of its streaming service in the international markets. Moreover, the expansion of its library with original content is a great and cost-effective way to achieve the retention of current subscribers.

Things we didn't like in Netflix stocks investment

The cons of investing in Netflix are associated with the challenges the company is set to face due to increased competition in the streaming market, which might threat its current dominance. Besides competitors becoming more popular, Netflix will also have to deal with companies such as Disney, removing their content from Netflix and launching their own streaming services, while the rising cost of licensing third-party content is forcing Netflix to rely more heavily on the production of its own original content.

Historical performance

Netflix Price Chart (NFLX)

It is evident that long-time Netflix investor have made significant gains, since those investing in this opening share price have made more than $24 for each dollar originally invested. What helped Netflix boom has been its true commitment to adapting to new consumer trends and demands, especially through the adoption of new technologies of which it always remains abreast. This has meant that Netflix was able to gain and maintain consumer trust, while its stock price was able to quickly recover from any losses suffered along the way.

Netflix Stocks Future Price Forecast Predictions

Netflix shares Price Predictions
Year Low High
2021 $495.07 $523.03
2022 $313.17 $527.76
2025 $268.75 $378.72

* The prediction figures outline some of the Potential high and low of Netflix shares price prediction forecasts for the years 2021, 2022, and 2025 based on the data collected from various sources meant strictly for educational purposes only and not taken as investment advice.

Netflix Shares Price Prediction for the year 2021

By the end of the year 2021, using forecast and algorithmic analysis, our price prediction forecasts suggest that one Netflix share will reach an average price of $509.05, which will be an impressive 110% growth from it's current market price.

Netflix Shares Price Prediction for the year 2022

By the end of the year 2022, our price prediction forecasts suggest that one Netflix share will reach an average price of $420.465, which will be an impressive 91% growth from it's current market price.

Netflix Shares Price Prediction for the year 2025

By the end of the year 2025, our price prediction forecast suggests that one Netflix share will reach an average price of $323.735, which will be an impressive 70% growth from it's current market price.

Where Can You Buy Netflix stocks

There are several online sites and platforms where people from across the globe can buy Netflix at good exchange rates and with low or no transaction fees. To aid your quest we have comprised a list of some of the most popular methods and platforms to buy Netflix from and your strongly advised to consult this list before making your first purchase of or investment in Netflix.

How Can You Buy Netflix stocks

It only takes a few easy steps to buy Netflix stocks with credit card instantly. Speed matters - get instant confirmation, minimal registration & KYC verification!

    By the end of the guide, you should know the following:
  • Click the Buy Now button.
    Buying Netflix with debit card is easy, fast and risk-free. All you need to do is click the “Buy Now” button and then be safely directed to the check-out page.
  • Fill in the fields.
  • Proceed to checkout.
  • Receive your Netflix stocks.

Risks of Investing in Netflix stocks

Tips on How to Invest in Netflix stocks and Make a Profit

There is no guarantee that you will make a profit when you invest in Netflix. However, to give yourself the best chance possible we have hand-picked the three most valuable such strategies, which you can find below:

  • Tip 1: Set your own specific Financial Goals
  • Tip 2: Dollar-Cost Average Your Netflix Investments
  • Tip 3: Diversify Your Netflix Investment

Future Outlook for Netflix stocks

Is Netflix Stocks a Good Investment?

When it comes to the future outlook of the Netflix stock, one could dare characterise it as safe because, despite increased competition and challenges pertaining to its content per se, Netflix can rely on its huge popularity and penetration as well as the appeal of its original content to ensure it not only retains users, but effectively attracts new ones too.

In the past five years Netflix's managed to grow its subscribers by 172%, while its revenue over the same period was up by 297%. This is a result of its policy to be gradually increasing its monthly rates, however this was done in a manner that did not drive users away. In fact, it appears that consumers are willing to keep paying the Netflix fee, even if it has increased five times since 2014, because they believe that the content they get access to is value for money. It should be noted that even at the current fee levels, Netflix is still cheaper than competitors such as HBO Max and most live TV streaming services. Since this scalable model has worked so far, Netflix is expected to keep testing its pricing elasticity and only stop when customers start cancelling their subscriptions indicating that fees have reached an undesirable level.

Already one of the market's most popular media stocks, analysts expect Netflix to continue its success story and grow bigger and better. This prediction will hold true, especially if Netflix manages to take full advantage of its current pole position in the industry and make clever acquisitions of other players, while simultaneously expanding its reach into new related markets.

Overall Conclusion – Final Thoughts

It is not easy to make smart and successful investment decisions and prior to making any investment it is imperative that you think about it well, make a thorough research and assess the risks and prospects correctly. Though the Netflix stock appears to be a safe bet, it is true that Netflix will be called to prove a lot in the coming years if it is to endure increased competitive pressures and continue to achieve high growth and earnings figures, which will be reflected in its share price.

In this guide, the aim wasn’t only to answer simple questions like “how to buy Netflix ?” or “where to buy Netflix ?”. Instead, the goal was to equip you with the relevant knowledge and insight to be able to see and understand the bigger picture as well as make your Netflix investment journey as successful and as profitable as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much does it cost to buy a stock in Netflix?
Netflix shares are trading at $497.89 at the time of writing, but since share prices tend to change rapidly you should always check out the current price-per-share with your trading brokerage before making the final decision to buy. However, since it is possible to buy partial shares, you can also choose to specify a specific amount that you would like to invest in Netflix, and this may be lower than the full price per share, still allowing you the ownership of a fractional share.
Is the Netflix stock a good buy right now?
Though most analysts would recommend buying the Netflix share due to its strong current position and positive future outlook, this does not mean that it is suitable for your own portfolio. To figure this out, you must recognize your own needs as an investor, including your risk tolerance level and also discern whether the particular stock matches or differentiates your existing investment portfolio.
What are the best entertainment stocks?
There is no easy way to effectively determine the best entertainment stocks to invest in, especially since this niche includes stock from several different company types, such as streaming services, movie theaters, amusement parks, entertainment centers, and many more. To be able to evaluate those you will need to conduct careful research into each company that interests you and try to determine the true potential and possibility of their share price rising after you buy it. If you do fancy to invest in the entertainment sector, instead of having to evaluate individual stocks, you could instead buy into exchange-traded funds that will grant you a broader exposure and more differentiation, since they pool your funds along with those of other investors and proceed to buy shares in multiple different kinds of entertainment companies.

People Also Asked

What is the best way to buy Netflix stocks?
Perhaps the Easiest way to buy is by directly purchase Netflix with credit card on etoro. It only takes a few easy steps to buy Netflix with credit card instantly.
  • Click the Buy Now button.
  • Fill in the fields.
  • Proceed to checkout.
  • Receive your Netflix.
Should I buy Netflix stocks? Are Netflix stocks a good Investment?
Many people want to invest in Netflix stocks. According to our experts, Netflix stock is a good investment with an investment grade rating of 3.5/5 based on the trading styles of Value, Growth, and Momentum. Having said that perhaps is a good idea to buy Netflix stocks for long-term investment, due to Netflix following properties and characteristics:
  • expand its streaming service in international markets
  • expand its library of original content, which helps retain subscribers while keep content costs down
What is Netflix shares price prediction for the year 2021?
Netflix stocks might reach $509.05 before the end of December 2021.
What will be the Netflix shares price prediction for 2022?
Netflix stocks might reach $420.465 by the end of 2022.
Will the Price of Netflix shares Go Up in 2025?
Yes, the price of Netflix stocks will probably go up in 2025. According to the predictions, the price of Netflix stocks could reach between $268.75 and $378.72 by the end of 2025.
Will Netflix's stock price ever hit $1000?
Yes, the price of Netflix can reach $1000. If the stock market rebounds and Netflix shares reaches new highs, there is potential for it to reach the $1000 level later this decade, according to some forecasts. But if Netflix shares that are currently at $460.99 with a daily trading volume of $5157713 is unable to break through resistance it could retreat and fail to meet that level.