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TradeOr Review and Analysis


What Shares Can You Buy on TraderOr?

TraderOr is a relatively new entry in the online brokerage world and one that differs significantly from your average broker in that it adopts a Bitcoin-friendly approach, while also allowing traders to make transactions with a zero-commission fee. If you are intrigued, if you have tried other brokerages and are unhappy with their offering or a complete novice, who is primarily fascinated by cryptocurrencies but would also like to try out the trading of various assets as well, then TradeOr might well be the new addition to the world of online retail trading that you have been waiting for.

To help you discern whether TradeOr is the right broker for you and the best suited to your own needs, our team of experts has prepared this in-depth review, which presents and highlights all the aspects of the TradeOr offering that we feel you should take a close look at.

What is TradeOr?

Interested investors who choose TradeOr as their broker, can access the financial markets and buy and sell various assets from different asset classes, through the broker’s innovative, proprietary trading platform. FX currency pairs, cryptocurrency pairs, metals, ETFs, energies, and stocks may all be traded on this newly-established, user-driven platform, provided the user funds his/her account using Bitcoin. This is the main difference setting TradeOr apart from other, more traditional, brokers. Moreover, TradeOr is particularly geared towards less seasoned traders, since it provides a safe and secure trading environment and a hassle-free and straightforward trading experience, due to its innovative, customer-centric and simple, and easy-to-use proprietary platform.

Investor Protection & Regulations

TradeOr does not disclose much information about its regulatory framework, and it seems that the broker did not yet obtain authorization from reputable regulators in the financial industry. While this might be a concern for some investors, it is clear that TradeOr takes another approach to protect clients’ funds and data.

Is Tradeor Safe? Enable the 2FA in Your Account.

As such, the broker’s KYC process keeps clients’ data safe and secure. On top of that, users must utilize the 2FA authentication. As for the safety of funds, TradeOr offers Bitcoin as the only payment option, which is considered safe due to the security mechanism of the blockchain technology.

Tradeable Products

The variety of markets and products offered for trading via TraderOr is not as extensive, especially when compared to other, long-established brokerages. Since this is a new brokerage service provider, it is logical to anticipate that further assets will be added as time goes by. This being said, more than 120 different assets are available for trading, falling under the asset classes of FX currency pairs, stocks (US and EU shares), stock indices, cryptocurrency pairs, ETFs, metals, and energies. In effect, this means that the average user, and beginner traders especially, will definitely be able to find an adequate selection of assets to choose from and try out their newfound trading skills.

Trading stocks on TradeOr

Of course, TradeOr offers plenty of stocks (listed on a variety of global stock exchanges) for trading. Here's a few examples of the stocks you can buy on TradeOr:

Fees and Commissions

Unlike traditional commodities and stockbrokers operating in the market, TraderOr has a different pricing structure. Overall, TraderOr is considered a low-cost brokerage firm though it does not yet provide a detailed list of all charges and commission on its website.

Simply put, when you buy and sell assets with TraderOr, you do not have to pay any trading fees besides the spread. There are no account management fees and we could not find any hidden fees the broker charges. Nonetheless, below you will find the fees and charges you need to find out about before you start trading with this broker. fees and commissions

Deposit and Withdrawal Fee

Minimum Deposit makes online trading truly accessible to all since it has set its minimum deposit level at the very low amount of £10, which is significantly lower than most of its competitor brokerages and well below the industry average.

TradeOr does not charge any deposit and withdrawal fees, as a result of the fact that Bitcoin is used as the primary payment method for all transactions. If clients use a payment method for which a fee is incurred by the platform, then clients are charged that fee, as it is not to be borne by the broker. What this means, in essence, is that clients are asked to pay only for the exchange or wallet fee and the blockchain fee, which are incurred when transferring Bitcoin amounts into one’s TradeOr account.

Rollover/Overnight Fees

Similarly to other CFD brokers around, TradeOr also charges clients with rollover/overnight fees or to be more accurate interest rates for all positions they hold open overnight. This is a common practice and applied across the industry for positions held overnight.

Inactivity Fee

Another type of frequent fee, which brokers tend to charge in order to encourage clients to remain active in trading is an inactivity fee, levied on accounts that display no trading activity at all over a certain period of time. TradeOr does charge such an inactivity fee in the cases where clients choose to keep their accounts dormant for long, consecutive time periods.

TradeOr Spreads

TradeOr presents an attractive option for clients since it enables them to engage in CFD trading with zero commissions and tight spreads. Compared to market standards, the TradeOr offered spreads are indeed truly competitive, though they are also variable, i.e. may fluctuate significantly during times of high market volatility. Through a network of top liquidity providers, ensures that its clients enjoy access to low spreads, while also benefitting from fast, accurate and reliable execution for all their trading transactions.

Trading Platform

The only trading platform available to TradeOr clients is the broker’s own proprietary trading platform, which has been purposely developed and designed with the aspiration of becoming an one-stop-shop for covering the basic trading needs of traders, a venue where one can easily start trading with just a few clicks. Since it is still in its early days, the TradeOr platform is not yet available as a mobile application, but the online platform runs well on any web browser, thus your TradeOr trading account is accessible from any mobile device.

Simplicity, functionality and ease of use are the merits of the TradeOr which render it ideal for beginner traders. Ease of navigation, speed and convenience are also ensured by the fact that all necessary tools and functionalities may be accessed from one single screen, side a left-side navigation menu allows the smooth management of both the account and the transactions performed. This menu provides instant access to the news section, your portfolio, selected watchlists, past transactions records, your current trading activity, as well as your account settings.

While ideal for beginners, the TradeOr platform also includes added advanced features which will please and satisfy more experienced and seasoned traders as well, such as charting tools and technical indicators, though it lacks extensive analytics tools and those in need of such tools may need to seek additional resources to this end.

TradeOr chartIQ

tradeor ChartIQ charting package

A strong additional feature of the TradeOr platform offering is the ChartIQ, an effective and comprehensive charting package, compatible with all web browser platforms, which greatly enhances the capabilities offered to traders and thus improves their overall trading experience. The ChartIQ charting library puts at the disposal of TradeOr clients 125 different technical indicators across a wide range of timeframes and offered through different layout modes and chart styles.

Account Types

Another aspect in which TradeOr differs from other competitors is the fact that it does not offer multiple account types with different features, restrictions and benefits, but rather only has a single account type for live trading for all its trader customers. This means that irrespective of their deposited amount or type of trading they engage in, all clients are entitled to the same leverage levels, trading fees and spreads. This may not be particularly appealing to expert traders, but it keeps things nice, simple and hassle-free, especially for novices.

The current absence of a demo account, through which aspiring traders could practice their skills and get accustomed to the usage of the TradeOr platform before risking their real funds, is a definite disadvantage. However, since TradeOr’s terms and conditions make specific reference to the fact that simulated conditions might be different than those in real live accounts, we expect that the offering of a demo account is on the broker’s plans for the future.

TradeOr: How can I deposit Bitcoin into my Account?

deposit bitcoin into tradeor account

You can only use the unique BTC address provided once for each individual deposit. Tradeor does not accept BCH. Bitcoin deposits may take up to 3 hours to hit your account after completing the above process or 3-6 confirmations on the Blockchain. Your funds as with all brokers and trading sometimes may take significantly longer than the time frame provided above considering any recent fluctuations of Bitcoin or global events that might have increased Blockchain traffic which would naturally add a small delay to your transaction. To fund your account via Bitcoin, you will need to do the following:

  • Click on the "Deposit Funds" tab located on the left-hand side of your account.
  • Input the amount you would like to deposit in the blank space provided. The minimum amount is 10 of any currency that we offer.
  • Click on "Continue".
  • You will then be provided with the BTC address as shown below. You would need to input the address in your BTC wallet provider and send the funds accordingly. Use the "Copy to Clipboard" option to ensure that you copy the full and correct Bitcoin address for each transaction.
deposit crypto bitcoin

Please bear in mind that you can only use the BTC address once. You need to initiate a new deposit request each time you would like to deposit funds.

Supported Countries

Though the TradeOr website, online platform and trading application are only available in the English language, traders from all over the world may access TradeOr to fulfill their trading needs. However, since it is still a relatively new entrant and also because it only offers trading services to Bitcoin-funded accounts, it is possible that it is not available where you live since national governments and financial authorities impose different kinds of restrictions and bans. You can contact TradeOr directly to find out for sure if your location is being served, but keep in mind that the list of restricted or blocked countries is regularly updated, so even if you can’t immediately access this brokerage, you may well be able to do so in the future.

Deposit and withdrawal

Want to know how to withdraw via Bitcoin from your account?

Withdrawing your Bitcoin is extremely easier! All you need to do is go through the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Click the "Withdraw Funds" tab on your Account
  • Step 2: Input the withdrawal amount in the space provided. The minimum withdrawal amount would be 10 of any currency that we offer and would result in using the base currency of your Account at the time of withdrawal. For this example, we are using € Euro.
  • Step 3: Click on "Continue".
  • Step 4: Your next step is to insert the BTC address you wish to withdraw the funds to in the blank space provided and finally confirm the withdrawal.

TradeOr offers only one payment method – bitcoin. This means that all transactions are safe and executed instantly.


The user experience when trading on Tradeor’s website is exceptional and the clear and professional layout and structure of the site, as well as its intuitive and responsive navigation greatly enhance the user experience. Users are helped by the useful search bar and can easily be navigated through either the main navigation bar or via drop-down menus that can be found both at the top and at the bottom navigation bars.

tradeor trading platform

Another advantage of Tradeor, especially in the eyes of aspiring, prospective users, is that it allows access to its Webtrader version before signing up, even prior to opting for a demo account, thus allowing potential customers to make a knowing and informed decision before committing in any way.

Customer Support

tradeor customer support

The fact that TradeOr has in place a dedicated team of customer team that is available to reply to customer queries, assist and guide customers on a 24/7 basis, is particularly impressive, especially since newly-established brokerages are not usually as forthcoming when it comes to the availability of their customer service offering.

Besides being available through email, the TradeOr customer support team can also be easily contacted through a ticket submission on the website, or via the TradeOr social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Obviously, TradeOr clients may also easily reach out to the customer service team on the actual trading dashboard via a live chatbox, which is an instant and interactive way to get answers and help.

On the downside, at least for the time being, though this might change in the future, there is no way to communicate over the phone, while the website does not contain an FAQs section, which one could consult for ease and convenience.

Education and Research

tradeor education and research

Perhaps due to its short time on the market, TradeOr has yet to develop its offering in terms of educational material and learning and training resources, as well as content that in any way qualifies as or contributes to market research. Therefore, it currently offers no guides, articles, webinars, or other educational or informative material that would help traders, especially beginner ones, get to grips with trading and the effective use of the TradeOr trading platform.

Perhaps one should not rush to be too harsh in its judgment as the broker may well soon start offering such educational materials to its clients. Indicative of the broker’s good intentions, is the fact that has already integrated a news section on its platform, which features and showcases an abundance of financial news and other useful information from mainstream websites with relevant content.

Overall Conclusion – Final Thoughts

A new entrant in the CFD online brokerage world, TradeOr grants its users access to the most popular tradable assets on the financial markets through a proprietary trading platform that is innovative, intuitive and very easy to use, thus rendering trading truly accessible to anyone. The buying and selling of assets on TradeOr can be achieved with zero commission, while the all valuable tool of leverage is offered at a rate of 100:1, or even higher on specific assets.

Besides its proprietary platform, TradeOr stands out from the rest primarily because it solely uses Bitcoin as a payment method. Moreover, traders selecting TradeOr stand to benefit from the broker’s competitive fee structure, as well as the safe and secure trading environment that is ensured via the segregation of clients’ funds and solid policies and practices for the safety and security of client transactions and personal data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How trusted is TradeOr?
The trusted source of information on fintech matters SBO, gave TradeOr a 3.67/ 5.00 rating based on analysing 20+ criteria and testing. TradeOr is currently in 10th place in this ranking. OspreyFX is currently rank as the number one.
What is TradeOr?
TradeOr is a new online trading platform that enables investors to access the financial markets and buy and sell various assets from different asset classes, through the broker’s innovative, proprietary trading platform. FX currency pairs, cryptocurrency pairs, metals, ETFs, energies, and stocks may all be traded on this newly-established, user-driven platform, provided the user funds his/her account using Bitcoin.
Can US residents trade with TradeOr?
At the time of writing, it is not yet clear which countries exactly are supported by TradeOr and their residents are allowed to become TradeOr clients as this depends on changing conditions as mandated by watchdogs and financial authorities across the globe. To be sure if TradeOr serves customers in your own location, contact them directly to inquiry, as the relevant list of bans and restrictions is regularly updated.
Is TradeOr regulated?
TradeOr is not currently regulated by any financial regulator in any jurisdiction, but it does adhere to and follows strict and streamlined KYC procedures, as well as ensuring that all clients' funds and data are safe and secure.
How can I contact in order to open a trading account?
The easiest way to contact TradeOr is by visiting the broker's website and submitting a ticket form, to which you can expect a swift response from a member of their dedicated customer service and support team. Moreover, and keep up with current trends, TradeOr maintains accounts in all popular social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, on which you can quickly make your initial contact with this brokerage.
Is Tradeor a suitable forex trading broker for experts and beginner traders?
TradeOr is better geared towards beginner, less-experienced and novice traders, who will greatly appreciate the simplicity and user-friendliness of its trading platform and will find its fairly limited selection of tradable assets satisfactory and adequate. Pros and seasoned traders may not be as happy with TradeOr, though many could choose it due to the fact that it accepts Bitcoin as its method of payment.
What is the minimum deposit amount required to register an account with
TradeOr has set its minimum deposit level at the very low amount of £10, which is significantly lower than most of its competitor brokerages and significantly eases any barriers to trading, thus rendering it readily accessible to everyone.

Broker's Features TRADEOR Availability
Accepts US traders
24 hour trading
Demo account
Daily analysis
Automated trading
Mobile trading
Trading by phone
1st deposit bonus
Forex contests competitions
Bonuses Promotions
Interest charges on the balance
Free education
Expert advisors
Partnership programs
Trust management
24 hour support

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