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eToro Review and Analysis


eToro is a truly popular investment network, boasting more than 10 million active users and extending its reach in over 140 countries across the globe. Having pioneered the concept of copy trading, eToro has greatly helped trading to become accessible to all.

Detailed Review

A review of the eToro Affiliate Programs – How to make money on eToro

eToro Affiliate Programs

eToro affiliate program review

Having pioneered the concept of copy trading, eToro has greatly helped trading to become accessible to all, by allowing its users to not only share knowledge, tactics and views, but also automatically copy the transactions and portfolios of seasoned, expert investors. eToro continues to be fast rising also thanks to its focus on fintech innovation and its growth is further aided by an affiliate program which offers very generous and lucrative commissions.

It is this affiliate program that we shall be examining below, in order to help interested individuals to discern if the eToro affiliate program is the most suitable for them to join. Prior to delving into further details, it is worth pointing out that the affiliate program itself is considered one of the innovations launched by eToro, which has greatly contributed towards its unprecedented growth levels. In fact, the eToro affiliate program is one of the most successful affiliate programs across all industries, since in 2020 alone it paid close to $90 million to its various affiliates.

How is the eToro affiliate commission calculated?

eToro affiliates can choose between two different ways in which to get paid their commission, namely revenue share and cost per action.

CPA: Cost Per Action

The Cost per Action or CPA method pertains to a commission being paid after specific actions made by each individual who signs up using an eToro affiliate link. Such actions or transactions which result into one-time payments per action, may be the creation of an account, funding the account and performing a trade on the account.

Moreover, when an eToro affiliate chooses the Dynamic Cost per Acquisition Plan, they stand to receive a commission equal to the initial deposit (up to $500) of each user joining through their own affiliate marketing link.

Obviously, building a large following as an affiliate marketer may require a substantial period of time, however once a strong influence base is built, then the expected benefits and earnings to be had are both significant as well as exponential and may well be a very good of passive, supplementary income for a long time.

Revenue Share

The second method is that of revenue share, through which an Affiliate earns a percentage of the investment amount made by all users who sign-up with eToro through their own affiliate link. Revenue share may be paid under either the standard tier plan or the second tier plan.

Standard Tier Plan

The standard tier plan entails a commission rate of 25% per month as revenue share. Keep in mind that revenue share means the percentage of the generated revenue by the pip, after the necessary deductions are subtracted.

Second Tier Plan

Those affiliates being paid under the second tier plan, stand to receive an additional commission of 10% of the net revenue (up to $20,000) per user opening an eToro account through the promoted affiliate link.

How is the eToro affiliate commission paid?

eToro affiliate commission paid

Depending on the commission method they choose, eToro Affiliates receive their commission when their referred users signs up and creates their own trading account within 60 days, when they fund this account and be an active trader for at least three months.

How can the eToro commission earning be withdrawn?

Besides having the option to keep their commission earnings in their own trading account and use the funds for trading purposes, affiliates may also withdraw their earnings by transferring them to their credit or debit card, or via Paypal, China Union Pay, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, or Wire Transfer. Most payment methods can be completed within 1 or 2 business days, with the exception of bank wire transfers, which may take more than a week. Moreover, most commission payouts come at a minimum amount of $100, except when using a wire transfer where the limit is set to $500. Thus, bank transfers are the least convenient and fast payment methods and other methods should be preferred by affiliates for withdrawing their commissions earned.

How does the eToro Affiliate commission program compare to other similar programs?

All affiliate programs have their own strengths and weaknesses and to be able to compare them effectively against each other and discern which one is the best for you, you need to have a clear view about the specific pros and cons of each program. To help you decide whether becoming an eToro affiliate is the right decision for you, here are what we consider to be the main advantages and disadvantages of the eToro affiliate program:


The wealth of available training materials

eToro takes really good care of its affiliate partners, facilitating and empowering them to effectively promote its offering by providing them with full access to an ever-expanding wealth of training materials, both on what the affiliate program offers, but also on the full suite of eToro services. These training materials greatly reduces and simplifies the learning curve of new affiliates enabling them to start profiting faster.

The existence of dedicated Affiliate and IB Managers

eToro stands out from other affiliate programs by assigning each affiliate partner with a dedicated, personal Affiliate and IB Manager who is available to provide guidance, mentorship and any possible assistance to ensure the affiliate partnership is mutually beneficial and affiliate partners are able to reach their full potential and earning capacity.

Good quality visual materials and resources

eToro is also highly active in providing tangible help to its affiliates who are not burdened with having to create attractive content and visuals in order to more easily attract prospective new users. Instead eToro supplies its affiliate partners with high quality and high performing materials and resources, such as banners, widgets, landing pages and even videos, while at the same time supplementing those with hands on advice which improves actual conversion.

Enhanced Reporting Features

One of the biggest problems often faced by affiliates is having to manually keep records of their efforts and having to work hard in order to generate reports of their performance and progress. eToro takes this hassle away too, since each affiliate can access a dedicated dashboard which enable the easy tracking of all affiliate links and includes enhanced features on report generation.

The strong points of eToro affiliate program

Having highlighted the main strong points of the eToro affiliate program, let us now turn to its biggest disadvantages, which may put some prospective affiliates off


Competing against Existing eToro Affiliates

The main disadvantage of the eToro affiliate program stems precisely from its established success and popularity as well as the very attractive and highly lucrative commission model it offers. These mean that already there are thousands of active and successful eToro affiliates out there and when joining this program you will be called to effectively compete with them in order to be successful. This makes affiliation success more difficult and challenging than with other providers who do not have such an extensive network of affiliates in place.

The strict monthly Requirements for receiving eToro Affiliate Commissions

eToro sets strict requirements to its affiliates, which they must meet to be able to receive their affiliate commissions. One such requirement is that affiliates must provide at least three active traders each month, otherwise their affiliate account is considered inactive. In effect this means that if you are unable to generate adequate new traffic each month, your account will be disabled and you will not be paid any commission, even if you manage to generate some random conversions here and there.

How to maximise your earning potential as an eToro affiliate

If you feel confident that you can overcome the difficulty of competing effectively and consistently generating adequate traffic, leads and conversions, then you are perhaps ready to become an eToro affiliate. Success is very much attainable as an eToro affiliate due to its generous payouts, will you can also further maximize your earning potential, if you you also implement the following smart tips:

Consult your Dedicated Affiliate Manager

Take full benefit and advantage of the fact that eToro assigns you your own dedicated Affiliate and IB Manager. Since such managers have access to a lot data and also possess the necessary experience and insights to help you improve your experience and performance as an affiliate partner, regularly talking and consulting with your manager to seek for advice and guidance may only bring positive results your way.

Achieve better eToro Affiliate Commission Rates through negotiation

Provided you are committed and dedicate enough time and effort to your affiliate endeavor, managing to produce good and tangible results, this potentially entitles you to negotiate and get better commission rates. In fact, if such a request is sufficiently backed up by proof in terms of real numbers of followers, website views and a strong and solid capacity to attract new users, which do result in actually bringing in new customers by the numbers, on a consistent basis, then getting better pay out rates may be as simple as just asking your dedicated affiliate manager to cut you a better deal.

Choose a base country in the high CPA tier if possible

eToro does not reward all referrals the same, but has implemented a tiered CPA commission model which depends on an affiliate’s country of operations. Countries are divided into 3 different tiers, receiving a different amount as CPA. The amounts are $250 for Tier 1, $200 for Tier 2 and $100 for Tier 3. Therefore, provided you can do that, a great way to ensure increased commissions is setting up an affiliate account in a country falling under the higher tier.

Fully capitalizing on the Free Resources offered

eToro is renowned for putting much effort into refining and tailor making the plethora of resources they make available to members of their affiliate program. Years of trial and error ensure that the materials provided are effective and set to propel you towards success if used correctly and fully. It would therefore be very wise to fully take advantage of the pre-prepared visuals and other resources and content provided and use the time you save on learning and seeking new and better ways to improve your positioning and become more effective in your affiliate endeavours. In fact, experience has shown that many eToro affiliates produce really good results and achieve lucrative payouts without even having their own website, but through managing to effectively attract customers by placing affiliate links in social media, videos and online forums and blogs.

Concluding remarks

etoro affiliate and referral program

As a parting thought, take good account of the fact the eToro Partners affiliate program offers one of the highest commissions you can find on the market in general. With this in mind, coupled with the fact that the actual product, i.e. the eToro offering, is highly convertible in itself, against the current surge in demand for trading services for all types of financial instruments, then the eToro affiliate program sounds like a really good choice to make. By taking full advantage of its numerous pros and provided you can effectively compete with and be differentiated from the existing eToro affiliates, then your journey towards affiliation success is destined to be both exciting as well as lucrativ

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the eToro affiliate commission paid?
eToro Affiliates receive their commission when their referred users signs up and creates their own trading account within 60 days
How can the eToro commission earning be withdrawn?
eToro affiliates may also withdraw their earnings by transferring them to their credit or debit card, or via Paypal, China Union Pay, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, or Wire Transfer.

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