Starting Your Own Brokerage: The Need of a Strategic Partner

We have previously put forward the argument that if a white label retail forex brokerage solution provider wants to safeguard its position in the market, thus ensuring its longevity and if it wants to truly help its white labellers survive the competition and be viable and sustainable operations in the long run, then it should up its game and become a strategic provider in a way that encompasses all possible aspects, chief among which will be the aspect of effective rebranding and digital marketing.

If the Forex technology provider becomes a strategic partner and if white labellers prefer it over others who are plain providers without offering a holistic approach, then the results are bound to be mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

The integrated marketing services that such a strategic white label provider would be in a position to offer its partner white labellers, would soon prove its most effective and coveted competitive edge. Especially, since, as already discussed, effective rebranding and differentiation is particularly problematic for those buying a white label solution. The point we are trying to illustrate here however, is that it is much better if the white label provider undertakes to strategically tackle this problem, by devising strategies in terms of marketing and differentiation that it then passes on to its white labellers. Obviously, the white label service provider is in a much better position to offer such strategies, solutions and guidance, than each and every white labeller on their own. This is because the white label solution provider is an established firm, with skilled staff, and a deep understanding of the market and its complexities and it is therefore better equipped to devise effective differentiation and marketing strategies for each and every one of its partner white label forex brokerages.

The challenge then for any white label provider is to cross the bridge and from merely being a product-specific white label solution provider, become a true strategic white label provider by offering a comprehensive, all encompassing, holistic brokerage solution that covers all present needs and anticipates future ones. Chief among the provisions of a truly strategic white label forex brokerage solution provider would be the offer of complete marketing solutions that the white labellers can rely on in order to stand out and gain visibility and customers.

If a white label solution provider wants to be considered as and truly be a strategic white label brokerage service provider, then it should ensure that its quality of work is truly impeccable and excellent. There can be no compromises, shortcuts or dodgy stuff, but simply pure excellence all around. Based on its years of experience and the abundance of data it has amassed and has at its disposal, it is in a unique position to devise digital campaigns that are effective and do the trick. A strategic white label solution provider knows what works and what doesn’t and can make the right recommendations and suggestions that will lead to success. In fact, a true strategic white label provider can turn the weakness of having to rebrand and differentiate the same offering over and over again, into an advantage, because this effort will be driven by those with the expertise, knowledge and skill set necessary to make it possible and effective.

In short, a strategic white label forex brokerage provider would stand out from its competitors because it will be able to consistently create time and time again proven results for itself and its white labellers, based on methods that are more effective and efficient and through a relationship that is built on clear and solid communication lines.

Adopting the role of a strategic white label forex brokerage provider will find application and resonance across a vast array of specific methods through which the marketing efforts of white labellers will be called to produce tangible and sustainable results. We shall be examining such marketing methods that can be game changing in the efforts of white label brokerages and which will benefit greatly when orchestrated and directed by the strategic white label provider behind the brokerage, in our upcoming post.

How Content Marketing Builds Your New FX Brokerage

How Content Marketing Builds Your New FX Brokerage

However, to further illustrate the point, we shall now consider just one example of how a specific marketing strategy could be played down when a white label provider is a strategic one, offering an all-inclusive and all-encompassing full brokerage solution. The example we shall focus on, pertains to the use of content marketing.

"60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day." -- (Source: eMarketer)

A truly strategic white label forex brokerage service provider would put at the disposal of its white labellers, hordes of skilful content writers, who would be in the unique position to create all possible types of content that the broker may need, from website content, to blog posts, and from social media posts to industry coverage and analysis. The skillset of this team of experts would allow them to write in a manner that assumes and accords with the perspective of the specific brand they are writing for, conveying the right messages and representing the specific brand’s ethos, vision and identity. What is more, such a team would be able to adapt all kinds of content to tailor made it according to the needs not only of the content type itself but also of their intended readers, i.e. who they are writing for.

"Content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less." -- (Source: demandmetric)

Creating content that is relevant and attractive is of paramount importance as part of any overall digital marketing effort in today’s highly competitive environment for online businesses. Moreover, expertly crafted content is also essential for a firm’s SEO efforts as well and greatly aids the search engine optimization efforts overall.

Thus, and to return to the starting point of the argument, a strategic white label provider would be in the position to offer such dedicated content marketing services to its white labellers, either on an one-off basis or an ongoing basis, based on a relevant agreement and fee. White labellers who would choose such a strategic provider, would then expect to be getting unique written content, delivered on time and suiting their needs. Such content would be of the utmost quality, void of any grammatical or syntax errors and without the risk of being accused for plagiarism. In other words, when signing up for such a service a white labeller can expect to be getting supreme quality, a hassle free ride and increased chances for success in attracting customers, especially those who value great content.

However, for the white labeller to be able to enjoy complete peace of mind when it comes to content through such an arrangement, the strategic white label service provider will have to have in place a very clear and robust work flow when it comes to content, built on a system that would allow the client (white labeller) to provide feedback and give approval before content is finalized and uploaded. Moreover, for the smooth operation of such a system the strategic white label forex brokerage provider must also ensure that there is a clear method and line of communication and that the assigned roles and responsibilities of the various roles involved in the process, e.g. content strategist, copywriter, SEO, graphic designer etc, are well defined and clearly understood by all.

As already mentioned, in our next post we shall further explore examples of how white label forex brokerages that are backed by a strategic white label provider will be able to outperform their competitors and achieve growth and increased leads and sales. To find out more on this check back soon ….

This post is part of the Redefining the Rules of Starting Your Own Brokerage Series, which analyzes what people who want to Start their Own Forex Brokerage, should look for in a partner and advice on what they should do to succeed and what loopholes they ought to avoid.

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