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Facebook is extremely popular in Cyprus. In fact, according to recent studies, it records the highest percentage of Facebook users in Europe, since 94% of internet users in the country are also subscribers to the popular social media platform.

This massive penetration in the local consumer base, makes Facebook the ideal venue for Cyprus based businesses to invest in and concentrate on in order to help gain increased brand awareness, enhanced interaction with clients and enlarging their customer base.

Cypriot businesses seem to have already recognized the significance of Facebook as a digital marketing tool and this is reflected in the number of local businesses owing a Facebook page. Currently this number stands at over 3,700 pages, with Limassol-based businesses topping the list, followed by those in Nicosia

If you are a Cyprus based entrepreneur but have yet to resort to Facebook and Facebook ads in order to further expand your business, it is high time that you too jump on the bandwagon and reap the many benefits and advantages that these powerful tools have to offer. To help you take the right decisions, let us explain things a bit further.

Unlike search engines such as Google, where people resort to in order to actively seek information Facebook is a social platform where users primarily seek pleasure and ways to connect and interact with other users. Being a popular online social meeting place, Facebook offers a good venue for your digital marketing efforts, provided you understand how it works and use it properly and effectively.

So, you need to factor in that the time required for a potential customer to convert through Facebook may be longer than through other sales funnel processes, since people on Facebook are not actively seeking to buy anything. Moreover, when reaching out to potential customers through Facebook, make sure you include a clear call to action urging them to check out a special offer or book an appointment, without assuming that by simply seeing your ad they will know what it is they should do to reach you.

And with the basics covered, let us now turn to some hands-on Facebook advertising tips as well as useful practices you can adopt when using Facebook ads to promote your business and help it grow.

The first thing to have in mind is that having a Facebook page is not a pre-requisite in order to create a Facebook ad. Although actually owning a Facebook page and maintaining a Facebook presence would be helpful and it is encouraged, you can still take advantage of the benefits to be had through Facebook ads, without having an actual Facebook page, still achieving greater brand exposure and awareness, attracting new leads and gaining new customers.

Another great advantage of Facebook ads as a tool is the fact that you can change your campaign whenever you want. A Facebook ads campaign is indeed a very versatile and flexible weapon in your hands allowing you to adjust your bid rates, bid timings, end dates etc at any time during the process, depending on the results obtained and the goals set.

When creating your Facebook ad, keep in mind that images are very appealing to Facebook users and thus you need to ensure that your ad text is also accompanied by images that are representative of the product, service or brand you wish to promote. A good image will speak volumes and help you convey your message more effectively, ensuring that you attract more interest and achieve a higher number of clicks.

When it comes to writing the text for your Facebook ad, remember that you should write clearly and concisely using clear and simple words or short phrases and not necessarily full sentences, for as long as the message is conveyed effectively and swiftly. And as already indicated above, remember to include a clear call to action to urge those viewing your Facebook ad to act upon it. Targeting exactly the type of clients you wish to attract is very easy when using Facebook ads, since Facebook puts at your disposal an abundance of demographic options for you to choose from to target your campaign, that go far beyond age groups and locations. Facebook boasts over a billion active users every day and its huge popularity on a global and local level, especially in Cyprus, means that reaching at least a portion of your target audience through this medium is a safe bet.

If you need assistance to set up a paid advertising campaign on Facebook, contact us today to help you make the most of your money. Let us optimize your Facebook ads campaign and set goals to be achieved that will have the greatest positive impact for your business, such as increasing page likes, obtaining more clicks to your website, ensuring more client conversions or attaining a greater number of mobile application installs.

Let us guide you through the available options for managing the costs of your Facebook Ads campaign, choosing between the CPM and the CPC models, working within the limits of your available budget to achieve the best possible impact and results, in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

You can count on our experience and expertise to help you make the most of the powerful tool that Facebook is for the promotion efforts of every Cyprus based company, so contact us today and see your business leap to the next level.

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