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SEO Growth: Comparison for Prop Firms Challenges Case Study

User-centric approach to SEO Growth is a great way to grow your business by addressing the needs of your target customers. By targeting those pain points, you can attract leads who are actively looking for solutions to their problems. And, by creating high-quality, relevant, and unique content, you can help them find the answers they're looking for! It prioritizes user experience and engagement over solely relying on search engine rankings. It aims to attract and retain visitors by providing a compelling product or service Growth SEO shifts the focus from ranking high on SERPs to creating a website that offers real value to users. By delivering an exceptional product or service, you can build trust and loyalty among your visitors. A valuable website encourages visitors to come back and recommend it to others, reducing reliance on search engines for traffic.

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User-centric approach Growth SEO takes a user-centric approach, focusing on understanding and fulfilling user needs. By aligning your website with user intent, you can provide relevant and meaningful experiences. This approach not only improves user satisfaction but also increases the chances of repeat visits and referrals

The beauty of SEO is that, instead of pushing a marketing message onto folks who don’t want to hear what you have to say, you can reverse-engineer the process to discover exactly what people are looking for, to create the right content for it, and appear before them at exactly the moment they are looking for it. It’s pull vs push.

Cyrus Shepard, Founder @ Zyppy

Enhanced User Engagement

Enhanced User Engagement

Search engines like Google consider user engagement metrics, such as bounce rate, time on site, and click-through rate, when determining the relevance and quality of a website. When users engage with a website by spending more time on it, exploring different pages, and interacting with its content, search engines interpret this as a signal of high-quality and relevant content. As a result, the website's ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) may improve, leading to increased organic traffic and visibility.

Moreover, user engagement often leads to increased social sharing and backlinking, both of which are critical for SEO growth. Engaged users are more likely to share valuable content on social media platforms, link to it from their own websites or blogs, and recommend it to others. These actions generate organic backlinks, which are highly valued by search engines and can positively influence a website's authority and ranking. Additionally, the increased social sharing and backlinking contribute to a wider online presence and exposure, attracting more organic traffic and potential customers.

By focusing on providing engaging and valuable content, optimizing user interactions, and encouraging social sharing, a website can experience improved rankings, increased organic traffic, and greater visibility in search engine results.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing + Community-led SEO

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

A valuable website built on user intent principles often generates positive word-of-mouth marketing. Satisfied users become brand advocates and recommend your website or product to others. This organic promotion helps in reducing reliance on search engine rankings for attracting new visitors

What defines a community?

Before community marketing can be defined, it is important to establish a definition of community. A community is characterized by a sense of shared identity, common goals, and mutual support among its members. These shared aspects create a sense of identity and shared purpose, forming the foundation of the community.

What Is Community-Led Growth?

The idea behind this growth strategy is simple. By bringing your user base together into a community, you can foster a high level of brand loyalty that will be the main driver in acquiring and retaining your customers.

Product-led growth is a growth model where the product is the main driver of the business’ growth.

In a nutshell, community-led growth amplifies product-led growth. Once you successfully acquire customers, you can build an online community with them. By giving your users a sense of belonging and ownership over the product, you build brand loyalty. You invite them to be a part of something big. And when they feel like they are part of something, they are more likely to stick with your SaaS product and tell their friends about it.

Sustainable Growth

Sustainable Growth

One of the key advantages of this strategy is its resilience to search engine algorithm changes. While search engines constantly update their algorithms, a user-centric approach remains consistent in delivering value to your target audience. By consistently providing high-quality content and a seamless user experience, you establish a strong foundation that is less susceptible to sudden fluctuations in search rankings.

Moreover, user-centric SEO fosters organic growth through positive word-of-mouth, social sharing, and natural backlink acquisition. When users find value in your website, they are more likely to recommend it to others and share your content on social media platforms. This not only expands your reach but also contributes to building a reputable brand that attracts organic backlinks, which further strengthens your SEO performance.

In summary, embracing a user-centric SEO strategy reduces reliance on SERPs and search engine algorithms. By prioritizing user value, you can establish a strong foundation for sustainable growth, foster user loyalty, and minimize the impact of search engine algorithm changes. Ultimately, this approach ensures that your website continues to thrive regardless of the evolving search landscape.

Case Study: Comparison Prop Firm Trading Challenges Portal

Creating a comparison portal for Prop Firms’ challenges that address customer pain points requires providing comprehensive and accurate information, and facilitating meaningful comparisons. By addressing these pain points, the portal can help traders make informed decisions and find the best Prop Firm that aligns with their trading goals and preferences. Continuous iteration and improvement based on user feedback will be essential in providing a valuable and effective resource for traders in the Prop Firm industry.

  • The Client: This is a free product comparison platform that compiles, lists, and displays only high-quality products having the best features/specifications/characteristics for users to make informed choices.
  • The Challenge: The key challenge was to create a central hub that highlights only the top-quality products to help users quickly sieve only the best options without visiting multiple seller sites.
  • The Solution: We used the Bootstrap UI kit to ensure that the website is rich and mobile-friendly along with jQuery and MySQL for storing vast datasets. We also prioritized an insightful search for quick product discoverability that eliminates the need to perform an extensive site exploration. Flexible filters were included for users to sift through a wide array and narrow down to just a handful of products that match their preferences. Last but not list was ensured that is SEO-friendly and ranks well.

Customer Pain Point Identification

Solutions to Customer Pain Points

To identify customer pain points, it is essential to conduct market research, gather user feedback, and analyze the challenges faced by traders in selecting a suitable Prop Firm.

Solutions to Customer Pain Points

To address the identified pain points, the following solutions are proposed: Comprehensive Prop Firm Profiles: Develop detailed profiles for each Prop Firm, including information about their fees, policies, available markets, instruments, etc. Regularly update these profiles to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Implementation and Iteration

Implementation and Iteration

We will implement the proposed solutions in an iterative manner, prioritizing the most critical pain points identified. Collaborating closely with Prop Firms will be crucial to gathering accurate and up-to-date information about their offerings and policies. By maintaining a strong partnership with them, we can ensure that the profiles on our platform reflect the current and relevant information that traders seek.

To provide a user-centric experience, we will actively seek feedback from traders who utilize our platform. By regularly gathering their suggestions and addressing their needs, we can make informed decisions to improve the comparison portal. This feedback loop will serve as a valuable source of insights and guide our efforts in enhancing the platform's functionality and usability.

It is important to emphasize that this process of continuous improvement will be ongoing. We will prioritize the implementation of changes that have the greatest positive impact on the user experience, while also addressing any identified pain points. By combining collaboration with Prop Firms, gathering user feedback, and making regular updates and improvements, we will ensure that our comparison portal remains a reliable and effective resource for traders in the Prop Firm industry.

The launch of the minimum viable product (MVP)

Minimum viable product (MVP)

Find your perfect prop firm match in seconds

This endeavor aims to tackle the challenges faced by traders by providing them with a comprehensive and accurate source of information. Our primary focus is to address customer pain points and facilitate meaningful comparisons between Prop Firms.

Through our portal, traders will have access to detailed profiles of various Prop Firms, enabling them to make informed decisions that align with their unique trading goals and preferences. We understand the importance of empowering traders with the right information, and we are committed to ensuring that the data we provide is reliable, up-to-date, and reflective of the current offerings and policies of the Prop Firms.

As we embark on this journey, we recognize the significance of continuous iteration and improvement. We value the feedback and insights from our users, and we will actively seek their input to enhance the portal's functionality and usability. By incorporating user feedback into our development process, we will strive to create a valuable and effective resource for traders in the Prop Firm industry.

Purpose and profit for business goal

Purpose and profit for business goal

While exploring revenue streams for our comparison site, it is crucial to ensure that our focus on the customer and user-centric approach remains unwavering. We must not lose sight of our primary goal, which is to provide users with valuable information free of charge. While considering monetizing options such as affiliate sales, advertising opportunities, or commissions from suppliers, we must carefully evaluate their impact on the user experience.

Our intention is to maintain transparency and trust by avoiding any practices that compromise the integrity of our platform. Additionally, we should proactively seek partnerships with suppliers who offer affiliate programs, enabling us to earn a commission from each sale without compromising our user-centric approach. Alternatively, we can establish agreements with suppliers to receive commissions per sale or lead. By continuously iterating and improving our platform based on user feedback, we can ensure that we provide a valuable and effective resource for traders in the Prop Firm industry, addressing their pain points and helping them make informed decisions that align with their trading goals and preferences.


Creating a comparison portal for Prop Firms Challenges that addresses customer pain points requires providing comprehensive and accurate information, and facilitating meaningful comparisons.

By addressing these pain points, the portal can help traders make informed decisions and find the Prop Firm that best aligns with their trading goals and preferences. Continuous iteration and improvement based on user feedback will be essential in providing a valuable and effective resource for traders in the Prop Firm industry.

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