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All online entrepreneurs are being bombarded with arguments about the importance of SEO and the catalytic effect it could have in making or breaking their online venture. Thus, they either resort to experts to help them implement effective SEO strategies or try to read up on the matter to be able to try and apply SEO effectively on their own. Whether you belong to the former or the latter group, read on to find out interesting tips and hints about the wonders that SEO can do for you.

If in doubt about the real significance of SEO, consider that many users completely ignore the paid ads on search engine results pages (note here that usually the first 4 results and the last two on each page are paid ads). Moreover, also keep in mind that a great number of internet users have installed special ad detection software, whose job is to “hide” ads. Since research has shown that natural SEO rankings have better conversion rates than paid results, it is apparent that achieving high rankings is superior than paying to appear high. In fact, paid advertising on search engines results to only 2% conversion, while natural SEO rankings enjoy a payout percentage of 14.6% of visitors.

Another fact to consider is that usually only the first few results on the first page of a search result get visitors, contrary to the last results on the page which get little to almost nothing. According to relevant studies, 75% of Google and other search engines users never enter the results appearing on the bottom of the page, but only the first ones which are immediately obvious.

SEO is of great use when building an extended community around your company and/or brand. This community building helps not only to maintain the relationship, trust and loyalty with existing customers but attracting new ones as well.

If you manage to rank high in the results for specific searches, it means that the people interested in the specific product or service will most probably click on your result and this comes with very high conversion rates for gaining new customers.

An effective SEO strategy makes perfect sense in terms of return on investment as well. ROI, which is the calculation of profits from cost, is of paramount importance and a beacon guiding the decisions of any entrepreneur. Thus, since SEO and the subsequent good rankings work as natural advertisement and generate traffic without needing constant cost per action, unlikely pay per click ads, then the ROI from effective SEO is always 100% and that means absolute profit.

Since prior to the designing and implementation of any SEO approach is based on an analysis of various factors, which are put together in order to devise the most appropriate and effective SEO practices for the specific company and the specific market, any web-based company can benefit from the results of this analysis in all its departments and all its marketing actions, since it will gain important insight on what works and what does not, thus saving time, money and effort and being able to be more targeted.

During the SEO process, you will need some fundamental code knowledge in order to be able to maximize SEO results. In practical terms, this means that you will need someone to enter the backend of the page and modify the site with the appropriate changes to the code and often this is something that requires an expert to be done correctly. However, this process also helps to identify and other areas of the website that need fixing, improving or fine-tuning.

Moreover, remember that although not directly related to SEO itself, the overall design, look and feel and image projected from a site do affect its ranking, visibility and appeal to potential customers. Therefore, this facet should not be overlooked, but also remember that your site should also not be a bluff, with just looks and no content or point.

Last but not least, pursuing a good SEO effort that results in good web search results helps build your overall corporate profile. Even if you don’t rank in the top positions, for as long as you are relatively high, even if the user eventually clicks on a result ranking higher, they still see your own result and brand name, helping you over time to build awareness and visibility and a stronger name and image, which could lead to more clients in the long run.

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