We also offer high quality, professional and effective consulting services to help you identify and secure the best sources for financing your startup business. Thanks to our team’s extensive experience in the banking sector we can help you obtain the best conditions in the market when ensuring the financing of your start up. Besides helping you convincingly present your case to banks and ensure a bank loan, we also assist in creating your presentations to create good impressions and ensure financing when approaching VC and Angel Investors for their support.

Moreover, we can assist in identifying and securing funding from other official institutional sources, such as government grants, while we have a great deal of experience in earning funds from non-traditional sources as well. Hence, we can help you make the best of alternative sources of funding such as running a successful crowdfunding campaign or ensuring peer-to-peer lending with the best of terms.

For all your start-up’s financial needs, your funding per se, but also your entire financial strategy and ensuring the adequacy of your working capital, we are here to offer a helping help and find the better and most trusted solutions.

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