Business Plan Writing

A solid business plan is fundamental for the success of your startup. Our experienced and qualified team is here to assist you in producing such a plan, in an elaborated manner including conducting SWOT and Pestle analysis, Five Forces Analysis, as well as Validation Strategies, Product Positioning and Value Proposition. A well thought out business plan will be highly useful in helping you create good first impressions and convincingly “sell” your idea during presentations to potential investors and other interested stakeholders.

Business Plan Review

Even if you have already set off your start up and are working according to your existing business plan, some professional advice may be necessary for reviewing it and adjusting some of its provisions in order to make the improvements that will help attain your goals faster and more effectively. Reviewing, re-evaluating and even re-drafting your business plan could do wonders in terms of attracting more funding and more investors.

Financial Projections

Key to your success is also the reflection of your business plan against valid and reasonable financial projections. Our team can produce for you 3-5 years’ projections, using the most advanced financial tools in order reach accurate results and equip you with valid projections giving you a clear picture of where you are and where you are heading and helping you set targets that are realistic and attainable.

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