Identifying your target audience and selecting the proper niche or market segment

The actual development of your business plan is what will determine your success. We can help you attain your targets by identifying all the relevant audiences that you should be targeting as well as establishing yourself in your corresponding niche or appropriate market segment. Good network skills and targeting the right people at the right time can prove instrumental for the growth of your start-up venture and our effort will be, having gained the necessary insight into your work and the aspirations of your business, to draw on our experience, market knowledge, expertise and extensive contacts, in order to conduct the relevant research and supply you with lists of people and companies that you should be targeting.

Sales & Lead Generation Support

Effective communication is pivotal for your success and with our help you can build the necessary rapport and foster your relationship with all your target audiences. Once we identify, in close collaboration, who the appropriate targets are for your own startup venture, we can manage the entire communications process on your behalf. Our services include sending out brochures, letters, emails etc, while we ensure that all leads remain warm through a rigorous follow up process, through phone calls and other effective means of communication with prospective clients and other significant stakeholders.

Tailored specifically to you

Depending on the stage your start-up business is at, you should take a different approach to business development, by utilizing the different means available in the market you operate in. Our advice and assistance to this end, taking into account your specific needs and requirements will ensure that you have a solid modus operandi in place, leading your sales to grow and your client base to expand.

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