Expanding your own business while at the same time expanding the reach of your clients has never been easier! Choose one of the two collaboration models that we offer, namely either our white label SEO reseller program or the referral option and let us do all the hard work while you get the credit or share from the charge. Packages for both options can be customized to suit your needs and both are a great way to provide highly effective SEO services to compliment your current array for services offered to clients, eventually helping them to expand their online reach.

Here at Netresort we excel in search engine optimization services and can provide custom approaches for your own needs that those of your clients. The choice is up to you, we can either work in the background, as a silent partner with your own business at the front end or work directly with your own customers that you will refer to us. Finding synergies between your current business offering and the services offered by Netresort will help you expand your own reach and improve your business profits. Therefore, if you would like us to work together, choose one of the following options:

SEO Reseller Programs Option #1. White Label

Our White Label SEO programme allows you to offer your clients all of Netresort’s expertise in the field of SEO, while you take all the credit, without doing any actual work. Instead, we do everything from devising the initial strategy, to executing and implementing all actions, while providing you with full and detailed reports on the achieved results. This allows you to present the information to your clients with confidence, because we always keep you fully informed and in the know. It is then up to you to choose when and how you will communicate with your clients to present the results obtained. It is truly a very simple arrangement but a superb opportunity through which you can grow and expand your business.

Let’s do it together! If you choose our SEO white label reseller option your clients will not even know we exist. In fact, you could even assign us an email account of your own company through which we could carry out all communications with clients on your behalf. While we will be busy behind the scenes executing all the necessary work and strategy, you will be able to present the final outcomes and results to your client. There is nothing for you to worry about, since we will do all the work. This means that we will devise the original custom strategy according to your client’s needs, providing a tangible, actionable plan for all those involved. Moreover, in long-term, maintenance projects we will be providing for your client and for your reference detailed ranking and Google Analytics reports detailing the progress and results achieved through the SEO campaign. So, be the front man and let us have your back and jointly offer your clients an excellent level of service and results!

This option is ideal if what you are seeking is:

  • An extra boost to the growth of your brand
  • Maintaining full control over your own clients
  • Be an integral part of the entire process and communication loop

Your Monthly Deliverables

Custom Strategy

During the first month of an ongoing monthly SEO campaign we will craft an SEO strategy so you and your client can have a tangible plan of attack. We do this so you can visualize what we will be doing, and to also have a “basecamp” location were everything is recorded. All user names, passwords, link locations and notes will be stored on this document and updated each month.

Ranking Report

Each month you will also get a ranking report to show your clients progress. This will allow you to show your client (s) how things are progressing with the SEO campaign.

Google Analytics.

In addition to the ranking report you will also get a Google Analytics report that shows how your client (s) traffic is growing.

A Dedicated Person

Communication will be a very important part of our growing partnership. You will have a dedicated person for all correspondence to ensure everyone is on the same page.

2. SEO Reseller Programs Option #2 – Referral

The second available option, namely our SEO reseller programme, allows you to refer your clients to us when they are in need of SEO services. Outsource search engine marketing is a great way for your business to secure extra income without doing any work, just the initial referral. When you opt for our SEO reseller package, you will receive a 10% payment whenever we invoice each of the clients that you have referred to us. Especially if you are in a relevant line of business, such as web design or web development, most of your clients stand to benefit a lot from SEO. So, refer them to us today and generate more revenue for your own business.

When you choose the reseller/referral collaboration option, then you pass on your client to us and receive a referral fee for all work completed. If it is a onetime project you get a onetime payment of 10% of the total invoice amount. If it is a monthly maintenance project you will get the corresponding payment every month. We handle all work and communicate with the referred client directly, however, to maintain trust and clarity, we can still include you in all client correspondence so that you will remain in the loop if you so wish.

This option is ideal if what you are seeking is:

  • To find a partner that you can trust and have confidence in.
  • Don’t want to do any part of the work required, just receive the referral commission.
  • Want as little interaction as possible with the referred clients.

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