Looking for a top mobile app marketing agency? Look for experience!

If you are looking for a top-notch mobile applications marketing agency, then look for one with the relevant experience, and look no further than Netresort Ltd!

Here at Netresort, delivering measurable results is our chief concern and priority. To this end, we employ data-driven approaches in devising marketing strategies, in evaluating their performance and even for choosing the right media partners to resort to.

We act pro-actively making sure our methods and the tools we employ, change and evolve to remain in pace with the constantly changing mobile ecosystem, while what makes us stand out from other mobile marketing companies is that we rely heavily on the synergies created between cutting edge technology and innovation.

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Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Get a detailed marketing plan with a step-by-step approach to launch, promote and monetize your app... Read more

Mobile App Monetization

Develop your monetization strategy and unlock your app potential... Read more

Community Management

Increase your user loyalty by maintaining mutual communication and nurturing your online community... Read more

Public Relations Services

Drive awareness and app downloads by getting your app in front of the eyes of relevant users... Read more

App Store Optimization

Increase your visibility and gain more organic downloads ... Read more

User Acquisition Management

Acquire high lifetime value (LTV) app users at scale employing all aspects of the app marketing ecosystem... Read more

Netresort knows what it takes to promote a mobile app effectively.

Our team is made up of marketing professionals with expertise in product development and analytics. All team members are enthusiastic experts with in-depth knowledge and understanding of mobile, digital, and offline media. Having a team with such extensive and diverse competencies and skills, enables us to be providing a vast array of services in-house and being able to manage multi-platform projects across all available channels.

Our extensive range of app marketing services allow us to be able to offer solutions for every challenge we come across and you can rely on our help not only in defining your target audience but also in making your app stand out from the rest. You can also rely on our extensive knowledge which we will use not only for building an active user base for your app, but also for turning those users into active, engaged customers.

We pride ourselves for always seeing the bigger picture and always using the most effective techniques available in developing, devising and executing custom strategies and campaigns for all your needs and rely on in-house developed software as well as data analysis for our advanced acquisition campaign management.

During the past few years we have successfully carried out a plethora of mobile app marketing projects for several clients across the globe and have worked on an extensive range of applications; business, financial, entertainment, gaming, kids and many more. Most of our clients turn into loyal long-term partners as they value our drive and commitment as well as our skill to turn good ideas into sustainable and successful products.

True to our results-oriented, yet consumer-centred approach, we help our clients offer consumers apps that are valuable, useful, reliable and interesting, while ensuring time after time that the right messages are delivered at the right time and to the right people, thus yielding the desirable results.

For all these reasons, and many more, Netresort Ltd should be your number one partner of choice when looking for a reliable and expert mobile marketing agency.

App Store Optimization: Gain more organic downloads through increased visibility

A successful app marketing campaign takes much more than simply driving app downloads. Optimization is a powerful tool and we help you make the most of it by creating a landing page that not only contains optimized content, but is visually appealing as well. Moreover, we will ensure that your app’s description is searched-optimized, thus increasing organic traffic and increasing visitor conversions. Our optimization service also includes the optimizing of app screenshots and app icons in a visually appealing manner, while also determining effective targeted keywords and optimizing content accordingly, all with the aim of enhancing visibility and gaining more organic downloads.

Strategies used to this end include:

  • Boosting organic downloads through the implementations of data-driven app store optimization
  • Analysis and evaluation of currently used keywords based on their frequency and relative weight
  • Performing research on the keywords used by competitors
  • Optimizing targeted keywords, app titles and app descriptions
  • Recommending amendments in the keywords used
  • Revising app icons and app store screenshots

Community Management for Mobile Apps: Increase your user loyalty by building and nurturing your relationship with your online community

Our services include the undertaking of the development and management of your app’s social community. This is done through the introduction of original and relevant media content that enhances audience engagement and supports and rewards loyal users.

Based on the axiom that untimely reaction to the feedback of users is the primary explanation behind negative reviews for an app, a timely reaction is ensured through the meticulous monitoring of all feedback received, as well as the overall media environment.

Within this framework, our media experts will cover the activity in all media streams, thematic forums and in-app chat rooms, while also timely recognizing any possible threats and opportunities stemming from monitoring the activities of competitors.

Strategies used to this end include:

  • Further developing and effectively managing your app’s social community
  • Ensuring timely reaction through the constant monitoring of the media environment and the activities of competitors
  • Enabling content updates in media that is best suited to market demands
  • Boosting customer retention and encouraging customer loyalty
  • Fully utilizing user feedback analysis

Mobile Advertising and App Monetization Services: Unlocking the potential of your app through a monetization strategy

To unlock your app’s true potential, we will not only guide your choice of the most suitable revenue generation model to adopt, but also analyse the current performance of your app by evaluating its performance metrics and relevant engagement indicators in order to highlight any existing limitations to monetization. Moreover, in order to devise a credible plan for improving your app’s revenue stream, we will also take into account the results of your competitors as well as the overall market situation and examine these along with the historical usage data of your app.

The main aim is to implement a high-impact campaign that yields measurable, solid results, always within your own specified budget, and achieving the pre-set goals, whether they pertain to achieving a specific number of app downloads or optimizing to certain in-app loyalty events.

Strategies used to this end include:

  • Comprehending your app’s key mobile metrics and specific conversion goals
  • Analysing the consumer behaviour and mapping out the conversion process
  • Using both quantitative and qualitative methods to analyse user engagement
  • Evaluating existing monetization strategies and determining user lifetime value
  • Assessing the app’s interface and the user experience offered
  • Devising marketing actions to increase the average revenue per user and the average revenue per paying user
  • Choosing and adjusting the monetization channels and approaches that yield the highest performance

Mobile App Marketing Strategy: Launching, promoting and monetizing your app through a detailed marketing plan

The detailed app marketing plan that we offer is essentially a step-by-step approach for the launching, promotion and monetization of your app, taking into account the existing competitive landscape, the profile of targeted audience, as well as the expectations of the end users, while at the same time identifying the available market opportunities and any possible challenges. The aim is to help you chose the most proper and viable path in order to achieve sustainable growth of your mobile business.

The uncertainty regarding the approach to adopt to best grow an app’s user base and most effectively monetize their mobile business is a problem for many companies. Recognizing this we pay particular importance to developing a well thought-out app marketing strategy to effectively achieve monetization.

Since research has shown that one in five apps downloaded are not used more than a single time, mere download numbers do not have much use as a success metric, since they do not reveal about the real number of acquired users or the further use of the app. This is why further metrics and analysis are required in order to uncover the long term value of the users of an app. And because mobile use is increasing and with it so is the use of mobile apps, new as well as established businesses should seek to take advantage of mobile apps as a very promising revenue generator.

Achieving an increase in app usage, converting users and subsequently increasing revenues should be the end targets of your mobile app marketing strategy and this requires a deep understanding of all the relevant principles so that the proposed marketing plan is as effective as possible.

Strategies used to this end include:

  • Analysis of your competitors and the market landscape you operate in
  • Providing a thorough insight of the mobile app ecosystem in general
  • Defining the specific role of your app in the overall context of the global markets
  • Recognition of your key competitive advantages over existing competitors
  • Devising a proposition outlining your unique value
  • Gaining a deep understanding of your target audience
  • Implementing value-based segmentations of your target group
  • Deciding which key markets and categories are specifically suitable for your app
  • Setting the most appropriate time, place and context for proceeding with the launching of your mobile app
  • Clearly defining the tactics and goals of your overall marketing campaign
  • Offering projected forecasts for the expected performance of the campaign
  • Effectively obtaining metrics with regards to long-term ROI and lifetime user value
  • Turning the insights and research data acquired into actionable marketing tactics

Public Relations Services: Enhancing awareness and boosting app downloads by making your more visible to relevant users

Concentrating on effective brand building methods is guaranteed to result in great competitive advantages, especially over those who only concentrate on direct response advertising campaigns. To enjoy this advantage and gain an edge over competitors, trust the Netresort team to greatly boost your brand’s overall recognition. This is done through effectively targeting your target audience, via gaining user engagement that is achieved by reviews in recognized media outlets and popular publications, forum discussions and social media campaigns.

Strategies used to this end include:

  • Tailoring a media list focussing on your specific requirements and media targets
  • Reaching out to carefully selected targeted audiences
  • Enlisting specific media to convey specific promotional messages
  • Ensuring your app is featured in high profile media outlets
  • Gaining the engagement of potential users through multiple social media channels
  • Managing special promotional events and media relations

User Acquisition Management: Acquisition of high lifetime value (LTV) app users through an all-encompassing app marketing plan

An effective and integrated app marketing effort has use acquisition as its most vital pillar. App user acquisition is essentially the downloading and installing of the mobile app, either through organic search, word of mouth, paid campaigns or referrals. The most effective acquisition strategies should not only focus on paid traffic efforts but instead utilize all available channels to achieve this.

In accordance to your overall marketing strategy and in line with your campaign goals, we help you make the most of mobile performance ad networks, mobile video, social platforms (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) as well as direct media placement at relevant targeted outlets.

Irrespective of the approach or approach mix we adopt, we make sure the right app analytics are in place to help us track and monitor performance and evaluate the results to achieve the most profitable and suitable marketing strategy.

Based on the conclusions reached through analysing customer retention and customer behaviour data, we uncover the channels that deliver the higher returns on marketing investment and concentrate the user acquisition efforts in that direction. The key to success lies in correctly and effectively assessing and evaluating which are the suitable channels used and which approach works better for your own specific app.

Strategies used to this end include:

  • Advanced mobile targeting through the use of the latest industry standards and practices
  • Ensuring a steady growth of the user base through the implementation of sustainable long-term campaigns
  • Using the proper metrics to measure, evaluate and improve user acquisition
  • Performing post-campaign analysis and offering evaluation and recommendations