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Financial services firms, tech businesses and media brands are now able to gain access to and attract more customers, thus tapping into new, unexplored and lucrative, revenue streams, by utilizing and capitalizing on the power and features of our proprietary comparison technology. We power comparison technology for hundreds of insurance, energy and financial services providers, as well as several co-brand partners, including some of the biggest names in consumer technology.

If you are an insurance firm, an energy provider, a financial services company, a media company or the owner of a high traffic website, you can rely on our comparison technology to improve the monetization of your current website traffic, as well as enhance your access to new customers.

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Join our comparison platform(s) to get more customers

Gain access and visibility that help gain new customers through joining and utilizing one or more of our offered comparison panels. View the numerous products and services we compare and find out more about how your business can also be featured on our comparison systems.

  •   Generate new customers
  •   Real-Time Comparison Products
  •   Offline Comparison Products
  •   Display Your Brand
View the products we compare and find out more about featuring your business on our comparison systems.
MT4/MT5 Forex CRM Solution

Use our white label co-branded solutions on your website

Are you seeking a white label co-branded insurance comparison platform or a co-branded system for comparing gas and electricity prices? Our technology is the answer for you as it allows your users to compare hundreds of providers seamlessly, in a completely customizable and branded environment, matching the visual identity of your own website.

  •   Maintain Compliance
  •   High conversion rates
  •   Real time reporting
  •   Unrivalled product offering
Fully-branded price comparison platforms seamlessly integrated onto your own website.
Join our affiliate scheme to earn revenue

Join our affiliate scheme to earn revenue

As our affiliate you can earn incredible commissions. Join our network of 400+ affiliates today to earn fantastic commissions by offering to your website visitors access to our great range of insurance, financial and energy comparison tools.

  •   Recurring Commission
  •   High-Standard Affiliate Support
  •   Universal Product
  •   High Earnings Potential
Earn commission by referring users to our comparison brands

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Whether you own a high quality niche website and plan to sign up for a highly targeted affiliate solution, or you want to gain access to a host of new customers by partnering with us as a panel member our solutions are tailor-made to meet your needs.

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White Label Intelligent comparison Platforms FAQs

How does an Intelligent comparison Platform work?

Though the exact operation of each platform differs depending on the actual market the products or services being compared are part of, the underlying concept is quite similar across all intelligent comparison platforms. To illustrate how such a comparison platform works, let us take the example of energy providers, where the challenge is to locate the provider offering you the best plan, i.e. the one with the cheapest rates and tariffs, also ensuring that such rates are not increased suddenly and without notice.

    The process entails the following three simple steps:
  • Step 1. We find the cheapest deal available for you. Once you register on our platform we will first check your current tariff to determine if you are getting the cheapest deal. If so, great, you can move to step 2. If you are not, then we do a full market comparison on your behalf to locate the cheapest deal for you and then handle the switch to the new provider on your behalf. Moreover, to encourage you to switch via us, we also give you an additional cashback, which you wouldn’t get if you had switched directly with the provider.
  • Step 2. Our services are an ongoing process, so every month and based on the information you have provided we perform a comparison on your behalf. This is because energy prices keep changing and while your current rate may hike, others may get cheaper. You can rest assured that you don’t need to do anything, while we keep checking and comparing every month if you are still on the cheapest available deal.
  • Step 3. We alert you as soon as we find out that a deal comes up that is cheaper than your current one and it makes switching provider worth your while. We will send you an email once we locate a deal that saves you money and help you switch smoothly and fast with no further hassle for you.
Does it cost more to a user to switch provider via the comparison platform?

It never costs more to switch via the platform as the tariffs displayed in the results tables are exactly the same tariffs and prices you would be called to pay if you went to the supplier directly. In those cases where we receive a commission when users switch via our comparison platforms, this commission is paid to us by the supplier directly and makes no difference on the price you pay. Moreover, to encourage you to switch via our platforms we often pay you cashback ourselves.