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Read to Find Out How to Use OspreyFX Crypto Trading and Forex Affiliate Programs, What are the Fees, How to Trade on OspreyFX Exchange, and Much More - Unbiased Crypto Trading and Forex Affiliate Programs reviews.

OspreyFX Review and Analysis


OspreyFX is a truly popular investment network, boasting more than 10 million active users and extending its reach in over 140 countries across the globe. Having pioneered the concept of copy trading, OspreyFX has greatly helped trading to become accessible to all.

Detailed Review

A review of the OspreyFX Affiliate Programs – How to make money on OspreyFX

ospreyfx affiliate program

OspreyFX affiliate program review

OspreyFX is an innovative, relatively new brokerage which offers fast ECN execution of trades on an extensive range of assets, including cryptocurrencies, and allowing traders to use all sorts of trading strategies, as well as enjoy up to 1:500 leverage and trade under one of several account types, which may be tailored so that they can better suit their specific trading needs.

As part of its promotional efforts and to be able to increase its customer base and consolidate its position in the online trading industry, OspreyFX has devised the OspreyFX Affiliate Program, which is an umbrella term, referring to a number of different options and set ups, via which a partnership between OspreyFX and any individual or firm, interested in promoting OspreyFX in exchange for a reward, is fostered and managed.

This review highlights the main features of the said OspreyFX Affiliate program, in an effort to help interested parties decide if a partnership with OspreyFX is the right option for them in terms of their affiliate marketing endeavours.

One of the greatest advantages of the OspreyFX affiliate programme is its flexible nature, which allows it to be tailored around an affiliate’s existing business, or enable the affiliate to build their referral business from scratch around this program, with the hands-on assistance and guidance of OpsreyFX. All those who join this affiliate program are rewarded for each new trader they refer or introduce, while the introduction or referral may be either achieved through personal, direct contact or online methods, such as though websites, blogs and social media accounts.

Online promotion is of course the preferred method adopted by most affiliates due to its ease of use and its ability to ensure and obtain maximum exposure. Those joining the OspreyFX affiliate programme, immediately receive a unique tracking code which they can embed on their websites or social media accounts. This unique code enables the effective tracking of the referrals achieved and their consequent rewarding of the affiliate based on the account openings and trading volume they have generated.

Besides the Affiliate Program, OspreyFX also offers an Introducing Broker program and through both these schemes, all aspiring OspreyFX partners can choose which payment structure and referral arrangement is most suited to their specific skills, capabilities and aspirations. As already highlighted, OspreyFX is particularly flexible in its approach towards its partners, since it is a strong proponent of the notion of fostering sincere and long-lasting partnerships and in pursuit of mutually beneficial arrangements that enable both the brokerage and the affiliate partner to maximize their potential and reach the best possible results.

The pros and cons of the OspreyFX affiliate program

why ospreyfx affiliate program

The fact that OspreyFX is a relatively new entrant in the market means that joining their affiliates’ program gives an added opportunity for affiliate marketers, since they will be faced with less competition from other affiliates in the same network. However, the downside to this is that prospective referrals may be more hesitant to actually open an account and commit with a less recognizable brand, while they may also be worried about the fact that OspreyFX is to date not a regulated, licensed brokerage by any pertinent financial authority.

Awareness and recognition of these issues, is perhaps the reason why OspreyFX places such an emphasis on its affiliate program as a pivotal and crucial part of its overall efforts to increase its brand recognition, visibility and exposure and enlarge its client base. Consequently, OspreyFX reserves and ensures an excellent treatment for its affiliate and IB partners, safeguarding that they not only receive the commissions and rewards they deserve, but also provide them with as much support and assistance as possible to ensure the success of their endeavor.

The main advantages of the OspreyFX affiliate program include:

The absence of set up fees which means you can start earning without being required to spend anything.

The guaranteed commission payments which are received promptly and securely on a regular, weekly basis.

The absence of bonus restrictions which allow affiliates to earn as much as they can generate with no limitations.

The provision of detailed statistics and credible reports, which allow affiliates to always be in complete control of their performance.

The absolute highlight of the OspreyFX affiliate program however, is the dedicated support and assistance that OspreyFX offers its affiliates on a 24/7 basis, coupled with the fact that affiliates can expect to receive not only advice and assistance but also creative solutions to all problems that may arise.

This tangible assistance comes in the shape of educational resources and marketing materials put freely at the disposal of affiliates, as well as dedicated information packs and even training sessions, which greatly reduce the learning curve for affiliates and allows them to quickly maximize their potential and consequently their earnings. For example, the Affiliate Success Handbook, which OspreyFX offers its affiliates, enables them to fully comprehend and recognize their earning potential by teaching them about the power of social, how to get noticed in online searches and how to effectively engage in the monetization of their content.

How Can you Sign Up for the OspreyFX Affiliate Program?

ospreyfx affiliate program sign-up process

The signing up process for the OspreyFX affiliate program is simple, fast and straightforward. In fact, once you decide to partner up with OspreyFX as an affiliate, you are only four steps away from big earnings:

  • Step 1: Registration
  • Step 2: Setting Up
  • Step 3: Management of Referrals
  • Step 4: Collecting your earnings

Step 1: Registration

The first required step is completing the affiliates’ registration process and receiving your unique affiliate link from OspreyFX.

Step 2: Setting Up

As soon as you have registered and have your unique code, it is time to set up your affiliate endeavor, by embedding this code and also by making use of the banners and other promotional material, which Osprey FX prepares and makes available to its affiliates in an effort to help them maximize their potential. Moreover, you can also make your offering more attractive, thus increasing your referral capacities, through the repurposing of the educational content which OspreyFX also puts at your disposal to help your promotional efforts.

Step 3: Management of Referrals

Through the reports, statistics and the full array of optimization tools that OspreyFX puts at the disposal of its affiliate partners, you can effectively manage your performance in terms of referrals, traffic generated, conversions achieved, account openings and trading volumes reached.

Step 4: Collecting your earnings

On a weekly basis, Osprey FX calculates your commission earnings based on the lots over $10 traded by users under your affiliate link and pays you out the corresponding amount. Frequent payment of commissions means you can over time have a steady passive income source.

The OspreyFX Introducing Broker Program

ospreyfx introducing broker ib program

Besides the affiliate program, OspreyFX also offers an Introducing Broker program open to those who wish to use their own networks in order to recommend and introduce traders to OspreyFX.

The IB program is also a flexible arrangement aiming at collaboration and partnership between the IB and the broker with the aim of producing mutually beneficial outcomes. OspreyFX IBs may choose to refer small scale traders aiming at recurring income, though of lower amounts, or seek to pursue higher turnover traders, who will mean greater income for the IB.

The main difference between the affiliate program and the IB program is that those joining the latter are simultaneously pledging to undertake certain specific responsibilities against the broker and the clients they refer, such as informing and guiding prospective clients on KYC requirements and assisting in fulfilling those. Moreover, IBs are also required to be in a position to offer hands-on, tangible assistance, mentorship and training to the traders they refer, thus contributing to the overall customer retention process.

What are the Commissions of the OspreyFX Affiliate Program?

ospreyfx affiliate earn money through commission

Each Osprey affiliate is free to discuss and agree different renumeration and reward arrangements, provided both sides are happy with the deal. This being said, the overall payment threshold of the OspreyFX affiliate program stands at $2.50 per lot traded under one’s affiliate link. Affiliates who can put it the hard work and manage to generate over1000 affiliated lot trades per calendar month, automatically qualify for an increased commission of $3.50 per lot.

Besides the monetary rewards to be had however, OspreyFX affiliates may also gain access to the OspreyFX Affiliate Tiered Rewards System, which consists of 6 different commission tiers. When an Affiliate’s commission level reaches the preset threshold for each tier, then the Affiliate is also rewarded with different types of OspreyFX branded merchandise, which gets delivered right to their door, as an added incentive to keep their commissions rising.

Concluding remarks

The OspreyFX affiliate program poses as a very attractive choice for interested affiliate marketers and even for novices in the world of affiliate marketing since it is a great way for one to simply leverage their network and turn it into a passive income generator, helping one attain business growth alongside the monetary benefits. In fact, the affiliate program of OspreyFX ranks high not only in terms of the compensations and rewards it offers its affiliate or IB partners, but also in terms of the hands-on help, assistance and guidance it offers them. Moreover, it may also be a good choice for those who are already affiliates for other brokers, and are perhaps seeking better reward rules or a new partner who highly values and supports its affilia

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Refer a Customer on OspreyFX
Once You login into your OspreyFX Affiliate Account, you will be presented with your unique affiliate tracking link. To refer clients, you simply need to ask them to sign up to OspreyFX using the link. Any activity will then be tracked automatically.
How is the OspreyFX affiliate commission paid?
OspreyFX Affiliates receive their commission when their referred users signs up and creates their own trading account. As an Affiliate, you will be paid every Friday for commission of $10 or more generated under your Affiliate account. If you have not met the $10 threshold for an Affiliate commission payment one week, then it will accumulate until the threshold has been met.
How can the OspreyFX commission earning be withdrawn?
Before you can request to withdraw your Affiliate commissions, you first need to do an "Internal Transfer" from your Live Rebate account to your USD Wallet. Once this step is complete, you will then be able to request a withdrawal, as normal.

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