Increase your user loyalty by building and nurturing your relationship with your online community

Our services include the undertaking of the development and management of your app’s social community. This is done through the introduction of original and relevant media content that enhances audience engagement and supports and rewards loyal users.

Based on the axiom that untimely reaction to the feedback of users is the primary explanation behind negative reviews for an app, a timely reaction is ensured through the meticulous monitoring of all feedback received, as well as the overall media environment.

Within this framework, our media experts will cover the activity in all media streams, thematic forums and in-app chat rooms, while also timely recognizing any possible threats and opportunities stemming from monitoring the activities of competitors.

Strategies used to this end include:

  • Further developing and effectively managing your app’s social community
  • Ensuring timely reaction through the constant monitoring of the media environment and the activities of competitors
  • Enabling content updates in media that is best suited to market demands
  • Boosting customer retention and encouraging customer loyalty
  • Fully utilizing user feedback analysis

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