An Inspiring Cypriot Ecommerce Success Story

As I was having my coffee this morning and scrolling online to catch up on the day’s news, I came across an article in a popular news platform, on the story of a couple from the Famagusta area in Cyprus, who have managed to find success online.

I found their story very interesting and encouraging, as their case is proof that succeeding is indeed possible, even if one is trying to make it in a small country, such as Cyprus. Allow me to share some more details about this amazing couple and their truly inspirational story. Back in 2013, at the culmination of the economic crisis in Cyprus, they had decided to open a shop in their small community to sell sports shoes and other athletic apparel and accessories. Alas, the timing of their venture was bad and they found themselves in a shop with no customers for days and days, fast heading towards destruction. In their desperation they tried their luck with selling a few of their products online on Ebay.

Five years down the line, they run a thriving business, having expanded to another shop in a community nearby, but also selling their products on Ebay UK, Ebay USA, Ebay France, Ebay Germany, Ebay Italy, Ebay Spain and even Ebay Australia! They have also launched their own website and point out that 80% of their sales are made online, with only 20% being carried out in their two brick and mortar shops. Moreover, they are proud to boast Top Rated and Top Seller awards both form Ebay UK and Ebay USA, while they have also recently expanded their offering on Amazon USA and Amazon UK.

The two admit that along their way, they had made mistakes, mostly due to their initial inexperience and ignorance about how exactly the world of online commerce online commerce works and how the various selling platforms operate. However, their case sets out a brilliant example of how hard work, persistence, dedication, commitment and sheer willingness to succeed, always pays off in the end.

With customers from all over the world, from Europe, the USA, Australia, Israel and even distant locations such as the Christmas Islands!, they wanted their story heard, so that other small entrepreneurs in Cyprus will be encouraged to try out their luck and skills to succeed in the wonderful world of online businesses. In fact, they point out that if they could generate revenue amidst the great crisis in Cyprus, this is also possible for other small-sized local businesses, who should get out there and try to bring in profits, both for their own benefit, but for the benefit of the overall country as well.

The internet has put at the disposal of sellers around the world, even those based in small countries, a market worth billions and allows them access to potential customers and buyers from around the globe.

When setting up Netresort and building the team here at start-business-online, our primary goal was to be of help to all local business to turn their visions of success into reality, and examples such as the one showcased above, prove once again that such success is indeed possible online!

So, if you have a good product or service don’t sit around in your little shop waiting in vain for customers to come in. Let the world know you exist and what it is you have to offer, reach out through the internet, through existing platforms or your own e-shop or website, or even through social media channels, go after success with passion and determination and success will in the end come your way too. If you need guidance, assistance or helping hand to help you avoid mistakes, loopholes and waste valuable time and energy, talk to a member of our team today and see all your visions and dreams come true!

But even if you don’t yet have the product or service, but simply think you have a good idea, don’t let that go to waste either! Contact us today and let us see how your idea can be implemented and bring you the success you deserve!

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