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FunderPRO acclaimed as the 2023 Best Prop Trading Firm

Proprietary trading firm FunderPRO is proud to announce that it has been awarded the title of Best Newcomer Prop Trading Firm at the Finance & Fintech Quarterly Awards 2023, awarded following a worldwide vote commissioned by SBO International Magazine. The SBO is a popular and respected source of knowledge and information in the era of online trading and investment and enjoys a massive global readership through its website, newsletter, dedicated education academy, and social media channels.

The SBO ecosystem has managed over the years to gain the trust of hordes of readers and subscribers due to the hosting of expert analysts, who contribute their exclusive insights and in-depth perspective. Thus, from its headquarters on the small island of Cyprus, the SBO soon climbed the ladder and currently boasts as one of the top, most trusted, reliable, and reputable sources of information and knowledge, especially in the rapidly growing sectors of financial services and fintech.

In order to showcase and applaud leading examples of best practices and true innovation in these two fields, the SBO has established the Finance & Fintech Quarterly Awards, which seek to be established as an “accurate indicator of excellence, through the identification of both organizations and individuals that have excelled in their respective fields”, as is explained on the SBO website.

The Best Newcomer Prop Trading Firm category of the specific Awards assesses companies like FunderPRO which engage in the provision of funded trader programs to retail traders across the globe. This award and recognition for FunderPro came pretty early in the life of the Dubai-born firm since it was set up by a pioneering group of investment managers as well as traders, as recently as the second semester of 2022. Their main aim was to remove the pressure created by excessive or unnecessary rules and allow traders to trade more freely and be given a chance to succeed or fail based primarily on their own skill and merit.

Trader empowerment is at the core of FunderPro’s philosophy and that is why traders opting for this funded traded program are facilitated to trade at their own time and pace, in the absence of deadlines and without the hassle of petty restrictions. Since the profits earned through each funded account are equally shared between the trader and the platform, FunderPro stands to earn a lot if its traders succeed and this is why it actively seeks to educate, mentor, inspire and maintain its account holders, to better equip them for trading success. Besides, the fact that traders may trade as much as they decide, at no personal risk, since all losses are covered by the prop firm, is what makes prop firms so popular and explains the impressively fast growth and expansion of this particular industry sector.

Nicolas Piat, affiliate manager at FunderPro, commented on the significance of this award for the FunderPro family, highlighting the pride of their entire team and how humbled they all were to receive an award, which was awarded primarily through the votes of the SBO voters globally. FunderPro’s triumph becomes more significant if one considers the fact that the readers of SBO gave FunderPro almost twice as many votes as its nearest competitor. According to Piat, this success is attributed to the unique features and characteristics of FunderPro, which enable them to stand out from the rest.

Besides allowing them to trade risk-free, FunderPro differs from its competitors, since it claims to offer them “one of the best trader support in the business”. FunderPro is particularly proud of committing ample resources to ensure its clients stand to get the best possible customer support, allowing all account holders easy access to a customer support agent, who will do their utmost to help them. Moreover, FunderPro prides itself on the simplicity and clarity of the very few rules it applies and the complete absence of time limits and pressures on account holders, who can trade at the pace that best suits their preferences, skill set, and needs.

In addition, As a new firm in the prop trading industry, we are always looking for innovative ways to connect with our audience and that is why we are delighted to be sponsoring Ferrari F1 Protégé & Youngest British Formula 2 Driver Ollie Bearman and to be supporting such a promising young talent.

We have already started visiting countries around the world to connect with our clients and partners because we believe in the value of real human interaction on a face-to-face basis. We are hosting seminars around the world to educate traders, enabling them to make better trading decisions.

Finally, Piat pointed out that the particular significance of the SBO Finance & Fintech Quarterly Awards 2023, and particularly the title won by FunderPRO, is the fact that results reflect the opinion of people across the globe who took part in the selection process and voted for those they thought would merit such an Award. "This award is proof of the preference and trust of traders in our firm and an indication that they have had positive experiences with us. We are proud and honored by the people’s vote of confidence and wish to thank all those who have voted for us during the selection process, while also promising to keep aiming for better service provision and new innovations to help account holders reach their maximum potential as traders."

4.8 / 5
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