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TFT Trader Company Updates

Here's the latest news from the grand council of TFT Trader:

Refund calculations are now automated! No more mischievous meddling – payouts include refunds, reducing error margins.
Exciting news! Free Trial accounts will be revealed this moon cycle. Test the royal challenge before investing your gold.
Payout requests made easy! Our updated flow ensures swift adjustments to your account, allowing you to resume trading in ... 

Three-Phase Challenge alert! We're gathering wisdom from the crowd and finalizing the updated model for launch at the end of this moon's cycle.
Explore new charts on your dashboards! We've unveiled them, and our diligent inspectors are on the lookout for any potential gremlins.
Stay tuned for more updates from TFT Trader!

Tuesday 14 November, 2023

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TheFundedTrader Unveils Game-Changing Updates

The Funded Trader is set to launch transformative updates on October 6th, elevating the trading experience for its users. Key Updates:
1. Royal Challenge 14-Day First Payout Add-on: Streamlining onboarding, this feature offers a 14-day first payout option for smoother trading initiation.
2. Purple Trading MT4 and MT5 Integration: Expanding options, Purple Trading’s MT4 and MT5 platforms provide advanced tools for traders in both Challenge and ... 

Funded Accounts.
3. Shortened Challenge Phases: Rapid transitions: Phase 1 to 2 duration reduced from 24 to 12 hours. Rapid Challenges now progress in just 6 hours, ensuring quicker results.
4. Eightcap MT4 Discontinuation: Future purchases of Eightcap MT4 cease after the launch, enhancing platform focus. Existing users face no interruptions.

Sunday 01 October, 2023

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TheFundedTrader Payout Update

TheFundedTrader, following extensive discussions with WISE, they've transitioned The Funded Trader account to withdrawal-only status immediately after processing yesterday's deposit. Regrettably, this means TFT cannot facilitate payouts through ... 

WISE. In a positive turn, WISE is refunding several transactions they previously processed, resolving lingering concerns. While disappointing, this decision marks a decisive step towards closure on our past issues with them.

Thursday 28 September, 2023

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The Funded Trader Expands Trading Challenge Opportunities with New Account Options

The Funded Trader has shared an important update to its trading challenge by introducing new account options for aspiring traders. This development comes as a response to user feedback. The Funded Trader has made it abundantly clear that they are ... 

not discontinuing the RAW account type but rather expanding their offerings. Traders can now choose from a range of standard account types at the checkout stage. This will provide greater flexibility and cater to the diverse needs and preferences of their user base.

Thursday 14 September, 2023

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Exclusive Anniversary Offer at The Funded Trader!

The Funded Trader is celebrating its two-year milestone with an exclusive offer! Traders can enjoy a 10% discount, a 90% lifetime payout, an unprecedented 125% refund, and a FREE $10,000 Challenge. This limited-time offer ends on May 31st. Don't miss out! Use code “TFTTWOYEARS” today.

Tuesday 16 May, 2023

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Update from The Funded Trader: Server Issue Resolved & New Brokerage Options

The Funded Trader has shared the Final Server issue update. Server issues are fixed, ensuring fair compensation for trades made between May 10th - May 12th. Breached accounts will be restored. Exciting news too—new brokerage options with Purple Trading and ThinkMarkets are coming soon, promising enhanced support and trading conditions.

Sunday 14 May, 2023

Upcoming & Ongoing Competitions and Giveaways

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The Funded Trader 25% Off Coupon Code is live

The Funded Trader offers a discount code of 25% on the account fee for all $5k - $25k Challenges. You can save a great deal of money. In addition, if you pass the evaluation process, you can receive a 125% Bonus + 12.5% challenge profits from phase ... 

1 and phase 2 for $5k - $25k Challenges.

 $ Coupon Code 25% OFFBESTOFTFT1

Ending Date: Sunday 17 December, 2023

Terms: 25% off + 125% Bonus + 12.5% challenge profits from phase 1 and phase 2 for $5k - $25k Challenges

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