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SurgeTrader discount coupon code

Few words about SurgeTrader

As prop firms jostle for recruits in the funded trading arena, another firm has joined the ranks: enter SurgeTrader. SurgeTrader is a Florida-based prop firm founded by serial entrepreneur Jana Seaman. The company offers “Accelerated trader funding” where successful applicants keep up to 90% of profits earned through allocated accounts.

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How to apply the SurgeTrader Discount Coupon Code?

Please follow these simple steps and Save Up To 10% OFF At SurgeTrader:

  • Log in or Sign Up
  • Complete the Registration
  • Create an account
  • Choose your Challenge
  • Paste the Discount Code FPREVIEWS10OFF

Step 1: Log in or Sign Up

Go to the SurgeTrader Website. If you already have an account, then just log in. If not, then you need first to Sign Up.

Step 2: Complete the Registration

By Signing up, you will receive an Email to complete the Registration.

Step 3: Create an account

You will have to give a few details and agree to their terms and condition to create an account.

Step 4: Choose your Challenge

Choose your Challenge amount and Trading Platform

Step 5: Paste the Discount Code FPREVIEWS10OFF

You will have to paste our Discount Code FPREVIEWS10OFF to get the SurgeTrader 10% OFF

SurgeTrader Coupon Code Terms And Conditions

This promotion does not have a fixed period of validity but SurgeTrader can stop offering it at any time. If you have any questions regarding the use of the promo code you can contact SurgeTrader for example via their online chat. For full terms and conditions please see the SurgeTrader website.

Save 10% OFF on each SurgeTrader account

Is SurgeTrader discount coupon worth it?

Are the SurgeTrader discounts worth the time you put into finding and saving the coupon? The max amount of savings on the firm's Funded trader programs and accounts will be $230. A trader can save as much, with the purchase of the account <SurgeTrader  $500,000 - Expert> that it's initial price is $2300. Below you can see how much you can save on each SurgeTrader account.

By taking advantage of this promotion, this discount coupon will allow you to save 10% OFF on each account. Always confirm this with the prop firm.
Account Name Initial Price Price After Discount
SurgeTrader $25,000 - Starter$250$225 (Save $25)
SurgeTrader $50,000 - Intermediate$400$360 (Save $40)
SurgeTrader 100,000 - Seasoned$700$630 (Save $70)
SurgeTrader $250,000 - Advanced$1800$1620 (Save $180)
SurgeTrader $500,000 - Expert$3500$3150 (Save $350)
SurgeTrader $1,000,000 - Master$6500$5850 (Save $650)
SurgeTrader $25,000 - Starter$200$180 (Save $20)
SurgeTrader $50,000 - Intermediate$300$270 (Save $30)
SurgeTrader 100,000 - Seasoned$500$450 (Save $50)
SurgeTrader $250,000 - Advanced$1200$1080 (Save $120)
SurgeTrader $500,000 - Expert$2300$2070 (Save $230)

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SurgeTrader Discount Coupon Code FAQs

Is there any first-order discount at SurgeTrader?
Yes, SurgeTrader funding offers coupons for new customers. Currently, there is one discount code FPREVIEWS10OFF for 10% OFF for new customers.
How can I find more SurgeTrader discount coupons and promo codes?
Be active on pages like this one as well as by joining several discussions and conversations within relevant online groups and communities.
How much can i save with the SurgeTrader's discount coupon?
The max amount of savings on the SurgeTrader firm's Funded trader programs and accounts will be $230 on the funded account SurgeTrader  $500,000 - Expert
Does SurgeTrader offer coupons for existing customers?
Yes, SurgeTrader offers coupons for existing customers. Currently, there is one SurgeTrader discount coupon FPREVIEWS10OFF for 10% OFF for existing customers.
Can I use more than one coupon at one time?
SurgeTrader coupons are limited to one per order, so unfortunately no, you cannot use multiple coupons at the same time.
For how long are SurgeTrader online coupons active?
You can save more with our deals and coupon codes because they are hand-picked, updated, and verified on a regular basis. You can find the coupon expiration date on the offer.
Why is my SurgeTrader coupon code not working?
Even though our team regularly checks all the coupon codes to make sure that they are working, contact us and we will help you ressolve the issue at no time.