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FunderPro Announces $246,710 in Payouts for May!

FunderPro announces an impressive $246,710 in payouts to its traders for May! The consistent and substantial payouts not only demonstrate the profitability of FunderPro’s traders but also enhance the firm’s reputation in the community. As more traders seek platforms that offer significant capital and comprehensive support, FunderPro’s growing payouts are likely to attract even more talent.

Tuesday 11 June, 2024

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FunderPro March Payouts: Successfully Paid!

FunderPro made waves with its recent announcement of distributing over $86,000 in payouts in March. Amidst recent industry concerns, FunderPro's $86,000 payouts for March arrive at a crucial moment, reinstating faith in the prop trading sector.

Friday 05 April, 2024

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FunderPro Facilitates Negotiations for TFT Payouts

FunderPro, led by Owen Morton, is actively negotiating with Angelo, the founder of TFT, and TFT leadership to resolve outstanding payout issues affecting traders in the prop trading industry. In a proactive move towards finding solutions, ... 

FunderPro invites all TFT traders awaiting payouts to visit Funderpro and fill out the form on the page to provide proof of their pending payouts. This initiative aims to expedite the resolution process. For traders seeking resolution and a transparent trading environment, FunderPro stands as a trusted mediator and provider of prop trading opportunities.

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Sunday 31 March, 2024

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FunderPro just Announced Fiat Payouts in your local currency

Exciting news for FunderPro users! In response to their users’ requests, the prop firm announced a new enhancement to their platform. Now, with FunderPro's latest feature, you can receive fiat payouts directly to your bank account, and that's not all! Payouts are available in your local currency, offering greater flexibility and convenience. The company behind FunderPro empowerment us to fulfill your payout preferences is Rise, which supports (almost) any ... 

currency you desire.

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Friday 26 January, 2024

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FunderPro Takes Trading to the Next Level at iFX Expo Dubai 2024!

FunderPro invites all trading fans to iFX Expo Dubai 2024 (DUBAI, UAE 16-18 January 2024 Dubai World Trade Centre, Za’abeel Hall 6) for a unique experience. Connect with experts, learn the ropes, and discover exciting opportunities. It's not just an event; it's your chance to boost your trading journey. Be the first to see FunderPro's cool tech – from smart AI to blockchain magic. See how they're changing the game.

Tuesday 16 January, 2024

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FunderPro is starting the new year with a BANG! Single-Phase Challenge

FunderPro Single-Phase Challenges are live!
What Is a Single-Phase Challenge?
Easy! Instead of having to pass a 2-phase evaluation, you must pass just one phase before you receive your Funded Account (which comes with unlimited daily ... 

payouts). The advantages of a FunderPro Single-Phase Challenge are:
Get funded faster (duh!)
A ton of add-ons to customize your Challenge: profit split upgrade, 2x leverage, news holding
EAs are allowed
Same price as 2-Phase Challenge

Follow the link below and get an early bird discount.

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Monday 08 January, 2024

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FunderPro: last chance of a huge holiday promo

Kick off the new year with hope, determination, and a hefty discount! ? This is your last opportunity to take advantage of our holiday promo and set yourself up for success in 2024. 20% Off All Challenges: Your last chance to save on all account ... 

sizes and gear up for your trading journey, including our new Swing Challenges + Free 90/10 Profit Split Upgrade + 50% Discount on Challenge Resets and Retries Use Code NEWME at checkout Hurry! Discounts end today at 23.59 CET!

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Tuesday 02 January, 2024

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FunderPro Launches New Swing Account Type With Weekend and News Holding

FunderPro Answering the Requests from the Community has implemented a new challenge type to cater to those traders whose strategy involves holding positions for several days. FunderPro’s Swing Account is a 2-phase FAC (Funded Account Challenge) that allows traders to hold positions over the weekend and during news events. The standard FAC requires traders to close all positions before the market closes on Friday and 2 minutes before any major news release. ... 

With this new account type, traders who want to hold positions for longer periods will be able to do so.

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Monday 18 December, 2023

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Ask Me Anything (AMA) Funderpro session - Gain valuable insights

In a recent update, FunderPro has exciting news to share with its community. The company is set to host its first Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on the popular communication platform, Discord. This event provides a unique opportunity for enthusiasts ... 

and followers to engage directly with FunderPro's leadership. Scheduled for this Thursday, December 7th, from 5:00 to 5:30 pm CET, the AMA session promises an insightful discussion. Participants can join the conversation on FunderPro's Discord server, specifically in the dedicated weekly-ama channel. During the live session, attendees will have the chance to pose questions directly to key figures in the company. FunderPro's CEO, Gary Mullen, will be present to address inquiries alongside Tim Bettingen, the Product Manager, and Christian Jensen, the Head of Engagement. Don't miss this chance to connect with the minds behind FunderPro and gain valuable insights. Mark your calendars for Thursday and get ready to participate in the conversation on the weekly-ama channel of FunderPro's Discord server!

Tuesday 05 December, 2023

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You have 4 hours to grab your 30% off and free 95% profit share - FunderPro Cyber Monday

Still holding out on buying a Challenge after Black Friday? FunderPro is going all out this Cyber Monday! 30% Off - It Lasts 4 Hours (Until 9 pm CET)! DISCOUNT CODE: FPCM 30% discount on ALL challenges. Whether you're eyeing a $25k ... 

challenge or aiming for the $200k tier, this is the right time to get in the game. But remember, the clock is ticking. The discount drops to 20% in 4 hours!

Monday 27 November, 2023

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Major development at FunderPro

Big News for FunderPro Traders and Partners! They're teaming up with the trusted regulated broker, ThinkMarkets! This partnership is a significant move towards delivering an even better trading experience. According to the brand, "The decision to ... 

join forces with ThinkMarkets is rooted in our commitment to improving your trading journey. ThinkMarkets shares these goals and brings the technological expertise to revolutionize our trading approach."

Thursday 16 November, 2023

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FunderPro's new add-on, bumping your profit split

The exciting updates from FunderPro just keep rolling in with their new add-on, and now you can bump your profit split from the standard 80/20 to a whopping 90/10. All you need to do is When you buy any FunderPro Funded Account Challenge, tick the ... 

add-on from the checkout menu and purchase it. Once you earn your Funded Account, your daily payouts will be 90% of your profits instead of the standard 80%.

Thursday 19 October, 2023

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FunderPro Launches New $150k Challenge and New Pricing

The latest update comes from FunderPro. They have revised their pricing and added a $150k challenge to their suite of offerings. More details can be found in our "Find Firm" section with all the pricing details of the most popular prop firms.

Sunday 15 October, 2023

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Breaking News: Exclusive Offer from FunderPro!

Are you up for a trading challenge? If you've been testing your trading skills on another platform in the past 30 days, we have fantastic news for you! FunderPro is offering an exclusive 30% discount on our renowned trading challenge. But that's ... 

not all! If you've proven your trading prowess by maintaining a profitable MT4/MT5 live, funded account for a minimum of 3 months, you could be considered for a live, funded FunderPro account, opening the doors to even greater trading opportunities.

Wednesday 13 September, 2023

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FunderPro Joins Forces with Sigma World for a Prop Trading Extravaganza in Cyprus

FunderPro, a dynamic name in the world of proprietary trading, is gearing up for an exciting collaboration at the highly anticipated Sigma World event in Cyprus. Sigma World offers a diverse range of activities, including panel discussions, ... 

workshops, and keynote presentations led by industry experts. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights into the latest trends and trading strategies that are shaping the future of prop trading while forging invaluable connections within the sector.

Friday 01 September, 2023

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