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In 2022, Next Ventures launched a new platform: FundedNext was live. The prop firm quickly made a name for itself by its generous capital allowance: a staggering $4 million was on the table for FundedNext traders who get to keep 90% of any profits made.

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FundedNext is Introducing cTrader alongside our MT4 and MT5 platforms

FundedNext, a leading trading platform provider, has announced the launch of its newest addition, the cTrader platform, alongside its existing offerings of MT4 and MT5. This strategic move is aimed at meeting the evolving needs of the prop industry ... 

by providing traders with a modern interface, extensive customization options, and advanced backtesting capabilities.

Monday 22 April, 2024

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FundedNext's TradingView beta launches for Free Trial users!

FundedNext will be launching TradingView beta on the 14th of March for all Free Trial users.

Monday 11 March, 2024

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FundedNext Introduces Free Trial Accounts

Embark on a risk-free journey with FundedNext! The prop firm just announced the launch of Free Trial Accounts, an opportunity for traders to hone their skills without fearing financial loss.

Sunday 18 February, 2024

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Important Announcement Regarding US Traders on FundedNext

FundedNext has temporarily halted new sign-ups from the United States in response to recent developments. The decision comes after careful consideration of service, compliance, and trading platform policies. The company is actively exploring ... 

options to adapt to the situation and is committed to finding a solution for its traders. An update regarding the matter is expected to be provided to the community in the coming month.

Wednesday 14 February, 2024

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Crypto Trading Now Live at FundedNext!

Big news! FundedNext has just announced the launch of Crypto Trading on their platform. Now, users can trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, enjoying the seamless, secure, and user-friendly FundedNext experience.

Thursday 08 February, 2024

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Migration to FundedNext MT4 & MT5 Main Label Servers!

Exciting news from FundedNext as they take a giant leap toward their vision by securing a regulated broker license. Now, users can access both MT4 and MT5 on the enhanced FundedNext broker platform.
Note: All existing MT5 accounts are ... 

unaffected, and MT4 accounts under INCENTECO will seamlessly migrate to FundedNext MT4, preserving your trading history.

Saturday 13 January, 2024

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FundedNext Announcement: Changes to Trader Allocation Limits for Pakistan

Effective from January 2, 2024, FundedNext will introduce a maximum allocation limit of $50K for traders from Pakistan. This decision is specifically targeted at mitigating the risks associated with the identified abusive activities and is not a ... 

reflection on the vast majority of our dedicated and honest traders from Pakistan.

Tuesday 02 January, 2024

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Announcing brand-new feature FundedNext Infinity Points

FundedNext introduced a brand-new feature that according to the firm will take your FundedNext journey to the Next Level: FundedNext Infinity Points! As you accumulate points, you'll have the opportunity to unlock incredible rewards. These rewards ... 

can range from incentives to coupons and many other exciting perks. You can watch your points go up and unlock higher badge levels. These badges symbolize your growth as a trader and showcase your highest achievements. Your badge level will always be on display, highlighting your trading prowess.

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Monday 18 December, 2023

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FundedNext Unveils Weekly Payout Add-on for Enhanced Trading Experience

FundedNext introduces a game-changing Weekly Payout add-on alongside the Stellar 1-Step Challenge. Prioritizing simplicity, this feature empowers traders, setting a new standard in the industry. Now live, it offers a dynamic, user-friendly ... 

experience, reinforcing FundedNext's commitment to innovation and trader success.

Tuesday 28 November, 2023

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FundedNext Cyber Monday Offer WITH NO MINIMUM TRADING DAYS!

Cyber Monday Deal at FundedNext brings trade with total freedom, with no minimum days required! Grab this chance to trade on your schedule your way. Get up to 22% discount with the ‘No Minimum Trading Days’ offer at FundedNext! Don't let this opportunity slip away!

Sunday 26 November, 2023

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Unveiling FundedNext's Brand Promise! Guaranteed Payouts!

The latest announcement from FundedNext is bold and carries a strong commitment to the traders. FundedNext proudly guarantees traders swift payouts within 24 hours or an extra $1000! Recognizing your trading expertise, FundedNext assures prompt ... 

processing, and if there's a delay, traders get an extra $1000.

Monday 20 November, 2023

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FundedNext Addresses Deel Compliance Review

FundedNext has promptly responded to Deel's compliance review, demonstrating its commitment to transparency. Furthermore, the firm to ensure seamless withdrawals is taking the following steps: Withdrawal Method: During the review, all withdrawals ... 

will be facilitated through Crypto/Perfect Money. Client Support: Clients can switch to Crypto/Perfect Money withdrawals by contacting FundedNext's support team if they were previously using Deel.

Tuesday 12 September, 2023

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FundedNext Update: Crypto Payments Have Been Automated

From now on, there will be no more need for payment verification manually from FundedNext's operations team. When you pay for the challenge with crypto, it will be verified ASAP automatically.

Tuesday 01 August, 2023

FundedNext Enhanced Trading Experience with MT5 Integration
FundedNext Enhanced Trading Experience with MT5 Integration

FundedNext just introduced a new feature to streamline your trading journey. You can now trade directly in the MT5 terminal from your FundedNext dashboard, bringing you convenience and efficiency! This improvement provides you with better ... 

oversight of your trading activities, empowering you to make informed decisions with ease and timeliness.

Saturday 10 June, 2023

FundedNext is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Meta
FundedNext is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Meta

FundedNext and Meta have formed a strategic partnership to address the funding challenges faced by retail traders. This collaboration aims to provide traders with increased access to resources and capital, empowering them to overcome obstacles and ... 

succeed in their trading journey. The partnership signifies a global expansion and a commitment to revolutionizing the trading landscape. The commitment of both organizations was highlighted by key representatives, including executives from Meta Business Group, MENA, and FundedNext Account Manager.

Tuesday 23 May, 2023

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