Our company is a Google Analytics Certified Partner with numerous corporate level implementations for many Cyprus companies.

Web Analytics
Web Analytics is essentially the analysis of both qualitative and quantitative website and application data that is then used in order to prevent the overall user experience for both existing and prospective customers. Measuring data related to your online presence is easy and can be quite extensive and the data collected empowers the in-depth studying of your site visitors, allowing you to make comparisons and draw conclusions on an on-going basis, helping you to maximize your return on investment. Working with Netresort for the analysis of your website traffic will enable you to obtain a clear picture about you why, how and where exactly your customers are experiencing your business and how you this experience can be improved in order to enhance your performance.

The Importance of Analytics
The proper collection and analysis of the data obtained through analytics is very important because it provides a valid and accurate picture on which to form conclusions about what needs to be done in order for improve and enhance use experience, thus helping business objectives to be met and each business to maximize its full potential.

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In God we trust; all others must bring data.

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Netresort's Expert Approach to Web Analytics Solutions


Netresort is a Certified Partner of Google Analytics Certified Partner and has a vast experience in implementing solutions across a variety of industry sectors.


Our offering goes far beyond the basic analytics setup and includes the setting of goals and creation of processes, the configuration of e-commerce modules, cross-domain implementations and multi-site setups.


Through a thoroughly conducted audit a flawed analytics implementation is avoided, safeguarding the tracking of all pages, the accuracy of goal conversions and any issues arising from sub-domain referrers.


Our team members are expert users of tools such as Google Tag Manager (GTM), Adobe Analytics, Web Trends etc, and are thus well versed to perform a web analytics platform implementation in any setting, which is a pre-requisite prior to implementing any online marketing campaign.