A thorough SEO audit enables you to uncover the unexploited potential of your website. An easily accessible and error-free website is not only valued by customers, but the resulting user engagement signals are also taken into account by Google and other search engines for ranking purposes. The key to online success, is primarily a well-visible and user-friendly site and we can help you to get one.

The Netresort team can help you with the execution of a credible and thorough SEO audit of your site, irrespective of the line of business you are in, based on the years-long experience and hands-one expertise of our resident experts, who audit websites based on our purposely created SEO Spider Tool. Each SEO audit we conduct results in a detailed report indicating ways in which your website can be optimised in order to increase its search engine visibility and enhance the user experience it offers. Such optimisation will soon bring about tangible results in terms of increased traffic and client conversions.

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Today it's not about 'get the traffic' — it's about 'get the targeted and relevant traffic.

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How our expert SEO team can help

Our technical SEO expertise is unparalleled and enables to work equally well on SEO audits of any type and scale, from complex e-commerce websites to small start-up ventures, irrespective of their location or number of languages they operate in.

SEO Consultancy

Our expert SEO consultancy services assist each business best identify and pursue both its set objectives and the strategy to be followed to achieve them. We can offer solid advice on the best approach to be taken for every decision you are called to take, whether you are pondering on the need of a domain migration, or probing for internationalisation into new regions and languages.

Keyword & Market Research

Extensive keyword, audience and market research as part of a comprehensive and tailor made SEO strategy, enable the improved targeting of potential clients, best match their search intent and maximises the potential for conversions and revenues.

Technical Auditing

The high standard of our technical capabilities and the reliable SEO Spider crawling tools we have developed, allow us to gather and analyse the necessary data on which our resident experts gain valuable insight and base their suggestions for action.

Onsite SEO

We analyse all elements which search engine algorithms take into account in order to rank your website. Such factors include, but are not limited to, the website's structure and its speed. The results of our analysis is used in order to provide actionable and prioritized recommendations aiming at improved relevancy, client targeting and user experience.

Penalty Recovery

We have a proven track record in helping websites recover from Google algorithmic penalties, such as Panda & Penguin. Moreover, we can advise on actions to be taken to rectify past mistakes while we can lead the effort for achieving high user engagement signal, since this are greatly valued by Google and other search engines.


We have extensive experience in effectively handling website migrations for website of all intents and sizes, while we can also help identify and resolve any issues that might arise from problematic moves, whether to a new website, a new domain or a new server.