Social media is far more than a buzz word or a passing trend. The numerous social media channels and platforms out there, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or one of the interest-specialized platforms, have billions of users and followers across the globe and connecting with them through an effective social media online marketing strategy holds huge potential.

Social Media usage does play a bigger role in certain industries, such as for example the travel and hospitality industry where most decisions taken by consumers are said to be shaped through social media channels, but it has at the same time become a crucial component of any effective online marketing strategy. Implementing a customized social media optimization strategy allows the effective management of all social media platforms and the engagement of the maximum number of potential customers.

For Increased Sales
Irrespective of the market sector your business operates in, Netresort's team is able to offer you tailor-made social media management services across the entire social media spectrum, ensuring all your specific needs are met and results are conquered. The ultimate aim is the creation of appealing and successful Social Media Campaigns that boost both leads and sales for your business. We put at your disposal our extensive experience and a highly qualified and enthusiastic team from various backgrounds who can devise effective social media campaigns across the board. We keep pace of all new developments and changes in the ever expanding and dynamic field of social media to ensure your business and the strategies we implement together are not left behind and are always effective.

  • Successful generation of sales and leads through social media channels and platforms
  • Positive interaction with customers, which improves your brand's online presence and visibility
  • Creation of repeat and recommendation business through increased customer loyalty
  • Avoidance of unprofitable activities that end up losing you money and targeted social ROI methods
  • Realistic expectations from social media campaigns through a results-oriented and thoughtful approach

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Social media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide you.

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Netresort's Expert Approach to Social Media Optimization (SMO)


Effective management of your entire the social media presence through a thorough auditing and evaluation of your current social media accounts, identifying needed updates, corrections, fine tuning and optimization to ensure the best possible results.


Analysis and evaluation of successful strategies and communication types that have in the past produced increased visibility and revenue. Further analysis of current target audience and customer segments to be targeted via social media.


Devising a custom-made social media strategy, including a detailed posting plan aiming to encourage both potential and existing customers to engage with the brand.


Design and implementation of Social media advertising campaigns on multiple platforms aiming at creating increased awareness as well as achieving higher revenues and conversions. Direction of traffic to either the social media platform or the business website according to the desired outcome.

Take your Cyprus company to the next level through Facebook

Take your Cyprus company to the next level through Facebook

Facebook is extremely popular in Cyprus. In fact, according to recent studies, it records the highest percentage of Facebook users in Europe, since 94% of internet users in the country are also subscribers to the popular social media platform. This massive penetration in the local consume...…

Published: Sunday 07 October, 2018

Effective use of social media

Effective use of social media

If you are selling any kind of products or services, either offline, online or though both, you know that the quality of your offering should be your paramount consideration, since your aim is for prospective clients to trust you and set what you are offering apart from your competitors rendering...…

Published: Monday 18 June, 2018

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