Successful Email Marketing

Email Marketing is perhaps one of the oldest forms of online marketing and if used effectively it can prove very powerful as a tool for customer engagement. It is particularly suited in the cases where building, fostering and maintaining a relationship between a certain brand, product or service and its current and future customers is the ultimate objective. Email marketing allows businesses to keep in touch with their target client audience and helps them retain their existing customers effectively and efficiently.

The advantages of Email Marketing:

  • Credibility Building through content distribution
  • Generation of calls and boosting of sales
  • Strengthening of relationships with customers
  • Improvement in communication
  • Enhanced brand awareness and a lasting impression in the minds of customers
  • Ability to target users of all devices, including mobile
  • Boosting of website traffic
  • Ability to tailor and send personalized messages
  • Enables your business to come across as a leader in your industry

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Signing up is a powerful signal of intent to buy. Send them email until they do

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How Netresort Can Help

The services that Netresort can offer you with regards to email marketing and management services can greatly benefit the way you engage and interact both with existing as well as with prospective customers. Using the highest and best industry practice standards, we can help you optimize your existing email database or build a new one from scratch.

Enhanced Email Conversions
Better targeting of your emails sent can be achieved through the use of smart filters and segmentation, enabling a greater degree of personalisation in the offers and messages disseminated, thus leading to higher conversion rates. Another tangible way we can help is by increasing the open and click through rates of your emails, by optimizing the design and layout of the messages themselves.

Customer Service Emails for Marketing
Keeping the connection and maintaining the relationship with customers via emails is not only done through sending out newsletters or emails containing offers, as many might believe. Through the proper optimization all types of customer service emails, such as receipts or abandoned cart notifications, customer service mails can be an equally powerful marketing tool.

Why Netresort LTD
We take care of every detail When it comes to email marketing campaigns we are very meticulous and pay attention to all details, from the proper and appealing design and layout of the emails, to ensuring they are mobile-friendly and do get classified as spam. All actions are part of a concerted effort to gain through an email campaign both increased brand visibility and awareness but most importantly higher conversions.


Implementing double-opt in email campaigns ensuring your communication is better targeted to a specific audience who are willing to hear from and interact with your business.


Our partnerships with top notch e-mail distribution services safeguards that your emails are successfully delivered to their target audience. Moreover, we can adjust the frequency of distribution according to the type of business you are in, your target audience and their geographic location.


Save time and effort with the creation of mobile friendly customized templates in accordance to brand guidelines. These can be further customized based on seasonality and the nature of the actual message to be communicated.


We provide you with detailed campaign reports including information such as open rates, click-through, visitors, conversions, revenue and ROI to best enable you to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign.

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