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Draw inspiration and give to life an innovative idea!

If you are struggling with a block, if you feel you have drained yourself, all your efforts lead to a dead end and you are in desperate need of a good, viable, creative and innovative idea for your next business venture, then despair not, because help is at hand. The best place to get inspiration and launch you next venture is right here at your fingertips.

One of our main aims here at Netresort is to remove all barriers and make it truly easy for entrepreneurs to start online businesses. Check out our innovative ideas, based on close monitoring of industry trends, and start offering a product or service that is high in demand, at very low initial investment costs and through a fast-track process.

Launching your Multivendor Marketplace

We can help you start a multivendor store to mimic the success of popular marketplaces such as Etsy and eBay. Our tailored multivendor solution comes mobile ready and offers a highly secure venue that features powerful tools for the administrators, merchants and end-users, leading to a high volume of sales in an optimized and simplified manner that effectively addresses all complications.

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Starting a local deals marketplace

Another innovative and potential highly lucrative idea, suited for entrepreneurs seeking to meet with success through a hybrid, localized, deals website. The solution we offer is very flexible and mobile optimized, featuring advanced functionalities enabling you to sell discount coupons, products or services.

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Building an Online Travel Booking Website

This solution enables you to launch a travel booking marketplace website bringing together travel lovers and local vendors. This innovative package solution comes with one-year free technical support and it is extremely user-friendly and highly intuitive, incorporating a trusted search engine as well as solutions for social media presence, while at the same time being easily customizable to suit your specific needs.

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Starting an online food ordering service

Since this is Cyprus, starting a venture that has to do with food cannot go wrong. Put all restaurants and other food offering establishments at the fingertips of hungry customers through this tailored made solution that makes finding and ordering food easy and works impeccable on all smart and mobile devices for quick use on the go.

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Launching a Care Services Marketplace

Cater for the needs of those in need of some caring. An innovative solution that requires a low investment and comes with an abundance of in-built features, allowing you to create a marketplace for care services, such as toddler care, adult/senior care, pet care and more.

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Starting an on-demand services marketplace

This turnkey solution developed to enable the building of service marketplaces, will allow you to achieve big profits by connecting service seekers with professionals in various fields. This solution can offer many revenue generation opportunities as it is mobile-friendly, completely scalable and fast to set up.

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Building a marketplace for event planners and performers

Everyone loves a good event, so why not build a marketplace for connecting event planners with artists/performers? This ready to launch marketplace solution can accommodate all your diverse customization needs and includes many features such as mapping, a reviews and rating system, as well as social media integration.

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Creating a writers' marketplace

Our offered solution is the easiest way to launch a marketplace for freelance writers. Our skilled team of analysts and coders has crafted this solution that simplifies writer search, hiring, and payment execution. Grab the opportunity to launch a venture that could bring you multiple income generation possibilities.

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Launching an auto dealership site

The cars market is finally recovering from the crisis, so why not achieve big profits through this solution that makes the process of searching for, selling and purchasing a car super easy? Our dedicated car dealership marketplace is full of sturdy features for car buyers, sellers, and auto-dealers and also makes capturing mobile traffic a breeze.

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Starting an online taxi booking service

Another innovative package solution for entrepreneurs seeking to start an online taxi booking website. Due to its excellent driver and user management features it offers both effectiveness and efficiency and it is mobile friendly and mobile ready, working on all smart devices. Moreover, it incorporates SEO features as well as payment and database management tools.

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Building an Online Professional Search Service

A feature-rich solution for launching a professional search marketplace, that is highly secure, yet completely scalable, since it was built entirely using open source technologies. It is a feature packed solution based on an easy to use content management system, a responsive template and attractive interface.

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Launching a Fitness Trainer Search

Distinguished for its unparalleled user-friendliness, this solution allows you to launch an online personal trainer search platform. Rich in features and tools it is designed in such a way as to provide the best user experience possible and also comes with an incorporated review system so that potential users will be able to know all the important details about the featured trainers.

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Launching a classified ads website

An ideal, innovative, tailor-made solution for starting a classified ads business website. It is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs, who seek to launch a website where advertisers and business owners, as well as individual consumers can post and view their classified advertisements effortlessly.

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Kick-start A Crowdfunding Platform

This solution provides the ideal platform to kick-start a crowdfunding website. Being mobile friendly, SEO ready, and packed with all the crucial and necessary crowdfunding marketplace features, it is a powerful took in the hands of entrepreneurs wishing to succeed in this dynamic and fast growing fields that holds a huge revenue potential.

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