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A one-step prop trading firm evaluation is a more straightforward and efficient path to becoming a funded trader. Let's see some of the most popular prop firms that you can get funded with, in a 1-step forex trading account.
Best 1-step evaluation prop firms: one-step funded accounts

Ambitious traders looking to fast-track their financial goals may consider a prop trading evaluation. An industry burgeoning in popularity, prop trading firms offer to fund undercapitalized traders. The deal is generally that any profits earned from the allocated capital are shared between traders and firms, with the average split being 80/20 (in the trader’s favor). No wonder traders are racing to open accounts – but there is a catch. Only a certain section of traders will successfully obtain funding from prop firms, who assess applicants in advance of authorizing the use of company money.

Prop firms choose funded traders based on their skills and profit potential, and the way they assess these is through an evaluation. These challenges will vary from firm to firm, but the basic premise is this: traders must hit profit targets within certain parameters. One major distinction among proprietary trading evaluations is the steps. Traditionally, prop firms have two stages, a “2-Step Challenge” they are often called. Today, a rising number of platforms are offering a new option: the one-step funding evaluation. In this article, we will break down the differences between these two approaches and help you understand why so many traders are choosing the second option.


Initially most – if not all – challenges took place over two phases. The first step was where you traded in a demo account using virtual funds. If you were successful in your targets and did not breach any challenge rules, you would proceed to the second step: another challenge with more responsibility. Again, the small print will differ among firms, but the second phase will bring a larger account with more flexibility, perhaps using real funds this time in a live market. The disadvantages of the two-step process are manifold: traders must prove themselves – twice. They must pay an entry fee to access the Challenge – twice.

They may have stricter trading parameters and evaluation criteria in the first phase that prevents them from successfully demonstrating their abilities and accessing the funding they merit. A double-stage challenge is obviously going to take longer – perhaps twice the time – before traders can proceed to the use of funding accounts and the retaining of profits earned. Let us do a recap of the differences between the evaluation types before we head onto a detailed overview of the one-step model.

one-step vs two-steps evaluation prop firms

Here is a comparison between the one-step evaluation and the two-step evaluation:

  • Process and Structure
    • One-Step Evaluation: In a one-step evaluation, traders undergo a single evaluation process. In this single demonstration, they showcase their trading skills and meet specific performance. Through this one session, the prop firm will assess both the trader’s trading strategies and risk management techniques.
    • Two-Step Evaluation: The two-step evaluation includes two separate phases. Traders initially are tested through a preliminary evaluation typically concentrated on basic trading skills and risk management. Should they be successful in this phase, they proceed to the second evaluation, where they trade a larger account with more substantial funding.
  • Time and Efficiency
    • One-Step Evaluation: One-step evaluations are usually more time-efficient. Given that traders complete the entire evaluation in a single phase, they go on to receive feedback and results sooner, therefore enabling them to progress to live trading or make necessary improvements faster.
    • Two-Step Evaluation: The two-step evaluation process is clearly more time-consuming. Traders can only advance to the second phase upon successful completion of the first one. This can lead to longer waiting periods and a potential delay in starting live trading.
  • Cost
    • One-Step Evaluation: One-step evaluations are usually covered by a single evaluation fee. Traders can therefore access both the evaluation and potential funded trading account with one upfront payment.
    • Two-Step Evaluation: Two-step evaluations often require traders to pay separate fees for each phase. The preliminary evaluation typically has a lower fee, but for traders who pass and move on to the second phase, there is often an additional fee – higher than the first – for the larger account and higher funding.
  • Funding Opportunities
    • One-Step Evaluation: Traders who manage to pass a one-step evaluation will then directly access a funded trading account. Traders who meet the performance criteria receive company funds based on their evaluation results, meaning they can begin trading with higher capital (and therefore potentially larger profits and subsequent payouts).
    • Two-Step Evaluation: Prop firms with a two-step process may demand that traders first trade in a smaller live account. The second evaluation is an unavoidable extra step for traders to unlock the higher funding levels. For traders keen to begin trading with substantial capital and reap the rewards this can be a serious disadvantage.
  • Risk and Pressure
    • One-Step Evaluation: The single-step challenge immerses traders in a real-time trading environment from the beginning. The exposure to a live market environment and the challenges therein is invaluable practice for traders during the evaluation period and could increase their profit potential in the funded stage too.
    • Two-Step Evaluation: Traders may find that the conditions of the preliminary evaluation are not an accurate replica of real-time trading. The pressures of live trading may only confront them in the second phase – and the lack of preparation might well have an impact on their performance.
  • Flexibility
    • One-Step Evaluation: One-step models are associated with higher flexibility when it comes to risk parameters and trading strategies. The road to profit is paved with variety and there are many successful trading styles and strategies. Overly strict prop firms with excessive criteria and trading parameters may find themselves excluding a group of maverick traders with unique approaches and skills. Singular evaluations can therefore enable a more personalized assessment.
    • Two-Step Evaluation: The two-step process is likely to have standardized risk parameters and evaluation criteria in the preliminary phase. Traders are set back from demonstrating their true skills and real potential for long-term success. Some of the traditional prop firms with two-step models have been criticized for imposing such exacting standards or numerous rules that it was nearly impossible to pass the challenge (many operating through revenue from the failed challenge fees).

Of course, both one-step and two-step evaluations have their advantages and drawbacks. The newer, single-step approach represents a more direct line to funding – with higher accounts along the way and greater trading flexibility. The opportunity to practice in a live trading account from the get-go is invaluable to some traders. That said, others might prefer the gradual and staggered route offered by the traditional model. Two-step evaluations can represent lower risk and offer beginner traders an opportunity to hone their skills in smaller accounts before taking on the larger positions and associated hurdles with larger ones. As with many things trading, the choice between the two model types depends on traders' preferences, risk tolerance, and time constraints.

Benefits of 1-Step Evaluations

While there is an argument to be made for both approaches to funding, the advantages of the 1-Step evaluation are clear and manifold. It is the newer approach, and while upgrades are not always an improvement, in the case of prop firm evaluations the latest model has a lot to recommend! Let us go through these now:

  • Streamlined

    The most blazingly obvious advantage to the one-step evaluation is just this: it is only one step! The streamlined process offered by this mode means that instead of facing multiple phases before funding, traders can focus on highlighting their prowess from the outset. Traders looking for a time-efficient and direct way to highlight skills and access funding will be suited to this approach.

  • Single Fee

    The fees for one-step evaluations may be higher depending on the firm, but they are also singular – fees. Whereas two-step evaluations often require several payments as traders need to pay entry fees both for the primary phase and the subsequent live account. There is a satisfying round and end-view aspect to the one-off fee in the 1-step model which covers the entire evaluation process.

  • Higher Funding

    Traders who successfully prove themselves in a one-step evaluation qualify for higher levels of funding straight away. The resultant chance of trading with significantly higher amounts of capital represents a wider range of market scenarios in which to practice and a greater net for steeper profits.

  • Motivation

    The one-step approach cuts out the extra phase and this can be a real motivational boon for many traders. Compared with the scenario of several hurdles and multiple phases between you and funding, you can instead fully devote yourself to a single assessment and concentrate on making it your best performance with the funding finish line in sight.

  • Real-Time Trading

    In the traditional, two-step approach, prop firms will only grant traders a live account in the second phase. With the 1-step evaluation, on the other hand, you will be trading with a live account, in a real-time environment all the way. This is an excellent opportunity to experience the pressures of live trading and adapt accordingly while still in the evaluation phase.

  • Personalized

    Traders undergoing a one-step evaluation know they will be judged on their current skills and actual potential. Past performances will not be taken into consideration: it is how you trade right there and then that will be the focus of your assessment. For many, this is both reassuring and a more accurate representation of their abilities and profitability.

  • Risk Parameters

    During a 1-step prop firm evaluation, risk parameters can be customized. This allows traders to tweak the criteria to reflect their trading style. The proffered flexibility allows one the freedom to implement a range of best strategies to unleash the optimum performance.

  • Support

    Throughout the one-step evaluation, traders will have continual support and feedback from experienced trading professionals. Some prop firms even appoint personal risk managers and expert advisors to guide applicants through the evaluation and ideally onto the funding stage. This network of professional guidance and trading advice can be a crucial chance to refine your trading approach for the best guarantee of a successful outcome.

A complete list of Prop firms Evaluation Model

Prop trading firms evaluation Models. A complete list of Prop trading firms evaluation Models. This summary is updated; however, sometimes there are changes. Always confirm them with your prop firm.
Prop Firm Prop trading firms evaluation Models
Alpha Capital Group2-steps Evaluation
Alphachain1-step Evaluation, Direct Funding program
Audacity Capital2-steps Evaluation
Bespoke Funding2-steps Evaluation
Blue Guardian2-steps Evaluation
BluFXInstant Funding
BuoyTrade3-steps Evaluation
City Traders Imperium1-step Evaluation, Direct Funding program
E8 Funding2-steps Evaluation
Earn2Trade1-step Evaluation
FidelCrest1-step Evaluation
Finotive Funding2-steps Evaluation
FTMO2-steps Evaluation
FTUK1-step Evaluation, Direct Funding program
Funded Academy2-steps Evaluation
Funded Trading Plus2-steps Evaluation
FundedNext1-step Evaluation, 2-steps Evaluation
FunderPro2-steps Evaluation
Funding Pips2-steps Evaluation
Goat Funded Trader2-steps Evaluation
Leveled Up Society1-step Evaluation, 2-steps Evaluation
Lux Trading Firm1-step Evaluation, Direct Funding program
Ment Funding1-step Evaluation
My Forex Funds2-steps Evaluation
MyFundedFX1-step Evaluation, 2-steps Evaluation
Nations Trading2-steps Evaluation
OspreyFX2-steps Evaluation
SabioTrade1-step Evaluation
Smart Prop Trader2-steps Evaluation
Super Funded2-steps Evaluation
SurgeTrader1-step Evaluation
The Funded Trader2-steps Evaluation
The Trading Pit2-steps Evaluation, Direct Funding program
the5ers2-steps Evaluation, Direct Funding program
ThorFX2-steps Evaluation
Topstep2-steps Evaluation
Toptier Trader2-steps Evaluation
True Forex Funds2-steps Evaluation
UltraCap Trading2-steps Evaluation

Best 1-step Evaluation Prop firms

Best 1-step Evaluation Prop Firms

One-Step evaluation Model Prop trading firms. A complete list of One-Step evaluation Model Prop trading firms. This summary is updated; however, sometimes there are changes. Always confirm them with your prop firm.
Prop Firm One-Step evaluation Model Prop trading firms
City Traders Imperium
Lux Trading Firm
Ment Funding
Leveled Up Society

Best 1-step evaluation funded trader programs

1-step evaluation Accounts

1-step evaluation Accounts. This summary is updated; however, sometimes there are change. Always confirm rules with your prop firm.
Name Value
Available Leverage1:10
the5ers $100,000 - Bootcamp$95
the5ers $250,000 - Bootcamp$225
the5ers $10,000 - Hyper Growth$550
the5ers $20,000 - Hyper Growth$995
the5ers $40,000 - Hyper Growth$250
Available Leverage1:10
SurgeTrader $25,000 - Starter$250
SurgeTrader $50,000 - Intermediate$400
SurgeTrader 100,000 - Seasoned$700
SurgeTrader $250,000 - Advanced$1800
SurgeTrader $500,000 - Expert$3500
SurgeTrader $1,000,000 - Master$6500
Available Leverage1:100
FundedNext $6,000 - Express$49
FundedNext $15,000 - Express$99
FundedNext $25,000 - Express$199
FundedNext $50,000 - Express$299


Let us face it: a one-step prop trading firm evaluation is a more straightforward and efficient path to becoming a funded trader. It is shorter, cheaper overall, and more flexible for ambitious traders looking to give their best. For the reasons above and more depending on individual firms, it is a small wonder that aspiring traders are heading to the 1-model evaluation in droves. Sure, there may be a higher entry fee and the higher account sizes will carry more risk. Nonetheless given that the prop firm will bear the responsibility for any losses upon funding, and there is only a single, one-off fee, this model is still the preferred choice to many funded traders. Finally, the single assessment is reviewed by many traders to enable a fairer representation of their strategy, profit potential current abilities as a trader, and a potential new asset to the prop firm in question.

FAQs on Prop Trading Firms Evaluation Models

What is a 1-Step Evaluation Forex Prop trading Firm
One-Step Evaluation Forex Prop Trading Firm offers traders the opportunity to participate in a single evaluation process to become funded.
Is a 1-step evaluation prop firm better than a 2-step evaluation firm?
While there is an argument to be made for both approaches to funding, one-step evaluation is a more straightforward and efficient path to becoming a funded trader.

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